Sunday, March 20, 2011


Mount Vernon Exposed™® needs the public’s help to track down a person that may be entitled to a large reward for providing valuable information that may lead to the arrest and convictions of several elected officials in the City of Mount Vernon.  

Community activist Samuel L. Rivers told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that he began receiving text messages from an unfamiliar telephone number, (917) 294-5448.  The text messages started March 6, 2011, at 6:59 A.M.  The anonymous texter provided information from everything to attempted bribery of elected officials, alleged love triangles, and locations and times of secret campaign strategy meetings of Mayor Young.  The anonymous texter gave the appearance as if they were a City Hall employee.

The first text revealed information about Mayor Young and the delay of the State of the City address.  The texter said that the State of the City is not ready because Chief of Staff Yolanda Robinson has been out sick and Mary Young cannot do it without her.   The texter also said that the Young administration called in Oscar Davis to do it and to also update the City of Mount Vernon’s website that hasn’t been updated since 2008.  The texter also said that Mayor Young’s administration is quick to blame the prior administration but when they need to get work done, who do they call?  Oscar Davis is a former city hall employee employed under the administration of Ernest D. Davis. 

Mr. Rivers quickly realized that the anonymous texter was a credible source and began an almost three week dialogue with the anonymous texter.  The texter said that allegedly Oscar Davis, Mayor Young and an unidentified third person had a brunch meeting on Saturday, March 5, 2011, to discuss Oscar Davis possibly working on the State of the City address and updating the City of Mount Vernon’s website.  When the texter was asked about the unidentified third person, the texter responded “I do not want to give HER name” and also said that this was the person responsible for setting up the meeting between Oscar Davis and Mayor Young.  

On Monday, March 9, 2011, the anonymous texter struck again.  The texter revealed that Mount Vernon attorney Carl Scully, who was rumored to be Young’s pick to run for City Council, was most likely not going to run.  The texter stated that Carl Scully was appointed to the planning board by Mayor Young.  The texter also revealed information about Hank Miller, former Deputy Chief of Staff.  After Millers’ position was eliminated in the 2011 budget, Mayor Young appointed him to the position of grant writer for the City of Mount Vernon.  Miller did not qualify for this position and was notified of this by the Civil Service Commission according to the texter.  The texter said that Mayor Young is changing the job title so Miller can qualify for the position.  

That same day, the texter also said that a close friend of Mayor Young, Edward Dowdy, who was called one of the “shadow rulers” by John Boykin during his 69 minute rant with Samuel L. Rivers, may be involved in some wrongdoing.  The texter also said that the wife of Ed Dowdy is one of the Armani Charter School founding members and is also on the board.  The texter also said that Devereaux Cannick, who represents the Mount Vernon School District, will not fight hard for the Article 78 filed against New York State to block the charter school from opening because of his close personal friendship with Edward Dowdy and Mayor Young.

On March 10, 2010, the texter sent a text commending the story written about Serapher Conn and the booting contract that Mayor Young and others were allegedly conspiring to give her as a payoff for campaign support.  The texter told Mr. Rivers to hand out copies at the City Council meeting on March 23, 2011 and to put some copies in Banks in Fleetwood just like Lyndon Williams did with his petition for Memorial Field.  The texter also said that Mayor Young was furious and went into an angry rage because City Council members forgot to put the booting contract on the agenda during their last public meeting. 

On March 11, 2011, the texter revealed information about an alleged love triangle in City Hall between Mayor Young and many of the people that he surrounds himself with.  The texter said that allegedly Mayor Young is sleeping with, John Boykin, Kenneth Plummer, Terrence Horton, and Oliver Walcott.
The texter also revealed that Mayor Young is having a secret strategy meeting tomorrow March 21, 2011 in the evening at Galito’s restaurant to kick off his campaign.  The texter also revealed something that many Mount Vernon taxpayers already knew; Diane Atkins is corrupt as the day is long.  Diane Atkins is the former 1st Deputy Commissioner of Social Services and the President of the Mount Vernon Chapter of the Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus.  The texter said Atkins is corrupt, “but she helps people”. 

On March 13, 2011 the texter said that City Council President Karen Watts was bribed by representatives of “Fun City”, an ambitious $175 Million dollar water park development in the early planning stages.  The texter said that City Council President Karen Watts said no to the bribe.  

Mount Vernon Exposed™® would like the anonymous texter to come forward.  It is quite obvious that they are a credible source and will be a valuable asset in dismantling the corrupt regime of Mayor Young.  If anyone recognizes the phone number (917) 294-5448 please contact Mount Vernon Exposed immediately.  

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