Thursday, March 31, 2011


Alleged photo of Mount Vernon Police Officer's Deputy Chief Roland, Deputy Chief Dumser, and Lt. Michael Zarrelli in KKK uniform

In 1865, The United States Congress officially adopted the 13th amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  The 13th amendment officially abolished and prohibited slavery and indentured servitude, except as punishment for a crime.  But for the top brass in the Mount Vernon Police and Auxiliary Police Departments, the 13th amendment doesn’t exist and to them black people are still inferior, and should still be riding the back of the bus.  It appears that Klu Klux Klansmen are disguising themselves as Mount Vernon Police Officers.  

Embattled Mayor Clinton Young
On March 30, 2011, Mayor Young held his final State of the City Address in the City Council Chambers.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® was present at the event.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® arrived at City Hall at approximately 6:30 P.M. and entered City Council Chambers.  The chambers were practically empty at that time.  All of the seats were practically empty.  Samuel L. Rivers, Chairman of the Black Political Caucus of Westchester was sitting in the front row of seats, quietly minding his business.  The first row of seats had papers taped to the seats with the words “RESERVED”.  

Mr. Rivers was sitting there for approximately ten minutes before Will DuBose, Director of the Veteran’s Service agency asked Mr. Rivers to move.  Mr. DuBose said that the seats were reserved for the Veterans.  Mr. Rivers politely told Mr. DuBose that the seats were paid for by the taxpayers and are reserved for no one in particular.  Mr. Rivers then told Mr. DuBose that there was plenty of space for the veterans to sit in the row and he was more than welcome to sit down.  Mr. DuBose refused Mr. Rivers’ gesture to be seated and then walked away.  

Racist Captain Lichtman
About five minutes later, a second man approached Mr. Rivers’ about sitting in the first row.  The second man was not so nice.  The second man was more hostile, aggressive, and had no respect whatsoever.  “You can’t sit here” the man stated.  The identity of the second man was now known to be Captain Lichtman of the Mount Vernon Auxiliary Police.  Mr. Rivers then asked Capt. Lichtman why he couldn’t sit there.  Capt Lichtman then stated that the seats were reserved for the Mount Vernon Auxiliary Police.  Mr. Rivers’ appeared puzzled when answering Capt. Lichtman.  “Where does it say anywhere that these seats are reserved for the Auxiliary police sir”? Rivers said.  “Secondly, all rooms in City Hall are controlled by the City Council and I do not recall any ordinances being passed designating this seat for your exclusive use.  If you can find such an ordinance, I would be more than happy to move.” Rivers said. 

Capt. Lichtman became more belligerent and hostile.  It appeared that there were obvious problems with Capt. Lichtman by the way he spoke with Mr. Rivers’.  It became evident that Capt. Lichtman was a racist redneck that apparantly grew up in the back hills of Mississippi.  “You’re going to get up, one way or the other, you can go the easy way or the hard way,” Capt Lichtman said.  

“The auxiliary police are being recognized tonight” said Capt Lichtman.  “I am being recognized too tonight” said Rivers.  “Who is recognizing you” said Capt Lichtman”  “The same person that is recognizing you” said Rivers’.  Capt Lichtman then said “Well my officers need to have this row to sit down” said Capt Lichtman.  After about five minutes or so about five more Auxiliary officers sat down in the same row as Mr. Rivers.  All of the auxiliary officers were black.  None of the auxiliary officers said anything to Mr. Rivers.  Capt. Lichtman still continued to harass Mr. Rivers.  

Racist Bigot Trio
There was more than enough space for Capt. Lichtman to be seated but he refused.  It wasn’t  that Capt. Lichtman didn’t want to be seated; Capt. Lichtman didn’t want to sit down next to a black person that he didn’t have any control over.  Mr. Rivers’ was now a threat to Capt. Lichtman because he was speaking in a moderate tone and was questioning Capt Lichtman about his motives.  Capt. Lichtman’s true Klansman personality was now being displayed.  

Capt. Lichtman then turned extremely red in the face and walked away to go consult with the Grand Imperial Wizard, Grand Magi, and the Grand Titan of the Dominion, which would Deputy Chief Roland, Deputy Chief Dumser, and Lt. Michael Zurilli respectively.  This high ranking trio of bigots was recently exposed for running an elite corruption ring out of the Mount Vernon Police Department.  Inspector General Harry Stokes also found through an independent investigation that a Deputy Chief abused his power to violate the law to help a private businessman do a query on a batch of license plates.  

After the Klansmen were finished being debriefed by Capt. Lichtman, they then sent in a house Negro to approach Mr. Rivers.  The house Negro was even more aggressive than Capt. Lichtman

It became quite obvious that the trio of bigots were angry about Rivers’ exposing corruption about their elite unit operating in the Mount Vernon Police Department.  This was the perfect time for them to get revenge on Rivers’.  The expression on the trio’s face gave the impression that they had thoughts going through their head of “We are going to have ourselves a lynching in Mount Vernon tonight”.  Within minutes, about a dozen officers converged on City Hall on reports of a disturbance.  It was clear that the Klansman were calling in re-enforcements.  

