Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The latest fire in Mount Vernon confirms that Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis is burning down the City of Mount Vernon to intentionally to make way for low income housing all across the City of Mount Vernon.

Ernie Davis has willfully and intentionally understaffed the Mount Vernon Fire Department so that fires that are intentionally set by Ernie's arson crew can burn longer than necessary ensuring that structures are burned to the point beyond repair. 

It was revealed that the strip of stores that recently burned down on Gramatan Avenue was for sale for $3.1 M.  The asking price of $3.1M is way overpriced for a depressed real estate market such as Mount Vernon.  The corner of Fulton Avenue and Third Street that was also caused by Ernie's arson team was also for sale prior to being engulfed in flames.

In Mount Vernon, the fox is constantly watching the hen house.  Ernie's arson team causes the fires and his hand appointed Fire Chief investigates the fires and then covers them up so insurance companies can cover the massive claims. 

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that one property owner part of the Fulton and Third assemblage of properties refused to sell after approached by Mount Vernon City officials.  A political insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that Commissioner of Assessment Tom Terry, who also moonlights as a licensed real estate agent for Fleetwood Realty, told the owner it was in his best interest to sell or "else".

Commissioner Tom Terry is no stranger to corruption and breaking the law.  Terry's brother in law, Wayne Charles defrauded the City of Mount Vernon by receiving millions of dollars in no bid contracts at the urging of Mayor Ernie Davis.  Charles was convicted in federal court of mail and wire fraud.  Commissioner Terry's home address was the address registered with the State of New York for the entities used by Charles for his criminal activity.

Another developer looking to do a land grab is Larry Regan of Regan Development.  According to Regan Development's website, they build low income housing across the tri state area.  Regan Development is currently looking at a large parcel of property in downtown Mount Vernon and is looking to construct a large low-income army barracks style housing.  Regan Development is also looking for a lucrative tax incentive from the Mount Vernon IDA (controlled by Criminal Mayor Davis).  Such a tax break with further drive the City of Mount Vernon towards bankruptcy. 

According to Regan's website, the only market rate project under the control of Regan Development in Westchester County is a 17 unit building in Sleepy Hollow, NY.   It is quite clear that low-income housing is this company's bread and butter. 

So how does a developer looking to do business with Mount Vernon get to the table one may ask?  It's simple.  When a developer visits City Hall, the Mayor's office instructs them that they must use a planner approved by the City of Mount Vernon because that planner knows exactly what the City of Mount Vernon wants. 

In this case, the preferred planner is Vince Ferrandino of Ferrandino and Associates.  Mr. Ferrandino is a former Planning Commissioner for the City of Mount Vernon and a close ally and friend of Mayor Ernie Davis.  Developers are steered towards Ferrandino who then extorts developers into paying him exorbitant consulting fees for development projects that never get off the ground.  A political insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that portions of the fees are then funneled to Mayor Ernie Davis.  Vince Ferrandino is also the planner for 42 W. Broad Street and is present at every City Council meeting.  Ferrandino also has ties to several bogus shell companies (I.E. Traffic Studies) that get paid by Mount Vernon taxpayers.

One developer told Mount Vernon Exposed that he paid more than $700K than he was supposed to in consulting fees to Ferrandino's firm and others for a development project because he was directed to by City officials.  The developer was told that if he didn't pay the fees, his project would never get approved. 

The U.S. Attorney must look into the business dealings of Regan Development, Vince Ferrandino, and others and exactly how they are approved to do business in the City of Mount Vernon.  These same developers are now trying unsuccessfully to buy their way into the new administration.  These developers must keep in mind, that the days of paying off people in the City of Mount Vernon are long gone.  The days of slapping up low income developments that breed criminal activity are also long gone. 

U.S. Attorney Preet Baharra must subpoena Regan Development, Vince Ferrandino, and various Mount Vernon City officials and their associated financial records and it will be clear that City Hall and the City of Mount Vernon is for sale. 

We must keep developers like Regan Development from turning Mount Vernon into a welfare City.  A political insider also told Mount Vernon Exposed that Regan Development was also in talks to develop the site of yesterday's massive fire on Gramatan Avenue. 

Mount Vernon Exposed will continue to monitor the activities of Regan Development and Vince Ferrandino and make sure that they do not build any low income tax payer funder public housing in the City of Mount Vernon.  If approvals some how make it through City agencies, such developers will be in a a very long and costly court battle.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


For decades Elected Officials and Appointed Officers of the City of Mount Vernon have been fleecing the residents and taxpayers of the city. The latest example comes from, not an elected official or appointed officer, but a former Mt Vernon City Clerk and current Democratic City Council Nominee, Ms. Lisa A. Copeland.

