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Embattled City Council President Karen Watts
The greatest threat to a free society are crooked politicians who place their own self serving interests above the constituents they were elected to serve. This is common practice in the City of Mount Vernon.

The Journal News and News 12 ran investigative stories on City Council President Karen Watts illegally claiming and receiving unemployment benefits that she was not entitled to. Such activity is criminal in nature and charges are usually brought against the person who committed the crime.

Mount Vernon Exposed has been inundated with phone calls and emails pertaining to the criminal prosecution of Watts. Many people believe that the justice system has failed them and crooked and corrupt politicians walk around as if they are untouchable. One should remember that prisons are full of people who thought they could beat the system.

Until one understands the history of politics in the City of Mount Vernon one will never understand the culture of corruption that has manifested itself in the lives of hard working taxpayers. So one question remains: Why hasn't Karen Watts been criminally prosecuted for her crimes?

Watts is good friends with former City Clerk Lisa Copeland and Diane Atkins, two parasites that have been leaching off of taxpayers for decades. Copeland and Atkins are also good friends with Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore. Watts, Copeland, and Atkins all campaigned for DiFiore and all were responsible for selling out the black vote to support a racist and corrupt district attorney. Watts, Copeland, and Atkins are also part of Westchester Black Woman's Political Caucus, a baseless organization tha does not promote unity in the black community. The organization is full of crooks and crooked politicians, all woman.

Watts is also a member of Grace Baptist Church headed by another crook and scoundrel, Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson. According to a source with knowledge of the investigation of Watts, it is alleged that Pastor Richardson met with DiFiore to push Watts criminal activity under the rug. Were envelopes of cash passed under the table? Inquiring minds would like to know.

The decision not to indict Watts is bigger than her stealing a few thousand dollars from taxpayers. There are evil forces aligning to make sure Clinton "Peaches" Young remains as Mayor in Mount Vernon. Mayor Young was given the nickname "Peaches" because of his love for men and his frequent trips to Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia is nicknamed the Peach State.

An indictment of Watts would mean a definate defeat for Peaches. Peaches will defeated anyway even without the indictment of Watts. If Watts were to step down, councilwoman Diane Munro Morris will be the next Council President. Munro Morris would also gain a seat on the Board of Estimate and Contract. That means Peaches and company would not be able to steal anymore from taxpayers.

Watts has proven to be quite the hypocrite. About 2 months ago, Watts sent a letter to Peaches stating that many of the commissioners hired were in violation of residency requirements set forth in the City of Mount Vernon charter. Watts began this retaliatory attack because she was bitter when Peaches went out of town and did not leave her any directives, instead leaving them to Chief of Staff Yolanda Robinson. The City Charter states that the City Council President is the acting Mayor while the Mayor is unable to perform his duties.

As part of her deal to avoid criminal prosecution, Watts had to agree to drop her investigation into the residency requirements. Watts also had to agree to persuade her fellow council members to bond for another $4M for frivilous construction projects throughout the City of Mount Vernon. Some of these projects include repairing parks throughout the City.

After being sworn in 2010, Watts went on the record stating that many of the Parks that Peaches wanted to bond for were already repaired and/or renovated while she was recreation commissioner. So we must now be suspect of Watts actions and therefore take everything she says with a grain of salt.

Money problems seem to follow Watts from job to job. Sources have conformed that there was a substantial amount of money missing and/or the books were cooked while Watts was recreation commissioner. Sources have also conformed that money was missing while Watts was employed in Greenburgh and also at the YMCA in Mount Vernon.

The office of the Mayor is no stranger to unemployment scandals. Mayor Young chooses to surround himself with criminals and has filled his administration with such vermin. Tracy Thompson, Mayor Young' s executive secretary, and daughter of NYS Senator Ruth Hassel Thompson, was charged with a felony for claiming unemployment while she was employed at Pathmark. It is believed that Ms. Thompson plead guilty to a misdeameanor.

So Watts hands are tied and there is nothing she can do. She is now part of the machine that she claimed to be against. She must play with Mayor Young or risk becoming docket # MV12IAMCORRUPT. Residents must come together to demand that Watts step down as Council President.

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