Tuesday, March 17, 2015



Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis' regime is full is crime, corruption, and greed.  The greed of Mayor Davis and Commissioner Mark Warren has compromised the safety of all Mount Vernon residents as many establishments around the City of Mount Vernon are not safe and should not even be in operation.

Maggie Spillane's located at 571 Gramatan Avenue is one of those facilities that is not safe.  All are cautioned to visit this establishment at your own risk as serious injury or death may occur. 

Commissioner Mark Warren has refused to enforce the law and apply the New York State Building Code when it comes to Maggie Spillane’s.  A wheelchair bound patron or other persons needing a lift to the second floor is out of luck as Maggie Spillane's openly discriminates against the handicapped.  A political insider confirmed to Mount Vernon Exposed that a complaint was filed against Maggie Spillane's, The City of Mount Vernon, and Commissioner Mark Warren with The Department of Justice for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. 

The structure of Maggie Spillane's is in imminent danger of collapse.  Commissioner Warren has refused to release to the public the load calculations supporting the construction of a rooftop dining area that has hundreds of people on any given day.  Commissioner Warren has also refused to compel the owner of Maggie Spillane's to comply with ADA requirements regarding handicapped access to the second floor.  Commissioner Warren, in collusion with Mayor Ernie Davis, instead has invented their own Building Codes and Standards for the City of Mount Vernon.

Commissioner Warren told persons that since Maggie Spillane’s have a restaurant on the first floor that there doesn't have to be access for the handicapped on the second floor.  So what happens if the first floor is full to capacity?  Is the handicapped person denied access to the establishment? 

Yesterday, The Mount Vernon Fire Department tested the sprinkler system at Maggie Spillane's.  The testing was only done after several complaints to New York State Division of Buildings. 

Maggie Spillane's is planning a massive St. Patrick's Day Party tonight.  A huge tent was erected on the roof without a building permit and with out calculating the load to see if the structure can accommodate the added weight.  There are also steel structural members on the roof that are very heavy in weight. 

Maggie Spillane's is currently operating without a valid certificate of occupancy.  Will Commissioner Warren do the right thing and put the public's safety above his and Mayor Davis' own self interest?  It is election year so we can be certain the corruption in the Department of Buildings will not end anytime soon.  

To Be Continued...........

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