Thursday, June 10, 2010




Many residents have expressed outrage to Mount Vernon Exposed™® in recent days about the lack of leadership from the Mount Vernon City Council.  From the showdown between the Mayor’s office and the City Council to the approvals of Atlantic Development, residents are fuming and some are even calling for Federal Investigations into City Council members.

When the Atlantic Development project first came to light in December, the City Council elects Roberta Apuzzo, Diane Munro, Karen Watts, and Yuhanna Edwards appeared to have the best interest of the community at heart.  Now it appears that these City Council members have changed their position on this project and are now out for selfish and personal gain.  Only City Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo remains dedidicated to the constituents of Mount Vernon. 

Mount Vernon Exposed™® has received a tip that a complaint was filed with the United States Attorney’s office that a member of the planning board has received a lucrative contract arranged by Mayor Young in exchanged for his/her vote on the Atlantic Development project.  The public should be mindful that the exact same thing happened in Yonkers with the Ridge Hill Project and subsequently, a Yonkers City Council member was indicted on public corruption charges. 

City Council member Yuhanna Edwards appeared unfocused and easily distracted at the public hearing on
the zoning change held in City Council chambers on June 9th, 2010.  Yuhanna Edwards continues to display racist behavior reminiscent of the segregated south.  Yuhanna Edwards continues to divide the City and views it as black and white and even suggested that residents on the North Side of Mount Vernon are racist.  Mr. Edwards publicly stated that residents didn’t come out to protest the building on 3rd Street that was constructed by Grace Church, but are coming out in numbers because a certain type of people are expected to occupy the low income apartments. 

This is not the first time that City Council President Yuhanna Edwards has displayed this racist behavior.  Mr. Edwards told DPW workers during morning role call that if the DPW Commissioner was white, they would behave much better.  Mr. Edwards must immediately address his racism problems or seek professional help because thinking the way he does is destructive for the entire City of Mount Vernon.  It has also become clear that Yuhanna Edwards does not read or fully understand information presented to him.  Mr. Edwards simply repeats what is recited to him as gospel. 

The City Council members must be truthful to the public and let them know that their mind is made up and the vote will be 4 to 1 on the Atlantic Development project in just a few weeks.  They must let the public know that they have been brought off by Atlantic Development and that they have been influenced by their pastors and clergymen.  They must let the public know that they are out for selfish and personal gain and could care less what the community thinks.  They must let the public know that the transparency platform that they ran on was just a bunch of bull and that they have no intentions of keeping the public informed about their secret back door deals. 

If City Council members continue to display this high handed behavior, voters must give them a reminder that they work for the public and not vice versa in 2011 when there are two council seats up for grabs. 
Mount Vernon Exposed™® has learned that a private investigator has been hired to look into an illegal kickback scheme involving a law firm that was retained to defend the City Council.  It appears that it is business as usual in Mount Vernon.  Until there is real reform in the political system in Mount Vernon, things will remain the same. 

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