Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Samuel Rivers vs J. Gary Pretlow

Friday, July 16, 2010


Corrupt Election Commissioner Reggie LaFayette pictured with his Executive Assistant Tajian Jones (co-conspirator) and Lila Kirton (Governor Patterson's mistress)

Embattled Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow

Assemblyman Pretlow's car illegally parked in Board of Elections parking lot

On Friday, July 16th, 2010 Mount Vernon Exposed publisher Samuel L. Rivers made a visit to the Westchester County Board of Elections to inspect nominating petitions filed by his opponent for 87th Assembly, J. Gary Pretlow.  Rivers was surprised when he walked into the Board of Elections and saw Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow standing around staring into space.  Pretlow began to perspire profusely when he saw his opponent Samuel L. Rivers
Rivers politely greeted Pretlow, who did not look happy to see Rivers.  Rivers asked Pretlow was he there to challenge Rivers’ petitions.  Pretlow responded, “I am not challenging anything”.  Pretlow began to pace back and forth with a look of defeat and nervousness on his face.  Pretlow then went outside and was chatting with an unidentified woman.  Disgraced Election Commissioner Reggie LaFayette then went outside and spoke with Pretlow with his hand covering his mouth, an act commonly seen in “Gangster” movies. Persons that normally emulate this behavior are usually involved in illegal behavior.

After a few minutes, Pretlow then entered a restricted area in the Westchester County Board of Elections, following Reggie LaFayette into LaFayette's office. As of official closing time at 5:00 P.M., Pretlow remained in Reggie LaFayette's office.    
As to why Pretlow was in White Plains mingling with LaFayette instead of being in Albany to fix the financial mess that he was a part of for the last 18 years in unknown.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Commissioner LaFayette made a deal with Pretlow to use Board of Election workers and resources at taxpayers’ expense to challenge the nominating petitions of Samuel L. Rivers.  It is not normal for a candidate to have secret backroom deals with an Election Commissioner to go over petitions, a benefit not afforded to Samuel L. Rivers or any other candidate. 

Sources have also confirmed that LaFayette is conspiring to commit election fraud and theft of services with Tajian Jones, Lafayette’s high paid Executive assistant who is the same person who created Pretlow’s petition and who also serves as the secretary of the Westchester County Democratic Committee.  “Pretlow, Reggie, and Tajian in a room together is bad for the people of Mount Vernon, the people of Westchester County, and bad for the people of New York State, said Rivers.” “It is not fair and a clear conflict of interest that Reggie can use Board of Election workers and resources paid for by Westchester County taxpayers to challenge my petitions” Rivers added. 

Rivers told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that he is also calling for a Federal Investigation into years of voter fraud, intimidation, coercion, bribery, and extortion by LaFayette and others by the United States Department of Justice.  “I will not back down from Lafayette, Pretlow, and others and I will not be intimidated by them either.  “Voters are fed up with the corruption in Westchester politics and need a choice in September.  “I am that choice” 

Westchester taxpayers can come to the conclusion that LaFayette is retaliating against Rivers because of the recent explosive allegations released by Rivers accusing LaFayette of giving judicial nominations in exchange for sexual favors.

Pretlow hasn’t had a viable challenger in 18 years and now he is running for the hills.  Voters must question the integrity of Pretlow.  Why is Assemblyman Pretlow fighting so hard to keep his taxpayer funded $87,000 a year job?  Pretlow is also the Chairman of the Wages and Bets Committee for the NYS Assembly.  For years voters have long suspected Assemblyman Pretlow of taking bribes and kickbacks from casino’s, racetracks, and special interest groups.  These three categories are the sources of Pretlow’s campaign contributions.

Monday, July 5, 2010


On Sunday, July 3rd, 2010, Mount Vernon Exposed™® crossed paths with Westchester County Democratic Chairman Reginald LaFayette, the first encounter since Mount Vernon Exposed™® published an article about alleged drug abuse by LaFayette, Sha-Kee Williams, and Westchester County Family Court Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz.

Last month, an anonymous e-mail was sent to Mount Vernon Exposed™® from a person claiming to be a New Rochelle Democratic district leader.  The email stated that the district leader overheard New Rochelle Dem Chair Arnold Klugman discuss Mr. Lafayette’s abuse of illegal narcotics, specifically cocaine.  The district leader also overheard Klugman state that Lafayette’s girlfriend Sha-Kee Williams also abused cocaine.

Mr. Lafayette was very angry and belligerent, behavior that is not normal for a person that is a public servant, when approached by Mount Vernon Exposed publisher Samuel L. Rivers.  “I am not shaking the hand of someone that said I use cocaine” said LaFayette.  Mr. Rivers simply told LaFayette that he was not the author of the email or the allegations and simply is reporting on matters on public concern.  New York State Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow was also in attendance during the encounter with Mr. LaFayette.  Mr. Pretlow also became belligerent when Mr. Rivers was speaking to Mr. LaFayette.  “What if someone writes a story and said that you are a child molester?” asked LaFayette.  Mr. Rivers told LaFayette, “this is a free country and you are free to write and say what you want but make sure it is true and if you say or write something that is not true, then you will be sued without hesitation. 

