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On Saturday, December 12, 2015, Mayor Elect Richard Thomas and Westchester County Legislator Lyndon Williams held a do-nothing town hall meeting about possible contaminants at Memorial Field and a phantom double-digit tax increase.  The proposed tax increase for 2016 in only 2.19%.   The Williams and Thomas dog and pony show is nothing more than an attempt to divert the public's attention away from Thomas' own nefarious deeds and criminal activity.  Mr. Williams should be careful before he is ensnared into Thomas' web of deceit and corruption.

"We want people prosecuted, we want accountability..." were the words uttered from the Mayor-Elect's mouth at the town hall meeting.  Perhaps the Mayor-Elect was referring to himself.

The Department of Justice is urged to open a full-scale investigation into Mayor Elect Thomas' finances and into those involved with his campaign.  Thomas ran a campaign of extortion and shakedowns and only those willing to pay Thomas' price would be allowed to run on Thomas' "Democratic Party" ticket.

Here is how the capers went down:

There was a hotly contested race in Westchester County for Surrogate Judge.  The two candidates for this public office were Brandon Sall and Frank Streng.  Sall was appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and was the Democratic Party's choice.  Streng was the challenger to the Democratic Party's choice. 

Mayor Elect Thomas' campaign manager on orders from Richard Thomas reached out to Frank Streng and said that if he wanted to run with Richard in the primary that there would be a $15,000 fee.  A political insider, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the fee was only to paid in cash and directly to his campaign manager.  Streng did not pay the "shakedown" fee and ultimately lost the Democratic Primary to Brandon Sall.

Thomas' campaign also shook down City Councilman-Elect Andre Wallace.  Councilman elect was taken for a total of $4,300.  During the petition gathering process, Mayor Elect Thomas conned Councilman Wallace for an initial $3,000 stating that he was using the $3,000 to pay a professional "signature gathering" firm to gather legitimate signature to get on the ballot.  Thomas told Wallace that the firm that they are retaining was the same firm used by Congressman Charles Rangel.

A political insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mr. Wallace grew skeptical of Thomas and this firm when he went driving throughout the City of Mount Vernon and did not see this "professional firm" or these "professional people".  Instead, Mr. Wallace spotted "crack heads" and other suspect individuals carrying his petitions. At this point, Mr. Wallace become upset at being duped by Thomas and demanded a refund of his money.  Thomas refused to fully refund Mr. Wallace his money and only returned $1,700 out of the $3,000.  According to the political insider, Thomas could not justify or provide an accounting on what the $1,300 was spent on.

Thomas' shakedown of Wallace did not stop there.  Wallace went on to win the Democratic Primary in a crowded field on five candidates without the assistance of Thomas or Thomas' campaign.

According to the political insider, Mr. Wallace received a call shortly after his Democratic Primary victory from Mr. Thomas personally, stating that they needed $3,000 from Mr. Wallace to cover the work they did for him for the Democratic Primary.  The insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that Wallace was skeptical and demanded answers on what was exactly done for him for the Primary.  At that point, the insider said that Mayor-Elect Richard Thomas' top advisor, shady businessman Joseph Spiezio, got on the phone and stated that "we did a lot of work for you and we spent over $30K on Primary night alone".  Not wanting to ruffle any feathers, the political insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mr. Wallace reluctantly paid the "shakedown" fee. A search with the New York State Board of elections could not validate Spiezio's claim of spending $30K on Primary night.  Where did the $30K come from? Was it cash? who paid the $30K?

Mr. Wallace told Mayor-Elect Thomas that he would write a check for $3,000 to Thomas' campaign.  The Mayor Elect did not want that.  Instead, the Mayor Elect told Mr. Wallace to see his campaign manager.   According to the political insider, Thomas' campaign manager went to see Wallace to collect the money on behalf of the Mayor-Elect.  The campaign manager demanded that Mr. Wallace pay the $3,000 in cash.  The insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mr. Wallace told the campaign manager that he doesn't "do cash" and instead wrote out a check for $3,000.

New York State Board records show that on October 23, 2015, Andre Wallace for Councilman wrote out a check for $3,000 to Roberta James for consulting services.  According to the insider, Roberta James was not retained in any shape or fashion by Mr. Wallace to do any consulting work. 

Mayor Elect Thomas' shakedown attempts did not end there.  Janice Duarte, Independence Party candidate for City Council was a victim of Thomas' criminality.  Thomas, through his campaign manager and others, at first told others to tell Ms. Duarte to drop out of the race.  When Thomas' camp realized that Ms. Duarte was not going to drop out of the race Thomas' camp said to others, that if Ms. Duarte wanted to win the election it was going to cost.  Thomas' camp stated that they could secure 3,500 votes for Ms. Duarte for $7,000 or $2 per vote.  Ms. Duarte did not pay Thomas' demand and ultimately did not win the General Election.  However, Janice Duarte made history by securing the most votes ever on a minor party line in the City of Mount Vernon.  Ms. Duarte garnered almost 2,000 votes in her first run for City Council.

Last, but not least, Mayor Elect Thomas also attempted to extort and shakedown fellow party nominee, Lisa Copeland.  Thomas' campaign reached out to Copeland's campaign and demanded $3,000 for literature and other expenses.  Copeland's campaign refused and told Thomas' camp that what they are doing is illegal and any monies she does give associated with the campaign will be given directly to the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee. 

We can be certain that the above named individuals are not the only persons that were extorted by the Thomas campaign.  Any individual or business owner who were victims of Thomas' illegal activity are urged to contact Mount Vernon Exposed immediately.  All information will be kept confidential. 

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