Friday, March 25, 2011


City Council President Karen Watts
Due to Mount Vernon Exposed’s ™® relentless pursuit of corruption in the City of Mount Vernon we are pleased to announce that we have delayed the City Council from voting to give the booting contract to Serapher Conn for at least two weeks.  The Mount Vernon City Council is starting to wake up and smell the bananas.  They are starting to realize that their personal political career goals and ambitions are irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the will of the people.  Small government, economic development, job creation, and lower taxes are on the top of the agenda.  

Sources informed Mount Vernon Exposed™® that a resolution awarding Serapher Conn the controversial booting contract was set to be put on the agenda for Wednesday, March 23, 2011.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® immediately conveyed this information to the public.  Within hours the plug was pulled on this pay to play scheme.  Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris who is up for re-election this year, is desperately seeking support in the community and those in the community that she feels can be of value to her campaign.  Truth be told, she is seeking help from people that should be thrown under the jail. Diane Atkins and Serapher Conn are just a few of the unscrupulous individuals that Councilwoman Diane Munro associates with.  The support that Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris is seeking from Serapher Conn comes at an exorbitant cost to Mount Vernon taxpayers.  Diane Atkins has already bilked Westchester County taxpayers out of possibly tens of millions of dollars.

Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris
Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris struggles to raise campaign cash.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Diane Munro Morris did not pull her weight during the last election and her running mates had to shell out most of the cash for her when they were taken to court.  Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris ran on a ticket with City Council President Karen Watts, Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo, and Councilman Yuhanna Edwards.  In essence, the taxpayers will be funding Diane Munro Morris’ re-election campaign in 2011 if Serapher Conn is awarded the booting contract.  Sources have also confirmed that a complaint has been made to the newly created Board of Ethics about the conflicts of interest of Council President Karen Watts and Diane Munro Morris and unethical and possible criminal behavior on their part.  Council President Karen Watts, Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris, and Serapher Conn are members of the Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus.

Diane Atkins
The conflicts of interest with the City Council do not stop there.  It is apparent that the City Council has gone wild and is doing as they please.  They have no direction.  They lack true independent leadership.   Money is their motivation.  They are disguising themselves as independent voices of the people when in fact they are nothing more than corrupt scavengers looking for prey.  Council President Karen Watts and Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris even had the audacity to appoint one of their fellow WBWPC chapter members to the Board of Un-Ethics.  Ronnie Cox is the Treasurer for the organization. Did Council President Watts and Councilwoman Morris think that the public would not find out about their corrupt actions?  As previously stated, the Board of Un-Ethics is a joke and is nothing more than a ceremonial position to enhance one’s climb up the political ladder.

In a letter dated February 17, 2011, addressed to Council President Karen Watts, Serapher Conn states her case as to why she feels the booting contract should be returned to her.  It is evident from the letter that Serapher Conn had an ex-parte conversation with Council President Watts and others about the booting contract.  Upon information and belief, the ex-parte conversation took place at the residence of corrupt former Deputy Commissioner of Social Services, Diane Atkins, during the monthly meeting of The Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus.   The Mount Vernon chapter of the Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus meets at Diane Atkins home the second Monday of every month.  

Serapher Conn
This attempted pilfering of taxpayer funds demands an immediate investigation into all City Council members. A bright light must continue to shine on this City Council.  Taxpayers must not be fooled by the “We are Independent” propaganda.  They are attempting to hide under this cover while they are attempting to steal millions from the City of Mount Vernon.  They give the appearance as if they “dislike the Mayor” and his administration when in fact they are one big happy family.  They are controlled and intertwined by the Sunday plate shakers and the poverty pimps. 

Taxpayers must keep their eye on the ambitious $175M “Fun City” project being proposed at Hutchinson feel.  Mount Vernon Exposed earlier reported that an anonymous tipster informed Mount Vernon Exposed™® that City Council President Karen Watts was offered a bribe in connection with the “Fun City” project and she said no.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® hopes that the Inspector General and the newly appointed political hacks on The Board of Ethics will look into this allegation.  Why did Council President Watts refuse the bribe? Was the offer too low? In this game of politics, nothing is what it seems.  Everyone has their price. 

This City Council is dangerous and is a threat to the financial stability of Mount Vernon.  Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris must not be re-elected this year.  Councilman Steve Horton must be shown the exit as well.  There is no independence on the City Council.  We will thoroughly analyze the City Council at a later date and expose all of the skeletons in each and every councilmember’s’ closet.  

The Black Political Caucus of Westchester, Inc., which owns the highly acclaimed Mount Vernon Exposed™® blog, will dismantle the corrupt political cartel running wild in the City of Mount Vernon.   

Serapher Conn Booting Contract

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