Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Mount Vernon Exposed has learned the names of some of the officers allegedly being probed by Federal Authorities for ties to local street gangs and other nefarious activities.  Michael Marcucuilli, PBA President Gregory Addison, Kenneth Rella, and Michael Zurilli are four persons we have learned of being investigated for Criminal Civil Rights violations, illegal gambling, intimidation, extortion, gun trafficking as well as their ties to local street gangs.

Many persons interviewed the past few days after learning of the federal probe simply say they don’t feel safe in the City of Mount Vernon since the ouster of Commissioner Carl Bell.  Many feel Mayor Davis will bring in someone that will further divide the police department and the City of Mount Vernon. 

A few of the persons being considered are Terrance Raynor and current Chief John Roland.  Raynor recently made headlines after he was caught cheating tax payers out of tens of thousands of dollars by double sipping in the S.T.A.R. claiming exemptions of two homes at the same time.  Raynor is also the defendant in a lawsuit seeking to recoup Raynor’s ill-gotten gains. 

Michael Marcucuilli a Mount Vernon police officer has cost Mount Vernon taxpayers millions of dollars because he likes to commit police brutality.  The City of Mount Vernon is constantly sued because Mr. Marcucuilli likes to put his hands on black folks and call them “Nigger” and beat them with his baton like he is auditioning for a role with the KKK. 
Taxpayers will continue to see their property rise as long as the property tax burden Marcucuilli is still employed by the Mount Vernon Police Department. Marcucuilli is also rumored to be part of an elite group of police officers trafficking in guns from the south and turning them over to street gang members for profit.

Due to the negligence and recklessness of this officer, Mount Vernon homeowners are now paying $1,224.89 more a year than they should be paying.  Write to City Council President Yuhanna Edwards and members Karen Watts Yehudah, , and Roberta Apuzzo and tell them if they do not fire Marcucuilli that you will fire them in September as they are all up for re-election. 

Insanity- doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.  We cannot keep re-electing the same people over and over again and expect things to get better because they send out a mailing once a year, show up at your cookout, and organize a walk-a-thons.  These are the same elected officials that have been in office through the high rate of homicides, crater sized potholes, and sky rocketing property taxes. 

Kenneth Rella- Approximately 60 days ago Mount Vernon Exposed began an investigation into Kenneth Rella a K-9 officer with the City of Mount Vernon after receiving a tip from a concerned taxpayer. Mount Vernon Exposed would like to inform our readers that F.O.I.L requests filed with the Law Department have gone unanswered but we were told that the Chief John Roland hasn’t complied with the requests and they will follow up with him.  Rella also has ties to organized crime.  Kenneth Rella who rarely works overtime has accumulated over 1,000 hours of comp time. The police department told Mount Vernon Exposed that they will not turn over records pertaining to Rella because they do not exist.  How can a police department pay out comp time if they do not track the comp time? 

This dinosaur system of having the fox watch the hen house is ripe for corruption and abuse.  Several police officers that we spoke to on the condition of annomitity were in disbelief and outright disgusted at Rella’s abuse of taxpayer dollar and his criminal activity.  Rella, an obnoxious and loud fellow even stands accused of waving his gun at a civilian while drunk out of his mind.  More shocking revelations about the creep carrying a gun and a badge will come at a later time.  Stay tuned.  You will not want to miss this. 

PBA President Gregory Addison was recently demoted from Sergeant back to patrol because he was involved in a bar brawl at Maggie Spillane’s and pulled his service weapon while drunk.  Addison also is alleged to be part of the gun slinging ring supplying guns to street gangs in Mount Vernon.   Addison also stands accused alongside other Mt. Vernon Police Officers making derogatory remarks about the family lifestyle, Black owned businesses and mocking rallies to stop violence. How did a nut job like Addison get elected to become the PBA President? A PBA President that likes racist rants on Facebook is in charge of collective bargaining for the City of Mount Vernon.  Pure Genius!

The last of the disgraceful bunch of criminals is Lieutenant Michael Zurilli a compulsive gambler who was recently divorced from his wife over allegedly being caught in the bed with another man.  Zurilli also has ties to organized crime.  Zurilli has such a gambling problem that his “bookie” came to the Police headquarters one night with two 300 pound men seeking to collect outstanding debt. 

