Thursday, December 2, 2010


 Embattled Mayor Clinton Young

 Embattled City Council President J. Yuhanna Edwards

With the budget season well under way, Mount Vernon taxpayers are being presented with an encore performance of last year’s showdown between the various branches of government.  Mayor Young has released his debauched 2011 spending plan that is fatally flawed.  Comptroller Maureen Walker publicly called Mayor Young’s actions “reckless” and said that his actions may result in severe financial stress to City taxpayers during and beyond 2011.

On Tuesday, November 23, 2011, Comptroller Walker and her staff thoroughly went through the budget in front of the City Council.  Councilman Horton was not in attendance.  Councilmember’s appeared amazed at such a fraudulent budget that was prepared by Mayor Young.  Council President Yuhanna Edwards said on the record that the budget appears to be a political move by Mayor Young and the gang.  Keeping the tax rate low is key if Mayor Young wants to get re-elected in 2011.  Many contenders have already thrown their names in the ring for this highly contested slugfest.  Council President Yuhanna Edwards is rumored to be a contender.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® will provide an extensive insight into the 2011 Mayoral race in January 2011.

Comptroller Walker stated that Mayor Young knowingly and willingly inflated the revenues and understated the expenses for the 2011 spending plan.  Mayor Young did this in 2010 as well.  Comptroller Walker publicly stated that she is dissatisfied with Mayor Young’s spending plan while Councilmember’s remain silent on this issue.  In fact, Councilmember’s have remained silent on numerous issues affecting the public except for when their actions benefit them directly.

Councilmember’s would rather hire a law firm at taxpayers’ expense to eliminate a position under direct control of Mayor Young,  rather than address numerous quality of life issues affecting Mount Vernon residents.  Councilmember’s lost the legal battle in the courts.  It is unclear if they plan to waste even more of taxpayer’s money during these tough economic times appealing Judge Joan Lefkowitz’ ruling.  Many taxpayers’ agree, Inspector General Harry Stokes must go for many reasons, but the position is important and must remain.  

The self-governing system that Councilman Yuhanna Edwards spoke about does not seem to be working.  The Board of Ethics is on the verge of collapse.  Many members have resigned.  Perhaps, Councilmember’s wanted the Inspector General gone because they too are involved in nefarious dealings.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® has heard of a very ambitious development project (Fun City) that Councilwoman Karen Watts is pushing for.  Councilwoman Watts is going to be City Council President in 2011.  

Mayor Young is not the only one to blame for the cesspool of corruption in the City of Mount Vernon.  Mayor Young can only spend money that is approved by the City Council and the Board of Estimate.  The Mayor, Comptroller, and City Council President sit on the Board of Estimate.   The final budget decision does not rest with the Mayor, but all three Board of Estimate members.  The most dangerous of these three individuals is current City Council President Yuhanna Edwards who blows with the wind.  Councilman Edwards who has exhibited racist behavior on several occasions, does not have a clear understanding of city government.   Instead, he encourages taxpayers to rally and yell at the top of their lungs hoping that someone hears their cries for help.  Councilwoman Diane Munro-Morris is up for re-election in 2011.  She will be careful not to ruffle any feathers because she wants the support of the United Black Clergy.  Her pastor, Dr. W. Darin Moore of Greater Centennial A.M.E Zion Church is the President.  Mayor Young also attends that church.

What does 2011 have in store for Mount Vernon taxpayers?  Hopefully not the same as 2010.

Some of the major accomplishments of The City Council in 2010

  • ·         Voted to eliminate the Office of the Inspector General- (City Council was successfully sued by Corporation Counsel Loretta Hottinger.  Mount Vernon taxpayers must pay thousands because of this ill thought out plan by City Council members.  Law Firm retained by City Council also represented them in the election matters)
  • ·         Voted to approve the controversial low-income Atlantic Development project in downtown Mount Vernon. (Atlantic Development and he City of Mount Vernon are currently being sued by City residents who allege that City officials were arbitrary and capricious in granting the approval to Atlantic Development.  It is alleged that Councilmember’s received kickbacks for their vote on this project)
  • ·         Approved hundreds of thousands of dollars for DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton to construct a brand new park on the corner of E. 5th Street and Union Lane (Council President Yuhanna Edwards is a former business partner of Joan Horton, Terrence Horton’s mother)

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