Monday, June 29, 2015


Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis and corrupt Building Commissioner Mark Warren should be indicted and prosecuted for murder for the two young men that were gunned downed on the streets of Mount Vernon several nights ago. 

In typical fashion, Mayor Davis did not release information to the public immediately.  Mayor Davis did not inform the public that the shooting incident began at Sue's Rendezvous, an illegal strip club operating in the City of Mount Vernon. 

Mayor Davis and the Mount Vernon Police Department told the public, only after it was leaked, that the men had been shot prior to their BMW 650i convertible flipped over.  Mayor Davis failed to inform the public that prior to the car crash, the men were chased through the streets of Mount Vernon.   According to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation, speeds exceeded 100 MPH. 

Mayor Davis wants the public to believe that the two men were shot by a third passenger and then jumped out of the car, that was traveling at a high rate of speed, before crashing and flipping over.  Mayor Davis wants the public to believe that this murder was something we would see in a "Die Hard" movie.  Mayor Davis and his band of criminals running the MVPD came up this theory to protect his friend and long time financial donor Gaetano "Tony" Gizzo of the troubled adult establishment.

Sue's Rendezvous has been the scene of several violent stabbings, shootings, and even homicides.  Despite all of these acts, Mayor Ernie Davis has instructed the Mount Vernon Police Department not to report these incidents to the New York State Liquor Authority.   

The families of these victims may be entitled to compensation in the millions because of these egregious acts by Mount Vernon City Officials.  Mount Vernon Department of Buildings Commissioner Mark Warren on orders from Mayor Davis, illegally issued a certificate of occupancy to the troubled adult establishment. 

Former City Councilmember and current County Legislator Lyndon Williams put legislation in place, while he was on the Mount Vernon City Council, to prohibit Sue's Rendezvous from expanding.  At the time, Sue's Rendezvous wanted to make "the entire" Gramatan Avenue an entire red light district and Mayor Ernie Davis was all for it. 

The expansion of Sue's Rendezvous should have never occurred and most importantly should have never received a certificate of occupancy to operate. 

In 2010, The Mount Vernon City Council filed an Article 78 in New York State Supreme Court challenging the Mount Vernon Zoning Board Appeals decision to grant Sue's Rendezvous aka Veronica Realty to expand it's non conforming use. The courts decided in favor of the Mount Vernon City Council and against Veronica Realty, aka Sue's Rendezvous.

For reasons unknown, Mount Vernon Building Commissioner Mark Warren issued a building permit for Sue's Rendezvous aka Veronica Realty at the urging of Mayor Ernie Davis. The proprietors of Sue's Rendezvous have given generous donations to Mayor Davis over the years and Mayor Davis uses without hesitation, another facility owned by the same proprietors. That facility is called the Surf Club located in New Rochelle, NY. Mayor Davis held several fundraisers there and even had his inaugural ball and introduced the proprietor of Sue's Rendezvous as a generous campaign supporter and "businessman of the year".  According to the New York State Board of Elections, Mount Vernon pols have spent a whopping $103, 621.73 at the Surf Club over the past few years.

Mayor Davis always instructs Commissioner Mark Warren to break the rules when it comes to Veronica Realty, Sue's Rendezvous and other properties and/or entities controlled by them.  Fearful of losing his job and ending up on the unemployment line, Commissioner Warren always falls in line to Mayor Davis' commands while the general welfare of the public is put at risk.  

A backflow prevention device is not present at this location as required by New York State and Westchester County Department of Health law. According to a temporary Certificate of Occupancy 12991-12 dated December 11, 2012 signed by Mark Warren, a condition that was required so that a permanent Certificate of Occupancy can be issued was a sign off by the Mount Vernon Water Department. The sign off from the water department would have indicated that an approved backflow prevention device was installed at the location.

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Marianne Vogel, the Superintendent of the Mount Vernon Water Department was called into Mayor Ernie Davis' office and was asked why she wouldn't sign off on the Certificate of Occupancy. Vogel, a civil service employee, was threatened by Mayor Davis that if she didn't sign the certificate of occupancy, the Mayor would work with the City Council to privatize the water supply in the City of Mount Vernon, therefore rendering he unemployed and out of a job.

On January 28, 2013 Commissioner Mark Warren issued a final Certificate of Occupancy for Veronica Realty aka Sue's Rendezvous that superseded the temporary Certificate of Occupancy issued of December 11, 2012. The condition of water department sign off has still not been met.

The Certificate of Occupancy/Tenancy must be signed off on by certain key personnel in the City of Mount Vernon. The building inspector, plumbing superintendent, and the water department did not sign off on the Certificate of Occupancy even through Mark Warren issued Veronica Realty aka Sue's Rendezvous a final and superseding Certificate of Occupancy. Joe Pemberton, who was employed as a draftsman for Mayor Ernie Davis while he was a private architect, was the lone signer for the Mount Vernon Department of Public works. Pemberton is not a licensed Civil Engineer nor does he have a formal training or certifications that would make him eligible to sign off on such Certificate of Occupancies.

In light of the foregoing, a complaint was filed with the Mount Vernon Building Department for the violations and the inspector was given orders not to write a violation or shut down this establishment because " they are generous friends" of the Mayor. 


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