Sunday, May 29, 2011


Embattled City Council President Karen Watts
The greatest threat to a free society are crooked politicians who place their own self serving interests above the constituents they were elected to serve. This is common practice in the City of Mount Vernon.

The Journal News and News 12 ran investigative stories on City Council President Karen Watts illegally claiming and receiving unemployment benefits that she was not entitled to. Such activity is criminal in nature and charges are usually brought against the person who committed the crime.

Mount Vernon Exposed has been inundated with phone calls and emails pertaining to the criminal prosecution of Watts. Many people believe that the justice system has failed them and crooked and corrupt politicians walk around as if they are untouchable. One should remember that prisons are full of people who thought they could beat the system.

Until one understands the history of politics in the City of Mount Vernon one will never understand the culture of corruption that has manifested itself in the lives of hard working taxpayers. So one question remains: Why hasn't Karen Watts been criminally prosecuted for her crimes?

Watts is good friends with former City Clerk Lisa Copeland and Diane Atkins, two parasites that have been leaching off of taxpayers for decades. Copeland and Atkins are also good friends with Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore. Watts, Copeland, and Atkins all campaigned for DiFiore and all were responsible for selling out the black vote to support a racist and corrupt district attorney. Watts, Copeland, and Atkins are also part of Westchester Black Woman's Political Caucus, a baseless organization tha does not promote unity in the black community. The organization is full of crooks and crooked politicians, all woman.

Watts is also a member of Grace Baptist Church headed by another crook and scoundrel, Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson. According to a source with knowledge of the investigation of Watts, it is alleged that Pastor Richardson met with DiFiore to push Watts criminal activity under the rug. Were envelopes of cash passed under the table? Inquiring minds would like to know.

The decision not to indict Watts is bigger than her stealing a few thousand dollars from taxpayers. There are evil forces aligning to make sure Clinton "Peaches" Young remains as Mayor in Mount Vernon. Mayor Young was given the nickname "Peaches" because of his love for men and his frequent trips to Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia is nicknamed the Peach State.

An indictment of Watts would mean a definate defeat for Peaches. Peaches will defeated anyway even without the indictment of Watts. If Watts were to step down, councilwoman Diane Munro Morris will be the next Council President. Munro Morris would also gain a seat on the Board of Estimate and Contract. That means Peaches and company would not be able to steal anymore from taxpayers.

Watts has proven to be quite the hypocrite. About 2 months ago, Watts sent a letter to Peaches stating that many of the commissioners hired were in violation of residency requirements set forth in the City of Mount Vernon charter. Watts began this retaliatory attack because she was bitter when Peaches went out of town and did not leave her any directives, instead leaving them to Chief of Staff Yolanda Robinson. The City Charter states that the City Council President is the acting Mayor while the Mayor is unable to perform his duties.

As part of her deal to avoid criminal prosecution, Watts had to agree to drop her investigation into the residency requirements. Watts also had to agree to persuade her fellow council members to bond for another $4M for frivilous construction projects throughout the City of Mount Vernon. Some of these projects include repairing parks throughout the City.

After being sworn in 2010, Watts went on the record stating that many of the Parks that Peaches wanted to bond for were already repaired and/or renovated while she was recreation commissioner. So we must now be suspect of Watts actions and therefore take everything she says with a grain of salt.

Money problems seem to follow Watts from job to job. Sources have conformed that there was a substantial amount of money missing and/or the books were cooked while Watts was recreation commissioner. Sources have also conformed that money was missing while Watts was employed in Greenburgh and also at the YMCA in Mount Vernon.

The office of the Mayor is no stranger to unemployment scandals. Mayor Young chooses to surround himself with criminals and has filled his administration with such vermin. Tracy Thompson, Mayor Young' s executive secretary, and daughter of NYS Senator Ruth Hassel Thompson, was charged with a felony for claiming unemployment while she was employed at Pathmark. It is believed that Ms. Thompson plead guilty to a misdeameanor.

So Watts hands are tied and there is nothing she can do. She is now part of the machine that she claimed to be against. She must play with Mayor Young or risk becoming docket # MV12IAMCORRUPT. Residents must come together to demand that Watts step down as Council President.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Embattled City Council President Karen Watts