House Negro Detective Anthony Burnett
While the house Negro was speaking to Mr. Rivers, another house Negro came on the scene.  The second house Negro was even more aggressive than the first.  House Negro #2 had a bigger ego than the first and didn’t care that he was being tape recorded.  It was obvious that house Negro #2 was more superior to house Negro #1.  House Negro #2 told Mr. Rivers “You will be removed from the seat, one way or another”.  House Negro #2 is known as Detective Anthony Burnett, the personal driver for Mayor Clinton Young.  

House Negro # 2 rose to fame during the years of the Ernie Davis administration.  House Negro #2’s incompetence led to the escape of prisioner while in his custody.  As a result of his incompetence, he was demoted.  Sources say that the escape was a carefully plotted and conspired escape and allegedly House Negro#2 was offered a bribe for his assistance in the escape.  The prisoner escaped while he was un cuffed by House Negro#2. 

After a few minutes or so, Police Commissioner Carl Bell entered the room and observed what was going on.  Commissioner Bell asked Mr. Rivers to speak with him privately.  Mr. Rivers’ agreed.  After a few minutes, Capt Lichtman came in hallway with Mr. Rivers’ bag in his hand.  Capt. Lichtman then dropped the bag on the floor at Mr. Rivers’ feet similar to the days of slavery when food was dropped at the feet of the slaves.  Capt. Lichtman then walked away without saying anything.  Capt. Lichtman then went back to retreat with his fellow Klansman.  

After about 5 minutes or so, Mr. Rivers walked away from Commissioner Bell satisfied with the way Commissioner Bell handled the situation.  “Mr. Bell spoke to me with respect and I spoke to him with respect” said Rivers.  “He didn’t come to me with this Rosa Parks get to the back of the bus mentality, courtesy is contagious” Rivers added. 

The Klansman and the house Negroes looked disappointed after Mr. Rivers finished speaking with Commissioner Bell.   Their plot to arrest and lynch Mr. Rivers’ was now foiled.  

Upon entering the City Council chambers it was noticed that the Auxiliary police were stilled seated in the first row.  Rivers’ then took a photograph of the officers sitting in the first row.  Capt. Lichtman then got up from his and charged at Mr. Rivers’ with his arm extended, assaulting Mr. Rivers.  “You can’t take my picture, you don’t have my permission” said Capt. Lichtman “You gave me your permission to take your picture the moment you walked through the door” said Rivers.  “You are going to be removed, you need to be removed” Capt. Lichtman said.  The black auxiliary officers immediately got up from the first row wanting to having nothing to do with Capt. Lichtman's racist tirade.

Capt. Lichtman then went to consult with the Imperial Grand Wizard about Mr. Rivers’ picture taking.  The Imperial Grand Wizard then told Capt. Lichtman than no crime was being committed.  Capt. Lichtman then went to a corner where he remained for the rest of the evening hiding behind Will DuBose.  Mr. Rivers then was trying to take a picture of Capt. Lichtman’s badge.  Capt. Lichtman kept dodging and ducking the camera.  Capt. Lichtman then placed a black band over his name tag so that he would not be identified.  One must wonder if the practice of covering up the name plates is standard operating procedure of the Mount Vernon Police Department.  

Grand Titan of the Dominion a/k/a Lt. Michael Zurilli remained quiet and close to the Imperial Grand Wizard the entire night.  Grand Titan of the Dominion ordered the arrest of Samuel L. Rivers at the DPW yard on April 21, 2011.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli is experiencing quite a bit of personal problems in life, and therefore that may be the cause of his irrational thinking.  It was reported that Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli's wife recently divorced him because of his personal problems.

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli is a compulsive gambler and allegedly gambled all of the money away during his marriage.  It was also reported that Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli was allegedly involved in an affair with another man and that was the breaking point in his marriage.  Whatever the case may be, Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli should seek professional counseling before his irrational thinking puts another innocent man behind bars. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Frank Fraley
What do former New York Senator Pedro Espada and Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce President Frank Fraley have in common?  Both men have been arrested by federal agents; both men are in charge of non-profit organizations, both men have served in government, and both men are facing accusations of looting non profits for personal gain.  

Mount Vernon Exposed™® recently revealed information about a corruption scandal involving Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce President Frank Fraley and City of Mount Vernon Assessor Anthony DeBellis.  It was revealed that these two men are allegedly involved in a massive pay-to-play scheme that has to do with lowering the assessments of real property in the City of Mount Vernon.  Mr. Fraley owns a company called Noah Consulting that he advertises via direct mail to specifically targeted residents allegedly supplied by Assessor Anthony DeBellis.  Mr. Fraley also purchases massive ad space in several of the local newspapers in Mount Vernon.  

After Mount Vernon Exposed™® ran the story exposing Frank Fraley’s past as a convicted Federal felon, we received dozens of calls from Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce members.  Chamber of Commerce members were outraged that news of Frank Fraley’s criminal background was intentionally withheld from chamber members.  It was told to Mount Vernon Exposed that Mr. Fraley objected to a background check when he became president of the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce.  A background check would have revealed Fraley’s past federal felony conviction.  Chamber members would also have had the opportunity to weigh in and decide if they wanted a convicted felon as their leader.  Chamber members expressed to Mount Vernon Exposed™® that former Planning Commissioner and Chamber of Commerce President Gerrie Post was asked to step down when she was arrested and wasn’t even yet convicted of committing any crimes. 