Mr.  Pretlow then chimed in and said to Mr.  Rivers “you are a fucking moron” and proceeded to issue a statement that many would perceive to be a threat.  Mr. Pretlow then said, “You better not write anything about me that isn’t true because I am not as nice as Reggie”.  What exactly did Mr. Pretlow mean by his comments?  Was he threatening bodily harm to Mr. Rivers?  Was he suggesting that he would conspire with Mr. LaFayette to sabotage the election and Mr. Rivers campaign against Mr. Pretlow? It is apparent that Mr. Pretlow is now engaging in the same behavior and practices that disgraced former Mayoral Aide John Boykin was heard speaking about during the famous tape recorded conversation. 

Mr. LaFayette denied that he abuses or has abused illegal narcotics.  However, Mr. Lafayette did not deny that he slept with Westchester Family Court Judge Kathie Davidson and Westchester County Family Court Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz in exchange for the Democratic nomination.  Judge Kathie Davidson has made headlines recently due to her involvement with Mayor Clinton Young.  Sources have confirmed that Mayor Young was using a taxpayer funded bodyguard, vehicle, and gas to be dropped off at Kathie Davidson’s house at all hours of the night.  Sources have also confirmed that Judge Davidson and Mayor Young have been romantically involved for several years.  Perhaps Judge Davidson will become the first lady of Mount Vernon.   Mr. LaFayette also did not deny other allegations set forth in the email such as taking payments from Cappelli for facilitating meetings with former New Rochelle Mayor Tim Idoni and other New Rochelle elected officials.  So we must assume these serious allegations to be true.

Mr. LaFayette also said that Mount Vernon Exposed™® has ruined the reputation of his girlfriend, Sha-Kee Williams.  The district leader from New Rochelle said that Sha-Kee Williams engaged in promiscuous activity with her current boss, Westchester County Court Judge James Hubert.  Hubert was endorsed and wholeheartedly supported by LaFayette last during his bid to be elected to New York State Supreme Court.  Hubert failed to get elected to New York State Supreme Court. 

Hubert is not the only failure supported by LaFayette.  LaFayette continues to support Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz.  Judge Horowitz has been publicly censured by New York State’s highest court for attempting on six different occasions to fix cases for her friends that were at that time before other justices of the Westchester Family Court.  Hal Greenwald is another failure supported by Mr. LaFayette. Hal Greenwald is quite the political prostitute and is desperate for his chance to take a sip from the public water fountain.  Greenwald has been mentored by Ken Jenkins, the disgraced Chairman of the Westchester County Legislators recently accused of voter fraud.  It is alleged that Jenkins does not live in the district that he represents. If Greenwald takes his advice from Ken Jenkins, it would not be hard to figure out what kind of Judge he would be.

Hal Greenwald has been unsuccessfully running for office for almost a decade.  In 2003, Hal Greenwald unsuccessfully ran for County Legislator and in 2007 was the Yonkers Democratic Party’s nominee for Westchester County Family Court.  Greenwald failed to win the Family Court election.  It was also reported to Mount Vernon Exposed by Mr. LaFayette that Greenwald also ran unsuccessfully for Yonkers City Council and NYS Assembly.  Mr. LaFayette also said that this is the first time Hal Greenwald is running for office countywide.  Mr. Lafayette once again proves to be a liar and someone that cannot be trusted. 
Mount Vernon Exposed™® received notification that Mr. LaFayette has encountered several people that are outraged that the Westchester County Democratic Executive Committee did not endorse Judge Bill Edwards for one of the four judicial seats.  According to a source, Layette said that he couldn’t sell Judge Edwards throughout Westchester County because of his wife Helena R. Edwards’ blog. www.straighttalkinmountvernon.typepad.com.  

Mr. Lafayette also didn’t mention that the Ivy League educated Judge Edwards has had several decisions published in New York Law Journal. Supervising Judge Kathie Davidson had never had a decision published in New York Law Journal. No other candidate currently seeking to be elected to Westchester County Family Court has had a decision published in the New York Law Journal.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® could not find any decisions published by Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz, however inserting her name into the Google search did bring up her horrendous record and admonishment. Clearly, the nomination is not about education, integrity, and competence.

So just what does it take to receive a Democratic Judicial nomination?  Is one required to offer sex or sexual acts to party bosses?  Are you required to share a passion of illegal narcotics abuse? Or are you required to pay 10% percent to party chairs? We may never know the answer to this question, but one this is for sure, we know that nominations are not based on qualifications and competence but based solely on politics and those that know how to drop it like it’s hot. 

Mount Vernon Exposed™®  will continue to educate the public on this year’s judicial races and has taken the quest for insight into these candidates into the community.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® spoke with several attorneys about Judge Davidson, Judge Horowitz, Judge David Klein, and Judge Bill Edwards, Patricia O’ Callaghan, Michelle Shauer, and Hal Greenwald.  At a later date and time, Mount Vernon Exposed™® will release our endorsements for Westchester Family Court, Westchester County Court and all political races that affect the City of Mount Vernon.  Judicial candidates can request a questionnaire by emailing mountvernonexposed@gmail.com.

Information that will researched and released to the public includes the following. 
  •          Admonishments and Public Censures
  •          Published Opinions, Decisions, etc.
  •          Drug Use/Abuse- All candidates will be asked to voluntarily submit to a drug test using a follicle of hair.  The names of those candidates that refuse to submit to a drug test will be released to the public.
  •          Work ethic and attendance
  •          Current Case Load (for current sitting Judges)
  •          Relationship amongst peers at work
  •          All candidates will be asked to furnish 3 letters of recommendation.  One letter shall be from an attorney that actively practices in Family Court.  One letter shall be from a former Judge of the New York State Unified Court System, and one letter shall be from a dean of the law school attended by candidate.