Monday, July 6, 2015


Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis' idea of economic development is increasing the flow of illegal narcotics into the Mount Vernon community and encouraging young woman to be the next best pole dancer at the notorious and illicit strip club Sue's Rendezvous. 

Last week two men were murdered on the streets on Mount Vernon and it was revealed that they were partying at the illegal strip club moments before they were chased through the streets of Mount Vernon at speeds exceeding 100 M.P.H.

Each and every week, the most hardened criminals, thugs, drug dealers, pimps, and prostitutes converge on Sue's Rendezvous in the City of Mount Vernon.  These scoundrels find safe haven in Sue's Rendezvous to transact their drug business without fear of being busted by Mount Vernon police officers.  The D.E.A. and the U.S. Marshall's service would have a field day rounding up wanted drug dealers and fugitives from justice if they were only to conduct basic surveillance outside of Sue's Rendezvous. 

Sue's Rendezvous also attracts each and every week, out of town thugs who lay and wait outside for Sue's Rendezvous to let out which is at 4 A.M. daily.   These thugs are armed with guns and rob the patrons exiting Sue's Rendezvous who were seen inside flashing wads of cash and showering the strippers with cash.  Some of the strippers lure these high spending drug dealers so that members of different robbery crews can go to work taking profits from rival crews and drug dealers.  Many of these crimes go unreported, because after all, a drug dealer is not going to report this type of crime to the cops. Taxpayers are always left holding the bag for the violence that erupts from Sue's Rendezvous.  Declining property values are a direct result of the adverse effect Sue's Rendezvous has impacted the quality of life in the City of Mount Vernon. 

The Mount Vernon Police Department responded to Sue's Rendezvous almost 700 times in a three year period, 10,000% more than any other business in the City of Mount Vernon, yet the continue to operate unscathed and without fear of being shut down from City officials.  A competitor of Sue's Rendezvous, Club Perfection located in Woodside, Queens, had their liquor license revoked for similar offenses.  Club Perfection was barely opened two years before having their liquor license yanked away. 

The New York State Liquor Authority released the following statement: The emergency suspension was ordered based recent referrals from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) showing a continued pattern of assaults, violence and disturbances at the club. Most recently, on January 5, 2015 NYPD officers responded to a large fight involving multiple patrons and bouncers from the club. The SLA charged Perfection & Pure with twenty violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) law, including operating a disorderly premises, lack of supervision, employing unlicensed bouncers, and eight assaults, including an incident where a patron was shot leaving the club on February 24, 2014. “The SLA will not tolerate violent bars that drain police resources,” said SLA
Chairman Dennis Rosen. “This should serve as a message that this agency will not
hesitate to take a license when a bar poses a threat to public health and safety.”

As previously reported, Sue's Rendezvous is operating illegally in the City of Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon Department of Buildings Commissioner Mark Warren, on orders from convicted criminal Mayor Ernie Davis, issued a certificate of occupancy even though all City departments did not give the required approvals.  The Davis administration even allowed the troubled adult establishment to expand their existing building footprint and allow more square footage for the jiggle joint.

Sue's Rendezvous has been at the center of declining quality of life for the past decade in the City of Mount Vernon.  Can you name one City in all of America that has a strip club on its main downtown thoroughfare?

For years, Sue's Rendezvous, through it's proprietor, Gaetano "Tony" Gizzo complained that he needed more space, specifically a second floor, to add locker rooms for the dancers.  In reality, Gizzo wanted a second floor to add "Champagne Rooms" or in other words, rooms that are private where sex and other illegal activities could take place away from the public eye.

To see this ambitious plan through to fruition, Gizzo hired a "go-to" guy that would ensure that the necessary palms were greased in order for him to get approval for his second floor. 

Gizzo hired John Boykin, the foul-mouthed punk, who was special assistant to former Mayor Clinton Young.  Boykin became famous when he was recorded revealing the dirty inner working of politico's from Mount Vernon and beyond.  Boykin also came under fire for crashing a city-owned, taxpayer funded vehicle while he was intoxicated. 

While Clinton Young was in office, Boykin acted as a lobbyist for Gizzo and was reportedly paid approximately $500-$1,000 cash per week to ensure that plans were approved by city officials.  Mount Vernon Exposed could find no records on file with the State of New York indicated that Boykin registered as a lobbyist.  The I.R.S. may want to look through Boykin's finances to ensure he pays his fair share of taxes.

Despite objections from former Police Commissioner David Chong, the Zoning Board of Appeals still issued an approval for the second floor of Sue's Rendezvous.  Current Mayor, Ernie Davis, appointed all the members of the Zoning Board of Appeals that voted in favor of approving the second floor.

In his letter to the Planning Department, Chong stated "The applicant is proposing no usable off street parking when codes dictates 52 for the additions only.  A project of this magnitude with deficient parking will overwhelm the area even further and create traffic and parking problems.  This location is already a cause of multiple calls for service and violations of the state liquor laws.  On Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights on street parking as well as parking lot 8 is overwhelmed.  Additionally adding space will increase the occupancy of the premises and when the crowd exits the bar, there are multiple calls for noise and disturbances from the surrounding apartment dwellers.  The Department of Public Safety objects to the scope of this project and recommends that the application for variances be rejected." 

Boykin befriended Building Commissioner Mark Warren and soon thereafter, Warren issued a building permit that would allow Sue's Rendezvous to expand to its current state.  According to a political insider, Boykin served as the "bagman" and responsible for delivering cash payments to Commissioner Warren, Mayor Ernie Davis and others in the administration of Ernie Davis.

On March 19, 2015, Mount Vernon Exposed received intelligence that different gangs were meeting at Sue's Rendezvous and bloodshed was expected.  The Mount Vernon Police Department was notified of the potential bloodshed and did nothing to prevent it.  Subsequently, a young man was shot in front of Sue's Rendezvous that night as Sue's Rendezvous let out for the night.

The scum that is attracted to Sue's Rendezvous is made possible because of the promoter’s that are allowed to operate without hindrance from City officials.  One such event that brings these scoundrels into the City of Mount Vernon is the Sunday night event held weekly at Sue's Rendezvous titled "Trap Star Sunday's". 

While the word "Trap Star" couldn't be found in any reputable American dictionary, Mount Vernon Exposed was able to find the definition in the Urban Dictionary.  According the Urban Dictionary, the definition of "Trap Star" is a drug dealer who works in a trap house.  Trap stars are usually very good athletes being able to run fast, shoot firearms well, and sell drugs amazingly fast.  A Trap Star is a person who specializes in selling drugs and is able to buy expensive things that the average American citizen wouldn't be able to afford. 


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