It appears that Mr. Fraley may have had a relapse back into the life of crime.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® received information from Chamber of Commerce members that Fraley is misappropriating Chamber of Commerce monies.  It was also learned by Mount Vernon Exposed™® that a formal complaint was filed with the I.R.S. and the New York State Attorney General’s office about Fraley’s alleged misconduct.  Both investigative bodies were asked to conduct an audit of the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members also feel that Fraley misrepresented his credentials to the Chamber of Commerce.  Fraley allegedly represented to chamber members that he received a M.B.A. from New York University.  Upon the initiation of an investigation, it was determined that Fraley did not graduate from NYU with an M.B.A, but only received a certificate from N.Y.U. 

The allegations against Fraley and Nina Brown, Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce were explosive and outright criminal in nature.  Fraley and Nina Brown were accused by Chamber of Commerce members of intentionally suppressing chamber financial data.  Chamber members revealed that they had not received a financial statement of Chamber of Commerce activity in almost two years.  It was also stated that financial information was requested from Fraley and Brown, but both have refused repeated requests for information from Chamber of Commerce members.  

Chamber members were also taken back by the arrogance of Fraley.  It is alleged that Fraley did not pay for his ticket to the annual Chamber of Commerce gala in 2009 and 2010.  Ticket prices for the annual gala are $175.00.  Fraley’s highhanded behavior did not end there.  Fraley also stands accused of using Chamber of Commerce funds as his personal piggybank.  Fraley expensed an iPhone to the Chamber of Commerce without any explanation whatsoever.  Sources have confirmed that Fraley does have an iPhone with him at all times that he uses as his personal cell phone.  

Fraley is also accused of spending $12K on various organizations without approval from the Chamber of Commerce.  One of these organizations was for golf.  Fraley is an avid golf player and can be seen frequenting various golf courses around Westchester County with his partner in crime, City Assessor Anthony DeBellis.  Fraley also plays with other City officials and has been a high ranking committee member of Mayor Young’s golf outing for the past 3 years.  Fraley also served on Mayor Young’s transition team alongside DPW Supervisor Rudy Persaud who was recently arrested and charged with felony perjury.  Mayor Young sure does have a thing for criminals. 

The financial stability of the Chamber of Commerce was also questioned by chamber members.  Chamber members expressed concern that Fraley’s greed will lead to the demise of the Chamber of Commerce.  The Mount Vernon City Council recently approved the sale of 66 Mount Vernon Avenue, a city owned property, to the Chamber of Commerce for approximately $11K.  However, Chamber of Commerce members told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that the Chamber of Commerce does not have any money and cannot afford the purchase of 66 Mount Vernon Avenue.

It appears that ulterior motives and hidden agendas was the real driving force behind the Mount Vernon City Council approving the sale of this property.  It was learned by Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Fraley allegedly retained a lobbyist, Arnold Lindhardt, of White Plains to help facilitate the sale of the property.  Chamber members said that Fraley felt that the lobbyist could influence City Council members.  If Fraley did indeed retain Lindhardt as his lobbyist to facilitate the sale of the property, there was a major conflict of interest.  

Lindhardt, who owns the company Strategic Services, is also retained by the City of Mount Vernon as its lobbyist.  Was the City Council that naive that they couldn’t see this conflict of interest?  Or do we have a bunch of ignoramus’ running the City of Mount Vernon?  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Lindhardt, who does political consulting as well, will be involved in the campaign of Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris and Councilman Steve Horton.  This is your tax dollars hard at work.  Pay-to-play is the only way of doing business with the City of Mount Vernon.  

Mount Vernon Exposed™® questioned chamber members as to how Fraley could get away with the alleged looting if a system of checks and balances was in place.  Chamber members could not recall who was authorized to sign checks on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce.  It appears that Fraley has again taken advantage of someone asleep at the wheel.  It has been reported that a petition to remove Frank Fraley as President of the Chamber of Commerce is being circulated to chamber members.  

In December 2009, sources told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Fraley wrote a letter to a Federal judge in the Eastern District of New York seeking to have his felony criminal record expunged.  Fraley was apparently clearing the way so he could run for Mayor.  Those dreams were short lived. According to the source, Fraley stated in his letter to the judge, that he wanted his record expunged because he was seeking employment.  Fraley indicted that he was appointed to serve as a member of Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino’s transition team, specifically, the Committee of Human Resources.  Fraley was also seeking employment with the Mount Vernon School District as the Chief of Operations.  Sources also told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Fraley also applied for employment with the Wartburg Home in Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® has learned that all three employers did a background check on Fraley and denied him employment due to his past felony conviction.  

Fraley solicited various community leaders, clergy, and City officials to write letters of support to the Judge in favor of having his past felony conviction expunged.  Dr. Welton L. Sawyer was one of the few of the individuals Fraley tapped for favors.  

