Sunday, August 13, 2017


Dear Mr. Parisi,

You are a sorry excuse for a journalist and should held be accountable for your role in systemically bilking the taxpayers for L.E.D. contract through your rag of lies, the Mount Vernon Inquirer. 

It is obvious that you are on the take and will do anything to get a piece of this contract, even if it means paying ten times the amount to install the L.E.D. lights.  It is hard to believe that someone would travel half away around the world to advocate out of the goodness of his heart.  

I have uncovered evidence that you are in a pay to play with Mr. Horton and are paid to write these gleaming articles of praise about him.   Just in case you forgot, Mr. Horton is a convicted criminal arrested for illegal weapons possession.  While Mr. Horton was high on a crack cocaine, he barricaded himself inside his grandfather’s house and threatened to kill anyone that entered the premises.  There are also documented incidents of Mr. Horton running naked through the streets while high on crack cocaine. 

But that is not I am writing you today.   I told yiy many times, and I have the e-mails to prove it, that my name is not Sam Rivers.  My name is Samuel Rivers.  It is a tactic of White Supremicists of belittling someone’s name or to entirely change the name all together to the slave masters name. I have no other to choice but to come to conclusion that you acts are intentional.

You recently had a story in your “fake news” newspaper titled “Sam Rivers slapped with $20 Million Defamation Lawsuit.” The truth is anyone can sue.  The question is will they win the lawsuit. What disturbs me the most, is that you didn’t reach out to me to get my side of the story before printing this garbage.   For someone who prides themself on writing the positive happenings of the City of Mount Vernon, you have failed the people miserably. 

I know you are being paid by the campaign of Janice Duarte. Ray Charles can see what is going on here.  One only has to look no further than your website to see the premium placement of ads for Janice Duarte on your website and in your newspaper. 

You also had a recent story titled “Mt. Vernon City Hall news to the Inquirer has been curtailed”.   The news is curtailed from City Hall because you are a lazy reporter that is only interested in writing about the L.E.D. contract.   You print anything in your fake news rag without fact checking the publication.   Again, this a sign of you being an inept and lazy journalist. 

For example, you published an article titled “Mayor Thomas: Department of Justice to file Lawsuit against the City of Mount Vernon” In the article it made mention of the following statement. Gridlock and political animus are jeopardizing our future and Comptroller Walker and the City Council, particularly Marcus Griffith and Andre Wallace, must be held accountable for the consequences of this environmental and fiscal crisis.
It was indeed reckless of you to not do homework regarding the sewer lawsuit, especially when the facts are staring you right on the face.   Just in case you didn’t know, Councilman Wallace was elected at the same time Mayor Thomas was elected.  So how can he be blamed for the sewer issue?

Further in your fake news rag, you made mention of article titled “Mt. Vernon City Council approves funding to fix sewers” In a show of solidarity, members of the City Council, the comptroller and Mayor Richard Thomas held a press conference on Thursday, June 13, to announce that the city’s leaky sewers are finally getting fixed.

In closing, your failing newspaper is the reason that no one reads it anymore.  You should focus less on the L.E.D. contract, because it is not happening no matter how high you scream to the high heavens. 


Samuel L. Rivers



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