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Convicted Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis and Corrupt Mount Vernon Department of Buildings Commissioner Mark Warren continue to violate New York State Building codes by illegally issuing certificate of occupancies to building owners that are not in full compliance with New York State building codes.

Before we get into our story, Mount Vernon Exposed would like to inform our readers of a grammatical error in the last article pertaining to corruption in the Mount Vernon Department of Buildings.  The word "not" was inadvertently left out when mentioning architect Frank Turner.  The correct statement should have read Frank Turner, an architect who has an office in Mount Vernon, is not known for cutting corners and his cutting edge, state of the art, energy efficient designs.  The article has since been corrected online.

Mount Vernon Exposed previously revealed that "The Mansion" is a catering hall masquerading as an illegal nightclub in the City of Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon Exposed questioned Commissioner Mark Warren about illicit activities at "The Mansion" and all he said was "They are not allowed to have paid, advertised parties". 

A further investigation by Mount Vernon Exposed revealed that the person promoting the party at the illegal catering hall/nightclub are employees of the Department of Public Works, personally hired by Mayor Ernie Davis.  No wonder they feel they can operate above the law.   Mount Vernon Exposed obtained copies of the party fliers through various social media sites. Evidence obtained by Mount Vernon Exposed proves that "The Mansion" is operating as an illegal nightclub in The City of Mount Vernon.

To add further insult to injury, the proprietor of the food portion of the catering hall is a City ordinance officer working under the Mount Vernon Police Department.  The ordinance officer did not have the necessary permits from the Westchester Department of Health to operate a food establishment.  The Department of Health was at "The Mansion" last week and their finding confirmed that the Ordinance Officer did not have the necessary permits to operate the food service portion of the catering hall.  The ordinance officer has since applied for the food permit from the Westchester County Department of Health, but had no intention of doing so if not for being exposed by Mount Vernon Exposed.

A further investigation by Mount Vernon Exposed revealed that the ordinance officer is acting in collusion with the owner of "The Mansion" to violate NYS Liquor laws by advertising paid events for "The Mansion", specifically, a happy hour event held on Tuesdays at "The Mansion". 

The Mansion is also operating outside the scope of their liquor license. Mount Vernon Exposed spoke with Lt. Hunce of the Mount Vernon Police Department and he confirmed that a team of officers converged on "The Mansion" last week and found evidence that "The Mansion" was violating terms of their liquor license and a Mount Vernon Detective filed a report with the New York State Liquor Authority for administrative action.  The New York State Liquor Authority has the power to revoke the liquor license. 

According to the New York Liquor Authority's website, Mount Vernon Exposed found the following definition for catering halls:

CATERING ESTABLISHMENT: Allows providers of food for banquet halls, dining halls, etc., to provide liquor, wine and beer for consumption for an assemblage for a particular function (i.e. retirement dinner, wedding reception, private party) to which the general public is not admitted. This license is for this type of function only.

According to a political insider, questions have gone unanswered as to how "The Mansion" was ever issued a liquor license in the first place without a valid certificate of occupancy.  The New York State Liquor Authority was notified of "The Mansion" not having a valid certificate of occupancy. 

Commissioner Mark Warren, a certified code enforcement officer for the State of New York, should know better than to issue a certificate of occupancy without the property being in full compliance with New York State building codes. 

So here is what we have so far for the property located at 10 N. Third Avenue:

  • ·      Illegal nightclub masquerading as a catering hall without any approvals whatsoever from the Mount Vernon Department of Buildings

  • ·      Two DPW workers acting as party promoters for "The Mansion"

  • ·      An ordinance officer that operated a restaurant inside of "The Mansion" without the necessary permits from the Westchester Department of Health.  Since being investigated by Mount Vernon Exposed, the ordinance officer applied for the necessary food permits

  • ·      An illegal certificate of occupancy issued and signed off on by City of Mount Vernon Department of Buildings Commissioner Mark Warren

  • ·      No functioning bathrooms whatsoever inside of Chicken Hut

  • ·      City Building inspectors were ordered under threat of being fired not to write any building code violations for Richard Galante and his property located at 10 N. Avenue

  • ·      A Certificate of occupancy issued to Richard Galante and Galante Enterprises without any inspections whatsoever from City officials

  •   No certificates of tenancy for all tenants leasing commercial space from Richard Galante and Galante enterprises

Commissioner Mark Warren must come clean with the public and explain why he willfully and purposely breaking the law and violating New York State building code? Why is 10 N. Third Avenue still allowed to operate when it is "unsafe"?  Is Mayor Davis forcing him to do so?  Is Commissioner Mark Warren receiving financial compensation from property owners to look the other way?  Commissioner Warren has some serious explaining to do to the public and why he isn't upholding his duty as a New York State Code Enforcement official.

To be continued........

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