Mr. Fraley was Chief of Staff to Mayor Ernest D. Davis from 2003-2006.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mayor Davis did not have any knowledge of Fraley’s past felony conviction.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® filed a Freedom of Information Request (F.O.I.L) with the City of Mount Vernon for Fraley’s employment application.  City Officials did not respond.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® has made numerous attempts to reach Fraley to discuss the allegations presented herein.  Fraley did not respond. 

Frank Fraley Arrest Docket

Friday, March 25, 2011


City Council President Karen Watts
Due to Mount Vernon Exposed’s ™® relentless pursuit of corruption in the City of Mount Vernon we are pleased to announce that we have delayed the City Council from voting to give the booting contract to Serapher Conn for at least two weeks.  The Mount Vernon City Council is starting to wake up and smell the bananas.  They are starting to realize that their personal political career goals and ambitions are irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the will of the people.  Small government, economic development, job creation, and lower taxes are on the top of the agenda.  

Sources informed Mount Vernon Exposed™® that a resolution awarding Serapher Conn the controversial booting contract was set to be put on the agenda for Wednesday, March 23, 2011.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® immediately conveyed this information to the public.  Within hours the plug was pulled on this pay to play scheme.  Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris who is up for re-election this year, is desperately seeking support in the community and those in the community that she feels can be of value to her campaign.  Truth be told, she is seeking help from people that should be thrown under the jail. Diane Atkins and Serapher Conn are just a few of the unscrupulous individuals that Councilwoman Diane Munro associates with.  The support that Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris is seeking from Serapher Conn comes at an exorbitant cost to Mount Vernon taxpayers.  Diane Atkins has already bilked Westchester County taxpayers out of possibly tens of millions of dollars.

Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris
Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris struggles to raise campaign cash.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Diane Munro Morris did not pull her weight during the last election and her running mates had to shell out most of the cash for her when they were taken to court.  Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris ran on a ticket with City Council President Karen Watts, Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo, and Councilman Yuhanna Edwards.  In essence, the taxpayers will be funding Diane Munro Morris’ re-election campaign in 2011 if Serapher Conn is awarded the booting contract.  Sources have also confirmed that a complaint has been made to the newly created Board of Ethics about the conflicts of interest of Council President Karen Watts and Diane Munro Morris and unethical and possible criminal behavior on their part.  Council President Karen Watts, Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris, and Serapher Conn are members of the Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus.

Diane Atkins
The conflicts of interest with the City Council do not stop there.  It is apparent that the City Council has gone wild and is doing as they please.  They have no direction.  They lack true independent leadership.   Money is their motivation.  They are disguising themselves as independent voices of the people when in fact they are nothing more than corrupt scavengers looking for prey.  Council President Karen Watts and Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris even had the audacity to appoint one of their fellow WBWPC chapter members to the Board of Un-Ethics.  Ronnie Cox is the Treasurer for the organization. Did Council President Watts and Councilwoman Morris think that the public would not find out about their corrupt actions?  As previously stated, the Board of Un-Ethics is a joke and is nothing more than a ceremonial position to enhance one’s climb up the political ladder.

In a letter dated February 17, 2011, addressed to Council President Karen Watts, Serapher Conn states her case as to why she feels the booting contract should be returned to her.  It is evident from the letter that Serapher Conn had an ex-parte conversation with Council President Watts and others about the booting contract.  Upon information and belief, the ex-parte conversation took place at the residence of corrupt former Deputy Commissioner of Social Services, Diane Atkins, during the monthly meeting of The Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus.   The Mount Vernon chapter of the Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus meets at Diane Atkins home the second Monday of every month.  

Serapher Conn
This attempted pilfering of taxpayer funds demands an immediate investigation into all City Council members. A bright light must continue to shine on this City Council.  Taxpayers must not be fooled by the “We are Independent” propaganda.  They are attempting to hide under this cover while they are attempting to steal millions from the City of Mount Vernon.  They give the appearance as if they “dislike the Mayor” and his administration when in fact they are one big happy family.  They are controlled and intertwined by the Sunday plate shakers and the poverty pimps. 

Taxpayers must keep their eye on the ambitious $175M “Fun City” project being proposed at Hutchinson feel.  Mount Vernon Exposed earlier reported that an anonymous tipster informed Mount Vernon Exposed™® that City Council President Karen Watts was offered a bribe in connection with the “Fun City” project and she said no.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® hopes that the Inspector General and the newly appointed political hacks on The Board of Ethics will look into this allegation.  Why did Council President Watts refuse the bribe? Was the offer too low? In this game of politics, nothing is what it seems.  Everyone has their price. 

This City Council is dangerous and is a threat to the financial stability of Mount Vernon.  Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris must not be re-elected this year.  Councilman Steve Horton must be shown the exit as well.  There is no independence on the City Council.  We will thoroughly analyze the City Council at a later date and expose all of the skeletons in each and every councilmember’s’ closet.  

The Black Political Caucus of Westchester, Inc., which owns the highly acclaimed Mount Vernon Exposed™® blog, will dismantle the corrupt political cartel running wild in the City of Mount Vernon.   