A resident of Mt. Vernon, who is a home-owner, tax payer and lifelong resident, saw the City Council candidate getting out of her car and putting an official City of Mount Vernon Restricted Use Parking Permit in her window to avoid having to pay the parking meter, as she went into a local Mt. Vernon business.
After further investigation, Mount Vernon Exposed has discovered that Lisa Copeland has been illegally using this parking pass for quite some time now. How much has she cheated the citizens and taxpayers of Mt Vernon by blatantly avoiding to pay her fair share of parking fees?

On the parking permit it says they are intended for vehicles in use for Official Business for the City of Mount Vernon. Copeland is currently not employed by the City of Mount Vernon and while she was the highest vote-getter in the 2015 Democratic Primary, she has yet to win the office of City Council with the General Election, still some 25 days away.

Elected Officials and Appointed Officers have been taking advantage of the system for decades, now we have City Council Candidates taking the same liberties, while hard working business owners, taxpayers and residents are receiving tickets when the money runs out in their meters.

Copeland, who is part of everything we complain about, as far as what wrong with City Hall going back to her days as City Clerk and is a longtime Democratic Party and Davis Administration loyalist. If she feels she can rob taxpayers while running for office, residents really need to think hard, come Election Day, and ask is this the kind of continued corruption we want in City Hall.

Members of the Fleetwood Citizens Society told online news magazine Black Westchester, they believe she is a puppet for Davis, after the City Council Candidate Forum, held Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at The Riverside Memorial Chapel, located at 21 Broad Street. The residents expressed their dissatisfaction with Davis by voting him out in the primary. All down with his corrupt administration need to go and in this case need to not be voted in.

With such an important election coming up in just over three weeks, we need to really be sure of the qualities of the person(s) we help put in officer with our votes. It’s time for change and Copeland is part of the corrupt culture we are trying to get out of City Hall.
At the very least at the next City Council Meeting, Wednesday, October 14, we need to ask the ‘why are Copeland and several others who are not City Hall employees granted these Parking Permits, that are to be used for official City Business, so they can get out of paying for parking while the rest of us, who are not friends or family members of City Hall have to pay?’ While the rest of us are receiving tickets for everything from the time on the meter running out to alternate side of the street parking in the winter when there are mounds of snow, the city is unable or unwilling to remove and there is no place to park?

We know the city is in desperate need of money but it shouldn’t come at the hands of the hard working residents who are already heavily taxed, who no services to show for it and the Copelands continue to get favors like parking permits to avoid paying parking fees.

Copeland, because of her long history with the Mafia-styled run Davis Administration and Reggie Lafayette run MVDCC, believes the rules do not apply to her. It’s time to send a message to City Hall and say stop fleecing the residents of Mt Vernon, by not voting for Lisa Copeland on November 3rd.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


On September 16, 2015 The Journal News reported that Oscar Davis was rewarded his third no bid contact, totaling $126,000 from his uncle, Mayor Ernie Davis. The contract was given to perform information technology services for the City of Mount Vernon.  Oscar Davis is a full time Information Technology, (IT) employee of The City Of Mount Vernon’s School District, and is paid $98,000 per year. His salary is above that of many of our Teachers. For the past three and a half years, Oscar has been seen in City Hall during school hours. He has spent hours at a time away from his full time job, without being challenged by District Officials. The Mount Vernon School District is negligent for allowing Oscar Davis to be absent from his duties, while the strapped taxpayers were forced to pay the bill.  School Officials continue to be negligent by not addressing the Oscar Davis situation.

Since the October 16th Journal News article, several School District Employees contacted Mount Vernon Exposed, to complain about the lack of communication services and repairs by Oscar Davis. One employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said her fax machine was out of order for almost two years. Several other employees complained that their IT service request were ignored for months at a time. Most disturbing, are complaints that Oscar Davis is vindictive, and only addresses issues of the people he likes.

Oscar Davis is double dipping, and our School District must take action regarding this abuse of taxpayer’s money. Mount Vernon is a poor City, with the worse tax to property ratio in NY State. For years, City Politicians and School Officials have tortured taxpayers, which have led to the highest foreclosure rate in NY State. There continues to be “no mercy” on the citizens of Mount Vernon. Taxpayers are fed up. We will remember this lack of protection of our hard earned money when we vote on the budget next May.