Monday, December 29, 2014



Maureen Walker Must Resign

Comptroller Maureen Walker continues to fool the people of Mount Vernon. Recently, Mount Vernon Exposed wrote an article explaining how Mount Vernon officials are hiding from the citizens, the removal of the library from the City Budget. The library is now a separate tax, and taxpayers should be receiving a City tax credit because the library with its millions in cost, comes off the city books. Instead, Mayor Ernie Davis, Comptroller Maureen Walker, and Councilpersons, Apuzzo, Edwards and Griffith, approved a 4.5% tax increase. When the separate library tax is factored in, Mount Vernon taxpayers will be paying an additional 13% more in taxes in 2015.

In her rebuttal, Maureen Walker never addressed the library, which was the main issue discussed in the article. Comptroller Walker is “in” on the fix to keep the Citizens of Mount Vernon uninformed. Maureen Walker, as financial watchdog of the City of Mount Vernon, should have been publicly explaining to Mount Vernon citizens about the tax con game that is being waged against them.  However, she has aligned herself so deeply with the people who are sucking the resources from Mount Vernon that she purposely leaves our citizens in the dark.  Please explain, Comptroller Walker, why the City budget contains raises for employees in your department, while you continue to force foreclosures on the elderly who cannot afford to pay these outrageous taxes?

Comptroller Walker also needs to inform the citizens of Mount Vernon, the details of a State audit of her payroll department that was so egregious, it led to the suspension of employee Marsha Simpson, and the forced retirement of employee, Greg Bowman. I will distribute the full details of this audit in which taxpayer monies were misappropriated, or outright stolen, when it is released by State Auditors later next month. As the head of the Payroll Department which is part of the Comptroller’s Department, Maureen Walker should resign, because the buck stops at the top. She has no clue how to manage her department and is using others as scapegoats for her failures. Maureen Walker spends too much of her time in City Hall monitoring her outside businesses via the City provided internet service, and not enough time managing her department.

Maureen Walker abused her power for Dave Jaikaran, a friend of her husband, Robert Walker. Jaikaran is the owner of a house being built on 413 S. 5th Avenue. The Comptroller lobbied several members of the Zoning Board to turn a blind eye on his house being built much to close to the lot line needed to obtain a Building Permit. She also manipulated Building Commissioner Warren to overlook the mandatory Zoning Board approval needed to issue the Building Permit. Sources reported that Maureen Walker promised Mark Warren to keep his Commissioner Job if she becomes Mayor when Mayor Davis goes to jail. Sources also reported that the Walkers would receive a hefty campaign contribution by Dave Jaikaran.

Maureen Walker has become a disaster as Comptroller. Ms. Walker purposely keeps vital information from the public. Her Comptroller’s office is mismanaged and is costing taxpayers millions. It is time for Comptroller Walker to resign, because she is the financial watchdog of a City with the worse finances in New York State. 

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