Serapher Conn Booting Contract

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sources have confirmed with Mount Vernon Exposed™® that the Mount Vernon City Council is expected to vote and pass a resolution tonight, March 23, 2011 to allow corruption to continue in the City of Mount Vernon.  The City Council is expected to vote to allow Serapher Conn to get back the booting contract that was taken away from her in 2008.  

The City Council wants to vote on the contract before members of the Board of Ethics are sworn in tonight.  City Council President Karen Watts and City Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris have conflicts of interests in this matter.  Both are members of the Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus, the same organization that Serapher Conn belongs to.  Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris is up for re-election this year and is seeking campaign support from Serapher.

It is time to put an end to the antics of the Mount Vernon City Council by demanding transparency.   Mount Vernon Exposed™® will be providing an in depth analysis this weekend of every conflict of interest in the City of Mount Vernon government.  You will be shocked at what was discovered.

Please call the Mount Vernon City Clerk at 914 665 2351 to sign up to speak at tonight’s meeting.  You must call the City Clerk by 3 P.M.  Put an end to political patronage once and for all. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Mount Vernon Exposed™® needs the public’s help to track down a person that may be entitled to a large reward for providing valuable information that may lead to the arrest and convictions of several elected officials in the City of Mount Vernon.  

Community activist Samuel L. Rivers told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that he began receiving text messages from an unfamiliar telephone number, (917) 294-5448.  The text messages started March 6, 2011, at 6:59 A.M.  The anonymous texter provided information from everything to attempted bribery of elected officials, alleged love triangles, and locations and times of secret campaign strategy meetings of Mayor Young.  The anonymous texter gave the appearance as if they were a City Hall employee.

The first text revealed information about Mayor Young and the delay of the State of the City address.  The texter said that the State of the City is not ready because Chief of Staff Yolanda Robinson has been out sick and Mary Young cannot do it without her.   The texter also said that the Young administration called in Oscar Davis to do it and to also update the City of Mount Vernon’s website that hasn’t been updated since 2008.  The texter also said that Mayor Young’s administration is quick to blame the prior administration but when they need to get work done, who do they call?  Oscar Davis is a former city hall employee employed under the administration of Ernest D. Davis. 

Mr. Rivers quickly realized that the anonymous texter was a credible source and began an almost three week dialogue with the anonymous texter.  The texter said that allegedly Oscar Davis, Mayor Young and an unidentified third person had a brunch meeting on Saturday, March 5, 2011, to discuss Oscar Davis possibly working on the State of the City address and updating the City of Mount Vernon’s website.  When the texter was asked about the unidentified third person, the texter responded “I do not want to give HER name” and also said that this was the person responsible for setting up the meeting between Oscar Davis and Mayor Young.  

On Monday, March 9, 2011, the anonymous texter struck again.  The texter revealed that Mount Vernon attorney Carl Scully, who was rumored to be Young’s pick to run for City Council, was most likely not going to run.  The texter stated that Carl Scully was appointed to the planning board by Mayor Young.  The texter also revealed information about Hank Miller, former Deputy Chief of Staff.  After Millers’ position was eliminated in the 2011 budget, Mayor Young appointed him to the position of grant writer for the City of Mount Vernon.  Miller did not qualify for this position and was notified of this by the Civil Service Commission according to the texter.  The texter said that Mayor Young is changing the job title so Miller can qualify for the position.  

That same day, the texter also said that a close friend of Mayor Young, Edward Dowdy, who was called one of the “shadow rulers” by John Boykin during his 69 minute rant with Samuel L. Rivers, may be involved in some wrongdoing.  The texter also said that the wife of Ed Dowdy is one of the Armani Charter School founding members and is also on the board.  The texter also said that Devereaux Cannick, who represents the Mount Vernon School District, will not fight hard for the Article 78 filed against New York State to block the charter school from opening because of his close personal friendship with Edward Dowdy and Mayor Young.

On March 10, 2010, the texter sent a text commending the story written about Serapher Conn and the booting contract that Mayor Young and others were allegedly conspiring to give her as a payoff for campaign support.  The texter told Mr. Rivers to hand out copies at the City Council meeting on March 23, 2011 and to put some copies in Banks in Fleetwood just like Lyndon Williams did with his petition for Memorial Field.  The texter also said that Mayor Young was furious and went into an angry rage because City Council members forgot to put the booting contract on the agenda during their last public meeting. 

On March 11, 2011, the texter revealed information about an alleged love triangle in City Hall between Mayor Young and many of the people that he surrounds himself with.  The texter said that allegedly Mayor Young is sleeping with, John Boykin, Kenneth Plummer, Terrence Horton, and Oliver Walcott.
The texter also revealed that Mayor Young is having a secret strategy meeting tomorrow March 21, 2011 in the evening at Galito’s restaurant to kick off his campaign.  The texter also revealed something that many Mount Vernon taxpayers already knew; Diane Atkins is corrupt as the day is long.  Diane Atkins is the former 1st Deputy Commissioner of Social Services and the President of the Mount Vernon Chapter of the Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus.  The texter said Atkins is corrupt, “but she helps people”. 

