Friday, August 4, 2017


Crime Boss Reggie LaFayette
A political insider has informed Mount Vernon Exposed that Reggie Lafayette is working with the Dirty Duarte’s and the Democratic slate to cover up the same fraud they are saying other candidates have allegedly committed. According to a Mount Vernon Exposed insider, Reggie Lafayette has met with the members of his slate to explain how to address any questions asked by the U.S Attorney if they should become involved in the process now that other candidates have hired private investigators and lawyers to gather information on Reggie Lafayette and his gang. 
According to our political insider over 27 affidavits was collected so far implementing district leaders and elected officials in the Democratic Party of committing petition fraud, a practice that has gone on in the party for many years under Reggie Lafayette and his “Costa Nostra” style of politics, which, has destroyed the City of Mount Vernon. These individuals are known to have paid others $20 per page to collect signatures or had others carrying petitions for them and signing their names as the witness when even thou they did not witness any signatures. 
Mount Vernon Exposed publisher Samuel L. Rivers obtained some of these affidavits and reviewed them for their authenticity and has found them to be credible and factual before turning them over to Mount Vernon Exposed for review. Several affidavits collected states that former Mayor Ernie Davis along with City Council candidate Clyde Isley was the ones who collected signatures for Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo and she signed her name as the witness when in fact she was never there. According to many of the petition signers who confessed to a privet investigator and confirmed it in writing and on tape that Councilwomen Roberta Apuzzo never took their signatures and are willing to testify. Using the smell test, Mount Vernon Exposed discovered that Bettie Davis the wife of Former Mayor Ernie Davis signed that very petition for Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo. Over the years, members of Mount Vernon Exposed have talked to Mrs. Davis and know she dislikes Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo for Allegedly sleeping with her husband for many years. Still today sources have recently seen Ernie David entering Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo’s apartment building after dark. 
Others who have committed fraud include County Legislator Lyndon Williams, Councilman Marcus Griffith, David Duarte, Janice Duarte and her parents, Clyde Isley, Ernie Davis, Comptroller Maureen Walker, Collette A. Walker, Delia Farquharson, Serepher Halevi, Nashon Halevi just to name a few. 
Sources have also informed Mount Vernon Exposed that files put together will be handed over to the U.S Attorney for a full investigation on all petitions and parties candidates involved. Sources have also informed Mount Vernon Exposed that Crime Boss Reggie Lafayette will be informed and requested in writing to turn over all documents to the U.S. attorney office for investigation. Looks like it’s just getting started.
To be continued….. 

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