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The cover up has begun by Mount Vernon Building Commissioner Mark Warren and convicted criminal Mayor Davis regarding the issuance of illegal building permits in the City of Mount Vernon.

City Officials are now scrambling to help out Richard Galante of Galante Enterprises legalize his building at 10 N. Third after Mount Vernon Exposed revealed that Commissioner Mark Warren broke the law when he illegally issued the certificate of occupancy.

According to a political insider, City officials are planning an emergency meeting today at 10 N. Third Avenue to rush and try to legalize the building so Galante can sell the property. Galante is a close friend and supporter of Mayor Davis.

Commissioner Warren broke the law and issued the illegal certificate of occupancy so Galante could sell the property.  Any prospective purchaser would have inherited these problems.  Shame on Mr. Galante for trying to pull a fast one. 

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mayor Davis often threatens Mark Warren and tells him to fall in line or he will be on the "unemployment line".  Commissioner Warren has been reckless as building commissioner and his activities are criminal in nature and he should be held personally liable for damages if persons are injured due to any certifcates of occupancies he has issued.

There is also another huge conflict of interest that was brought to the attention of Mount Vernon Exposed by members of the business community.  On the 2nd floor of 10 N. Third is a business that is supposed to operate as a catering hall, but has since illegally changed its use to a nightclub/restaurant.  The proprietor of the restaurant is City Hall employee, specifically the Ordinance Enforcement Officer for the City of Mount Vernon.  The catering hall operates under the name "The Mansion"

The ordinance officer is charged with the responsibility for issuing summonses and fines to businesses and residences that are not in compliance with local city ordinances.  We must ask the question, did the ordinance officer write a ticket to her own business for not having the necessary paperwork?

Mount Vernon Exposed investigators have discovered that the owner of the Mansion did not file the necessary paperwork to be in operation in the first place.  Did City officials turn a blind eye because the ordinance officer is a partner with the owner from the Mansion? Did City officials also turn a blind eye because City DPW workers are party promoters of the Mansion?  Are these promoters and business owners funneling proceeds to Commissioner Mark Warren?  Why hasn't Commissioner Mark Warren shut down the Mansion and has allowed this illegal operation to continue bringing down the quality of life in Mount Vernon?

The Mansion is Happy Land Social Club disaster waiting to happen.  The Happy Land fire killed 87 people trapped in an unlicensed social club in the West Farms section of the Bronx.  Before the blaze, Happy Land was ordered closed due to building code violations.  Violations included lack of fire exits, alarms, and sprinkler systems.  No follow-up by the fire department was ever documented. 

According to City of Mount Vernon Building Department records, no fire department sign offs are in place regarding the Mansion with the exception of the fire suppression system in the kitchen.  Fire Department officials have not tested the sprinkler system throughout the entire building.

In addition to not having any fire department sign offs, Mount Vernon Exposed Investigators found the following dangerous conditions to still exist at "The Mansion" as of today,

·      Staircase is not fire rated
·      No backflow prevention device installed
·      No Department of Health Permit to operate as a catering hall and also as a restaurant
·      Parking situation is not in compliance with Site Plan Resolution adopted by the Planning Board
·      No working restrooms at Chicken Hut
·      Broken sewer

Commissioner Mark Warren on orders from Mayor Ernie Davis tried to circumvent the Architect of record Frank Turner, and had an ally and friend of Mayor Davis, architect Tom Abilama, draft a letter "self-certifying" that the plans of Frank Turner were not valid and therefore many of the safety violations found by Mount Vernon Exposed investigators, did not need to be addressed.

Frank Turner, an architect who has an office in Mount Vernon, is not known for cutting corners and his cutting edge, state of the art, energy efficient designs.  Turner's lasted masterpiece is located at 28 E. 1st Street, the home of Creative Direction and Design, the organization responsible for training Mount Vernon residents and placing them on the Atlantic Development construction site on Gramatan Avenue.

Why would Commissioner Warren accept such a letter from Tom Abilama?  When there is smoke there is fire.   Federal agents only need to rattle Commissioner Warren's cage and the dirt will fall out.  

Mount Vernon Exposed Investigators also found that that the only sign off at 10 N.  Third Avenue and "The Mansion" were done by Galante himself, a licensed electrician. Hmmmmmmm.



To be continued.....

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