On March 13, 2011 the texter said that City Council President Karen Watts was bribed by representatives of “Fun City”, an ambitious $175 Million dollar water park development in the early planning stages.  The texter said that City Council President Karen Watts said no to the bribe.  

Mount Vernon Exposed™® would like the anonymous texter to come forward.  It is quite obvious that they are a credible source and will be a valuable asset in dismantling the corrupt regime of Mayor Young.  If anyone recognizes the phone number (917) 294-5448 please contact Mount Vernon Exposed immediately.  

Saturday, March 19, 2011



Dear City of Mount Vernon Employee and Taxpayer,

I feel your pain. The City of Mount Vernon has been rocked by scandal after scandal.  The corrupt acts of officials in The City of Mount Vernon have resulted in The City of Mount Vernon being the highest taxed city in America.  When you speak to your elected officials, it goes in one ear and out the other.  

It is even sadder that when public servants report acts of theft, waste, and abuse they are made targets of retaliation and in some cases, terminated from their positions.  The political system in the City of Mount Vernon is not designed to weed out corruption, but instead, is designed to benefit a chosen few who choose not to “rock the boat or make waves”. 

There is also case law to support this theory.  Please see Garcetti v. Ceballos. (   If a public worker makes a statement about corruption pursuant to his position as a public employee, rather than as a private citizen, his speech has no First Amendment protection.  Therefore, it is imperative that all statements regarding corruption and ethics violations are made to media outlets such as Mount Vernon Exposed. ™® This is your only whistleblower protection.  The Mount Vernon City Council has failed to enact legislation for whistleblower protection even though this subject has come up on the record several times. 

The Mount Vernon City Council and others known and unknown, unlawfully, intentionally, and willingly did combine, conspire, confederate, and agree together and with each other to stack the aforementioned Board of Ethics with their personal friends and political cronies.

The City of Mount Vernon Board of Ethics has been inactive in the City of Mount Vernon for over one year.  After a complaint was filed alleging corruption in the Department of Public Works, all but one member of the five member Board of Ethics resigned.  The members who resigned did not want to be a part of the City Council's political witch hunt.
The City Council in 2010 had a chance to correct many of the problems in City Hall.  The City Council instead chooses to operate in darkness and continue the culture of corruption in the City of Mount Vernon.  In October, 2010 an ad was placed in The Journal News seeking Mount Vernon residents to serve on The Board of Ethics.  Not one City resident responded.   

In January 2011, after several persons questioned the status of the Board of Ethics, members of the City Council began to again solicit resumes from their personal friends.  This time an ad soliciting persons for the Board of Ethics was not placed in The Journal News.  Over the past few months there has been allegations that members of the Mount Vernon City Council has been engaged in criminal activity including but not limited to bribery, money laundering, and tax evasion.  The City Council wanted to make sure that persons appointed to the Board of Ethics did not investigate them and they wanted to make sure that they maintain complete control over them.  The actions of the City Council are no different than that of Mayor Young and his actions with the Inspector General.  

On February 13, 2011, City Council President Karen Watts instructed City Clerk George Brown to set up appointments for the candidates that submitted letters of interests to serve on the Board of Ethics.  Councilwoman Diane Monroe asked about a resume of one of her personal friends, Haneef Nelson that submitted a resume a few months back.  

On Tuesday March 8, 2011 the Mount Vernon City Council voted to appoint members to the Board of Ethics during their work session, a move that has many people scratching their heads.  The City Council purposely wanted to fly under the radar and avoid scrutiny from the public.  The City Council even appointed a person to the Board of Ethics that does not reside in the City of Mount Vernon.   The City Charter mandates that all members of the Board of Ethics reside in the City of Mount Vernon.  The City Council has since tried to cover up their blatant violation of the law by rescinding their appointment of the non-resident to the Board of Ethics.  The City Council, as usual fell asleep at the wheel.

The Board of Ethics will not be effective in fighting corruption in Mount Vernon.  The Board of Ethics, which is supposed to function as an independent body, does not have subpoena power.  All Boards of Ethics in surrounding municipalities have subpoena power.  Council President Karen Watts is opposed to giving the Board of Ethics subpoena power, but fired back stating that the City Council has subpoena power.  The Board of Ethics is merely just an extension of the City Council, appointed to do the dirty work that the City Council is afraid to do.  Disaster is eminent. 

By not giving the Board of Ethics, subpoena power, the Board of Ethics is at the mercy of the City Council and will think twice about investigating City Council members.  The City Council is trying to redistribute wealth amongst their friends and political cronies.  They are attempting to commit the same crimes as Mayor Young and his administration.   They are removing lucrative City contracts from Mayor Young and hooking up their personal friends that worked on their campaign instead of sending out requests for proposals.  City Council President Karen Watts stated that the City Council will oversee all issues brought by the Board of Ethics. 

