Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis and Mount Vernon Building Commissioner have engaged in questionable activity that makes one wonder if a pay to play racket is going on in the City of Mount Vernon.  Have these men placed money, greed, and power over their sworn duties to keep Mount Vernon residents safe by enforcing New York State Building Codes and Standards?

Commissioner Mark Warren continues to allow "The Mansion", an illegal nightclub masquerading as a catering hall located at 4 N. Third Avenue to operate without necessary signoffs from the Department of Buildings and other City departments. 

Commissioner Mark Warren is instructed by his boss, convicted criminal Mayor Ernie Davis, to issue Certificates of Occupancies to his financial supporters and political allies and to make life hell for those who oppose the Mayor politically and those who do not donate to the Mayor's campaign chest.  Extortion and racketeering are standard operating procedure in the City of Mount Vernon and the Department of Buildings.

What do Mayor Davis and Richard Galante, owner of Galante Enterprises and 10 N. Third Avenue have in common?   They are both tax cheats and are behind on property taxes in the City of Mount Vernon.

Mayor Davis' pal Richard Galante is currently delinquent $123K in property taxes to the City of Mount Vernon.  Commissioner Mark Warren and Mayor Davis knew of this tax delinquency when Commissioner Mark Warren issued the temporary certificate of occupancy.  Davis told Warren he wanted to help out his pal so that he could sell his building.  The new owner would be forced to deal with the illegal property not conforming to zoning and building code standards. 

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New York State Law prohibits the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, temporary or permanent, without fire/smoke sprinkler system fully operational.  The Mount Vernon Fire Department has not tested the sprinkler system at "The Mansion".  No one knows that is will work in the event of a fire.  Patrons could burn up and perish in the flames.

The Mansion is a Happy Land Social Club disaster waiting to happen.  Mount Vernon Exposed warns the public not to attend any events at "The Mansion" until all inspections and sign offs have been done in accordance with New York State Building Codes and Standards.  Severe injury or death can occur while in attendance at "The Mansion" because there is no adequate fire protection at the premises.   Mount Vernon Exposed will monitor the progress at "The Mansion" and keep the public informed of the findings. 

Two Mount Vernon DPW workers have been actively promoting an event at "The Mansion" scheduled to take place on Friday, March 20, 2015.    A Davis insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mayor Davis told Commissioner Warren to allow the party to continue and not close down "The Mansion" because he liked the "entrepreneurial spirit" of the young men.  Is Mayor Davis or Commissioner Warren reaping financial rewards by allowing "The Mansion" to remain in operation?

Mount Vernon Exposed also learned that the ordinance officer for The City of Mount Vernon was operating a restaurant inside of "The Mansion" without the required food permits from the Westchester County Department of Health.  The ordinance officer only applied for the necessary permits after a visit from the Westchester County Department of Health.

An insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that Commissioner Warren lied to Mayor Davis when asked if he knew a restaurant was operating in "The Mansion".  Commissioner Warren said "NO", however Commissioner Warren failed to disclose that he used to eat food from "The Mansion" and flyers from "The Mansion" were often left on the counter for all to see in the Department of Buildings.

Mount Vernon Exposed has learned that a complaint has been filed with the Department of Justice because the Mansion is not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  More details to follow soon.

To be continued.........

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