Where is the money?  That is the question on the minds of taxpayers throughout the City of Mount Vernon.  On Tuesday, May 17, 2011, bids were opened for Memorial Field to begin the construction phase of the project.  Prior to the bid opening by the Board of Estimate and Contract, City Clerk George Brown made it crystal clear that the City of Mount Vernon had only $11.5M to spend on the re-building of Memorial Field. 
As the bids were opened, the lowest bid came in at $13.7M leaving a shortfall of $2.2M.  Many taxpayers question the motives lately of City Council President Karen Watts.  Approximately 2 weeks ago, The Journal News and News 12 ran stories about City Council President Watts collecting unemployment insurance while on the City of Mount Vernon payroll.  Watts may face criminal charges.
Mount Vernon Exposed has been inundated with e-mails and phone calls regarding the situation of Watts.  Concerned citizens are looking for answers and seeking advice on how to oust her from office.  Mount Vernon resident Mike Sklar publicly called for Watts’s resignation.
Corrupt Mayor Clinton Young
It is obvious that Watts has reached a deal with Mayor Young.  It is alleged that Watts went to Mayor Young seeking help with her unemployment situation.  Mayor Young then allegedly told Watts that he would help her out if she endorsed his candidacy for Mayor and publicly trash Comptroller Maureen Walker, (A Mayoral Candidate).  It is alleged that Watts agreed to this deal.  It was told to Mount Vernon Exposed that Watts’s public endorsement of Mayor Young was scheduled for the same day the Journal News and News 12 broke their stories about Watts’s unemployment fiasco. 
It has also been alleged that Watts will be stepping down from the City Council after all approvals are complete for the Memorial Field project.  Mayor Young has allegedly agreed to hire Watts as the Recreation Commissioner. It is public knowledge that Watts is having financial difficulties such as 20 thousand dollars in back taxes.  This type of behavior leads to major improprieties, scandals and corruption.  Watts would then be out publicly lobbying for Mayor Young’s re-election campaign as part of the deal to push her criminal activity under the rug. 
The Memorial Field project was planned poorly from the beginning.  Greed and incompetence were the key driving forces behind this project.  As part of the agreement with the County of Westchester, the City of Mount Vernon now has to maintain all County roads and sewers previously owned and maintained by the County of Westchester.  One single road opening to repair the County sewer line that runs through Memorial Fields will cost upwards of $500K. 
City Officials also seriously underestimated the true cost of construction for the Memorial Field project.  City Officials put the price tag for construction at $13M when in fact the cost of construction is $21M.  Where is the money?
Where to Park? Poor planning on the part of City officials also comes into play with the Memorial Field project.  The ambitious design of Memorial Field currently plans to accommodate 6,500 spectators and employees; however City planners did not factor in parking for all these cars.  On average, a car holds approximately 2.5 persons.  This would equate to 2,600 cars at full stadium capacity.  The current facility can only accommodate 400 cars. There is speculation that City Officials plan on using eminent domain to demolish homes on Garden Avenue to build a new parking lot for Memorial Field.  Poor planning done by City officials will prove costly for taxpayers as the Town of Pelham will likely litigate to stop the construction of Memorial Field. 
 Watts has been busy as of late cutting deals with Mayor Young and others.  Intercounty Paving was hired at a cost of $600K to repave various streets throughout the City of Mount Vernon.  The project had a mysterious cost overrun of $309K  and immediately thereafter, Comptroller Maureen Walker began to audit the contracts and change orders for Intercounty paving.  Instead of allowing the audit to take its course, Council President Watts joined forces with Mayor Young and decided to vote to pay Intercounty Paving over the objections of Comptroller Walker. Needless to say Comptroller Walker did NOT vote on behalf of this payment. 
The audit that was being conducted by the Comptroller’s office didn’t mean anything to Watts and company.  I guess being afraid that Mayor Young would expose her dirty little secret influenced her to vote the way she did on Memorial Field and to issue payment to Intercounty Paving.  The City of Mount Vernon is a municipal mess of mismanagement and corruption.
Cost overruns are common in the construction business, however many experts and professionals view cost overruns as a scam to bilk the consumers out of tens of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. 
The paving of Mount Vernon City streets performed by Intercounty Paving and approved by Commissioner Horton were not installed to the Dept. of Transportation and NYS BID Specifications.  In fact, the work done by Intercounty Paving that resulted in overbilling City of Mount Vernon taxpayers $309K, was done prior to City Council approval.  Watts was fully aware that the original purchase order was only for $600K.  Instead of protecting the taxpayers that she was elected to serve, Watts chose to go along with the status quo and voted to defraud the City of Mount Vernon of $309K, knowing fully that the deal was made in her and Mayor Young’s best interest.  
Intercounty Paving was represented by August Nigro, a big time financial supporter of Mayor Young.  Mr. Nigro is also a high ranking member of Mayor Young’s golf outing committee.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mr. Nigro was in attendance at the Board and Estimate meetings in attempt to put pressure on City officials to release funds that he was not entitled to.  Sources also told Mount Vernon Exposed that Watts and Nigro were seen whispering in the hallway outside the Mayor’s conference immediately following the Board of Estimate meeting. 
The illegal payment authorized by Watts and her colleagues on the City Council was done even though City Council members received written notification of the ongoing audit.  Watts is no stranger to controversy.  At the Board of Estimate meeting, Watts was adamant about Intercounty County paving getting paid. 
Mount Vernon Exposed recently learned that a complaint was filed with the F.B.I and the New York State Attorney General’s office seeking a full investigation on Watts and Intercounty Paving.  In addition to possible corruption on behalf of Watts’ and Intercounty Paving, City of Mount Vernon taxpayers will again be left holding the bag due to greed and incompetence of City officials.
The New York State Department of Transportation sets forth guidelines for paving road surfaces.  The D.O.T. standards were part of the Bid Specifications but were not adhered to by Commissioner Horton and Intercounty Paving. Hot Mixed Asphalt is NOT to be applied to surfaces that are colder than 34 degrees, and the cutoff date of NOVEMBER 15, is clearly stated in Bid Specifications. Eager to say that roads were not paved during an election year, Mayor Young chose to put his personal ambitions and agenda above the constituents that he was duly elected to serve.  Streets in Mount Vernon were paved up to and including December 27, 2010, well after D.O.T regulations and guidelines. The damage of this blatant abuse is irreparable, the reason for these dates and temperatures for work to be performed is,  if applied when it’s cold the HOT MIXED ASPHALT WILL not stick to its surface and will NOT adhere and LIFT over time. That is the purpose for following the D.O. T. State Regulations. The State of N.Y. wouldn’t condone this type of taxpayer waste of monies.

Funding for the paving of City streets came from two sources; Mount Vernon taxpayers and Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS).  The City of Mount Vernon is in danger of losing the (CHIPS) money due to City officials not adhering to guidelines. 

Corruption seems to be an ongoing practice by government officials in Mount Vernon.  Many questions remain. Answers from City officials are not forthcoming.  Did City Council President Watts receive compensation for this blatant act of corruption?  To be continued…….