The new members of the politically motivated Board of Ethics are: Mary Harris, Ronnie Cox, Haneef Nelson, and Will Simmons.  Will Simmons is the only person appointed to the Board of Ethics that will not play politics and not be afraid to investigate corruption, no matter where the pursuit may lead.  Unfortunately, Mr. Simmons will not have the necessary votes to take action because of the political hacks that will be serving with him on the Board of Ethics.  The new members of the Board of Ethics will be sworn in on March 23, 2011 at 5:45 P.M.

The City Council now has their own political pit-bull to use to go after their political enemies.  The City Council is now free to award Serapher Conn Halevi the booting contract.  Serapher Conn Halevi is a member of the Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus.  Council President Karen Watts and Councilwoman Diane Munro are also members of the Westchester Black Woman’s Political Caucus.   If one was to do a little digging there are various other members in City Hall with connections to this organization.  Conflict of interest?  Apparently not, at least in the eyes of the Mount Vernon City Council.  The City Council is now in the clear to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars and shell out lucrative contracts to their friends.   Hence, the reason that they is now a Board of Ethics that will not investigate the corrupt actions of the Mount Vernon City Council.  The City Council is a mirror image of the corrupt administration of Mayor Young.  Do not be surprised if the City Council decides to partner up with Mayor Young in his re-election campaign.  As the saying goes “There are no permanent friends in politics, only permanent interests” 


Samuel L. Rivers
Chairman, Black Political Caucus of Westchester, Inc.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Mayor Clinton Young
A few months back Mount Vernon Exposed™® asked its readers, “What does it take to be a part of Mayor Young’s administration?”   We now ask the question, “What does it take to do business with the City of Mount Vernon?  In order to do business with the City of Mount Vernon, one must be corrupt and willing to pay the price of doing business.  The ideal candidate will possess unethical qualities, be a convicted felon, not afraid to pass cash under the table, and be willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top, even if that means making death threats to those that threaten their riches.  

One fine example of the ideal candidate looking to do business with the City of Mount Vernon is corrupt illegal Real Estate Broker James “James” Dickerson.  We use the world illegal because at the current moment, Mr. Dickerson does not have a valid NYS Real Estate Broker’s license, however Mr. Dickerson continues to practice real estate in the City of Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® has seen several locations in the City of Mount Vernon where Dickerson has his real estate sign for his company, Resolution Trust Realty.  

One such location that Mr. Dickerson has his real estate signs is in Fleetwood at the former Bank of New York building, a property that is currently before various boards of the City seeking to gain approvals for a new development proposed at the site.  John Boykin, the disgraced former assistant to Mayor Young and Dickerson have now teamed up and are acting in the capacity as illegal lobbyists to usher this project through the City of Mount Vernon.  Mr. Boykin, at the direction of his wife, Assistant Corporation Counsel Joana Aggrey, approached City Council members at a recent work session meeting about the proposed development.  

James "Jamie" Dickerson
Dickerson, a violent hoodlum, has no regards for the law.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® receives at least a dozen tips a week about the conduct of Mr. Dickerson.  Such tips range from Mr. Dickerson’s violent and abusive behavior towards woman, shakedowns of persons looking to do business in Mount Vernon, and Mr. Dickerson passing bags of cash to Mayor Clinton Young.  It has also been alleged that Mr. Dickerson even had the testicular fortitude to march into the planning department and inform planning commissioner Jeffrey Williams that all project in the City of Mount Vernon go through him.  Mayor Young knows about Mr. Dickerson’s behavior and supports him 100%.   It is very suspect that elected officials in the City of Mount Vernon continue to associate with this convicted criminal.  Dickerson is also heading up Mayor Young’s re-election campaign.  

One may wonder what caused Dickerson to get on the wrong side of the law.  Has Mr. Dickerson always been corrupt?  The answer is yes.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® decided to do a thorough background check on Mr. Dickerson.   Our findings cannot all be put in one article, so therefore we are creating a mini-series on “The Life and Times of Jamie Dickerson”.    We plan to distribute a pamphlet called “Mayor Young and his Braintrust”  to every registered voter just in time for the election to let Mount Vernon residents know what is in store if Mayor Young is indeed elected for another 4 years.  

Jamie Dickerson’s Financial Troubles

Jamie Dickerson’s financial troubles began on April 16, 1997, the day the I.R.S. filed a tax lien against Mr. Dickerson for $35,506.08 in the Westchester County Clerk’s office.  Mr. Dickerson has been hooking and crooking ever since.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® received information from a family that was defrauded out of their home by James Dickerson in his official capacity as a former Licensed Real Estate Broker.   A family reached out to Mr. Dickerson to help them save their home at 124 ½ South 13th Avenue in Mount Vernon.  Instead of helping the family, Mr. Dickerson chose to help himself.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® obtained documents relating to the fraud.  It was expressed to Mount Vernon Exposed™® that the family wants Mr. Dickerson brought to justice for the crimes that he committed against them.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® will also assist the family to see that Mr. Dickerson is brought to justice for his egregious acts against society.  