Zurilli was suspended and also was rumored to enter into a mental health facility for over a year.  Currently, Zurilli still without his gun and badge can be seen in the MVPD back on the taxpayer payroll fetching coffee and doughnuts for the top brass.  

Monday, February 25, 2013



A source close to the Davis administration confirmed that Mayor Davis will be appointing tax cheat Terrance Raynor as the next Commissioner of the Mount Vernon Police Department.   Terrance Raynor recently made headlines after being sued for illegally claiming S.T.A.R. exemptions on two houses at the same time. 

Several residents have informed Mount Vernon exposed that they will bring legal action against Mayor Davis and the City of Mount Vernon because the City Charter mandates that the Police Commissioner live in the City of Mount Vernon.  Raynor is currently a resident of Peekskill. 
Raynor is the husband of Valerie Raynor, a key player in Janet DiFiore’s nanny gate scandal.  Valerie along with Diane Atkins, the current Commissioner of Recreation in the City of Mount Vernon, illegally approved benefits for DiFiore’s nanny when she was denied on two previous occasions. 

Terrance is also quite the playboy and ladies’ man and is said to have had several affairs and sexual relations with several city hall employees, rank and file officers of the MVPD and administrative staff at the MVPD.  Just how effective will Terrance be as police commissioner if he can’t keep his penis in his pants? One thing is for sure, if Raynor is appointed as MVPD Commissioner we will be on his trail like white on rice. 

To be continued……..

Saturday, February 9, 2013



Good Morning to our loyal Mount Vernon Exposed readers.  It has been quite some time since we shared some news with you.  We have received several calls from several of our subscribers and even politicians questioning if we still existed and if our silence has been brought.  We answer the question the same every time.  Our response will always be and have always been “What do you think?”

There is a saying, when the cat is away the mice will play. So when the cat has been away and just like creatures of habit, the mice began to play.  During our brief intermission, we have managed to secure over 500 hours of secret recordings and video of politicians, judges, and assistant district attorney's.  One such recording even has a top prosecutor in Janet DiFiore’s office frequenting bars in White Plains with under age women.  Our investigators have managed to follow this pedophile on two separate occasions. 

Many of our supporters have inundated our phones and emails with questions regarding the status of the criminal investigation into Janet DiFiore and her husband Dennis Glazer for hiring a nanny and paying her off the books for twenty years.  Janet DiFiore has been quiet and top officials in the Democratic Party have been working behind the scenes to secure Janet DiFiore a judgeship in the New York State Court of Claims.  With Janet DiFiore up for re-election this year and it being evident that she will be defeated Janet DiFiore’s political career is on life support. 

Mount Vernon Exposed is pleased to report that according to a federal source, The United States Department of Justice, I.R.S., and The Department of Homeland Security have begun a formal investigation into Janet DiFiore and her husband Dennis Glazer. 

Mount Vernon Exposed would also like to be the first to report that Dennis Glazer is no longer employed by the firm of Davis, Polk, and Wardell, LLP and was tossed by the partners for his excessive baggage and a pending federal investigation into his criminal activities. 

Janet DiFiore is no saint either.  Janet likes to walk around with the attitude that she is holier than thou but her closet also contains skeletons.  For starters, Janet DiFiore once tried to appoint one of her lovers she cheated on her husband with as her Chief of Investigations, a position now held by another crook Terrance Raynor who was just recently in the news for paying back over $19K in taxes to the City of Mount Vernon for defrauding taxpayers by illegally claiming exemptions on two properties in two different municipalities at the same time.

Janet DiFiore’s secret lover was and still is Peter Viviano, a former captain of the White Plains Police Department and is known to have ties to organized crme.  When Janet DiFiore lost her gun and had it covered up by a former Westchester County Police Department Commissioner, Janet and Peter were busy out having a night on the town.  In addition Mount Vernon Exposed has learned there is a video that exists that shows Janet DiFiore giving felacio to Peter Viviano and another video showing the two having rough role playing sex, complete with leather whips and handcuffs in her Bronxville home while Dennis Glazer was out of town on a business trip. 

It would be a travesty if we re-elect Janet DiFiore to public office.  She must first take care of home before she does the people’s business.