Looking at the documents relating to this fraud, it isn’t hard to tell that some possible fraudulent activity took place during the closing.  According to persons familiar with the sale of the property, Mr. Dickerson was to step in and purchase the house from the homeowner that was in financial trouble.  An agreement was signed between the parties and Mr. Dickerson.  The agreement stipulated that Mr. Dickerson could never sell the house except back to the original owners when they were financially able to do so.  Such transactions are often referred to as “Foreclosure Rescue Scams a/k/a Equity Skimming” and are now illegal in New York State.  It is the actions of Mr. Dickerson and other like minded individuals that led to the housing meltdown across the United States.  

During the time Mr. Dickerson was in possession of the property, the homeowners were to remain as tenants and pay rent to Mr. Dickerson.  It is alleged that Mr. Dickerson never made the mortgage payments and kept the money for himself.   The house then went into foreclosure and Mr. Dickerson then sold the property to his then at the time girlfriend who was affiliated with another Mount Vernon company called First Equities with offices located at 50 Mount Vernon Avenue.   It is alleged that Mr. Dickerson profited well over $100K on this scam.  

Mr. Dickerson's Failure to Pay

Mr. Dickerson is no stranger to not making mortgage payments on properties that he owns.  If fact Mr. Dickerson does not like to pay rent either.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® earlier reported that Mr. Dickerson was living rent free at 164 Oakland Avenue; a property that he went into contract to purchase that was in foreclosure.    Mr. Dickerson again took advantage of a person looking for help during a time of crisis. 
Mr. Dickerson moved into 164 Oakland Avenue in early 2008.  The owner was facing foreclose and Mr. Dickerson made an agreement with the owner to try and purchase the property through a short sale.  A short sale is when the bank agrees to sell the property for less than what is owed on the mortgage.  

Mr. Dickerson then retained Hannah Gross as his attorney.  Hannah Gross, a political hack, is the wife of embattled Mount Vernon City Court Judge Mark Gross.  Judge Gross has come under fire for scamming Mount Vernon taxpayers for illegally listing himself as an employee of the City of Mount Vernon for 16 years when in fact he was merely only retained as of counsel to the Water Department.  This scam enabled Judge Gross to earn credits in the NYS pension system that will count towards his pension.

The house Mr. Dickerson was living in at 164 Oakland Avenue was the scene of many late night parties that included excessive alcohol and marijuana smoking.  Mr. Dickerson was often seen smoking marijuana at his parties.  City of Mount Vernon employees and elected officials, including Mayor Young, were frequent guests at Mr. Dickerson’s drug induced, rock star style parties.  

The party scene came to a screeching halt on January 11, 2010, when Countrywide Home Loans foreclosed on and took possession of 164 Oakland Avenue.  It is unclear if Mr. Dickerson is still illegally occupying the premises.  A source told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Mr. Dickerson held one of his famous parties in the summer of 2010, well after the bank foreclosed on the property.  Various city officials, including Mayor Young were in attendance the source told Mount Vernon Exposed™®.  

JAMES A DICKERSON BANK FRAUD DOCUMENTS                                                                                                   

Saturday, March 12, 2011


A sports facility without visitors seating, restrooms or lights anywhere is not a ‘state of the art’ facility!!! The Council does not need a petition to understand this.

Council President Karen Watts
An interesting picture is being painted for the public with the most recent letter written by our County Legislator. Included is an accusation that I in some way have criticized the Legacy Program. I not only support the Legacy Grants, I initiated the use of this very grant for Memorial Field in 2006 with then County Legislator Clinton I. Young!!! 

Legislator Lyndon Williams went all over town in the early part of 2010, telling all who would listen that the Memorial Field project was in danger because the Council had not put the bonds in place. As the majority of the Council was newly elected in 2010, we wanted to review as much as possible to be certain that the tax dollars of our residents were not squandered on unnecessary interest payments or funding projects that were no longer needed. After we met with commissioners and department heads, we put the requests in order of importance and job readiness. Of course Memorial Field was at the top of the list. I do not know why the 2009 City Council failed to request the correct amount of money for the project. This fact that was not revealed until later, as Legislator Lyndon Williams is aware of, since it was he who informed us! 

Quite honestly, from the perspective of the Council, it simply doesn’t matter who or when or what led to the present issue. Our only interest now is to resolve it. We could spend years arguing how this came to be. But at the end of the day, what would that accomplish? The Council does not wish to spend any more time rehashing the past. We would like to move forward and get this field started! As Stated by our Legislator, ‘this is the job of the City Officials.’

After a call from me, the Mayor re-appointed the Capital Projects Board. He did this on February 24th, 2011.  While we were waiting for this, I, and other members of the Council, spoke with several department heads including the Planning and Recreation Commissioners, to work on changing the current bond requests so that more money could be put towards Memorial Field. We are still waiting for some of these numbers.
I, for one, am of the opinion that what could have, should have or would have happened, ceases to be an issue in light of the work that has to be done now. 

Mount Vernon residents deserve a state of the art facility. As elected officials, we are charged with the responsibility of achieving this goal. This is the aim of the Council.  

Finally, I will once again repeat the last line in my initial letter to our Legislator  - ‘It is my hope that you will assist us by working with us to accelerate the process so that we can get this work done correctly - the first time!’

Respectfully Submitted
Karen Watts, President, Mount Vernon City Council