Tuesday, March 26, 2013


MVPD Officer John Damiano

As City officials continue to try to discredit news media outlets for reporting on newsworthy issues, Mount Vernon Exposed’s popularity continues to soar and has become the primary go to for whistle blowers. 

Last week a rally was held by various city officials to boycott local media.  As a result of the boycott, Mount Vernon Exposed’s is now experiencing in excess of 25,000 hits per week, making Mount Vernon Exposed, the official hometown paper of Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon Exposed is a source trusted by all to report allegations of corruption.

Today, Mount Vernon Exposed received a tip that a gun was stolen from the locker room of the Mount Vernon Police Department‘s locker room on Friday, March 22, 2013.  The officer that had his gun stolen was John Damiano, a second veteran of the Mount Vernon Police Department.  According to John’s Facebook page, he attended the School of Hard Knocks.   It was his off duty 9mm that was stolen by what it appears to be, another police officer.   Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that there is a security camera right outside of the locker room, so it should be easy to find the culprit or culprits.

When the tip was received, Mount Vernon Exposed immediately called Mayor Ernie Davis, who did not know about the incident and was very concerned and said he would look into the incident and launch an immediate investigation. 

After a few hours, Mayor Davis called Mount Vernon Exposed back and informed us that the tip about the stolen gun was indeed true.  Mayor Davis then asked “Where is my leak coming from in the Police Department”? 

Mount Vernon Exposed responded by stating that one need not be concerned with a leak but one should be concerned that a gun has been stolen and could possibly be on the street and could possibly be involved in the recent shooting occurring in Mount Vernon.  

According to a source, a cop stole the gun and sold it to gang members in Mount Vernon.  Over the last few weeks there has been a huge uprising in violent and gang related crime in Mount Vernon.  Since Richard Burke took over the command at the MVPD there has been multiple shootings, the latest just yesterday, a few blocks from the MVPD.

Deputy Commissioner Burke said that he wants to break the “cycle of violence” in Mount Vernon but he has failed to implement a plan to address the “cycle of corruption” in the Mount Vernon Police Department. 

Could the gun stolen gun be the same gun used in yesterday’s shooting just blocks away from City Hall and MVPD?  The gun used in yesterday’s crime was a 9mm and the stolen gun was a 9mm.  Is there a connection here?  Mount Vernon officials must not remain silent of this issue as this gun could be involved in serious crimes throughout the City of Mount Vernon.   

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Have you been pulled over by a member of the Mount Vernon Police Department?  Did you ever wonder if the traffic stop was illegal and in accordance with the Mount Vernon Police Department policy and procedures? Up until now the public had no idea if police officers were violating their own policy and procedures.

Mount Vernon Exposed is pleased to announce that we have obtained a copy of the Mount Vernon Police Department’s official guidebook.  You will be shocked at what you will find.  From techniques of how to handle an investigation to notifying next of kin; it’s all there in black and white. 

Mount Vernon Exposed, under the New York State Freedom of Information Law tried to get this manual through the City of Mount Vernon.  We were told that this book is not available to the public even though taxpayer funds are used in the printing and distribution of this book.  However we managed to get our paws on the manual to show City officials and the public that there are some good people in Mount Vernon government that will not stand for the corruption that is blatantly taking place.

We then took up our grievance with Mayor Davis who bluntly told Mount Vernon Exposed that his administration is trying to “protect” those persons who are the subject of the F.O.I.L. requests and that his staff has better things to do than obey the freedom of information law.  Mount Vernon Exposed also informed Mayor Davis that it was against the law not to turn over the requested documents and he said “killing people is against the law too”. 

The City of Mount Vernon continues to operate in darkness and continues to cover up the criminal activity in the Mount Vernon Police Department.  We will keep you posted as we continue to shine a light on the corruption in the Mount Vernon Police Department.  Why are police officers that have cost taxpayers millions of dollars in settlements due to police brutality still employed and drinking from the public till? Why have City officials been silent on this issue?

This September, voters have the opportunity to elect persons to the City Council who are not affiliated with Mount Vernon Democratic Party and affiliated with those who have pilfered the City of Mount Vernon for decades.  Only with new, effective, and progressive leadership will the City of Mount Vernon be able to move forward. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


“FUCK THAT NIGGER” are the words repeatedly used by Mount Vernon Police Officer’s Garcia, Morrison, and Mario Stewart as they beat the daylights out of a fellow officer’s confidential informant.  The police officers were making reference to Sgt. Anthony Mitchell, a highly respected and decorated officer in the Mount Vernon Police Department.  Sgt. Anthony Mitchell is from the City of Mount Vernon.  The other rogue officers auditioning for a role for the KKK are not from the City of Mount Vernon. 

Last week we broke news of the FEDS investigating four officers in Mount Vernon Police Department and their ties to local street gangs in the City of Mount Vernon.  Sources have informed Mount Vernon Exposed that Federal authorities are also investigating the Mount Vernon Police Department as a whole, for systematic police brutality and criminal civil right violations. 

Mount Vernon Exposed has already revealed that Sgt. Marcucuilli, a rogue and corrupt officer that also stands accused of supplying guns to local gang members, leads all Mount Vernon Police officers with civilian complaints and has cost Mount Vernon Taxpayers more than $1M in settlements because of his abuse and blatant pre-meditated civil rights violations.  Sgt. Marcucuilli protégés also are under investigation for their acts of police brutality and criminal civil rights violations. 

House Negro
Mario Stewart
These officers that call citizens of the Mount Vernon community by racist and derogatory names are police officers’ Garcia, Morrison, and Mario Stuart.  Garcia and Morrison are white and Mario Stuart black.  Some in the Mount Vernon Police Department often refer to Officer Mario Stuart as the “House Negro”.  House Negro is a term used during the civil rights era to refer to those blacks who sold out their fellow slaves to their master for a place to work and sleep inside the house while his fellow slaves worked and slept in the field.  The house Negro ate better food, had better clothes, and had an overall better living environment than their fellow slaves.

During an in depth interview with the “confidential informant”, it was revealed that these three rogue officers routinely beat the informant to the point the informant had to be admitted to the Mount Vernon Hospital Emergency room for his injuries on two separate occasion.  The three rogue officers even tried to get the informant admitted to the hospital as an EDP or emotionally disturbed person because they were trying to cover up their criminal civil rights violations and police brutality.

During the “lynching” of the informant it was revealed to Mount Vernon Exposed that when the informant told the officers during an interaction that he was an informant of a Mount Vernon Police Officer it is alleged that Officer Mario Stewart said “Fuck him, he can’t help you know.  Right now you are our C.I.”  While beating beat almost to the point of unconsciousness, the informant said that he knew Sgt. Mitchell; the officers responded “Fuck that nigger, say his name again”. The informant was being beat in the back of a cop car.  The informant said he mentioned “Mitchell’s name again and had his sweatshirt pulled over his head as the officer’s elbowed and punched him in the back of his head about six or seven times.

The informant who is black tried to reach out to Officer Stewart who is also black because he was sitting in the front passenger seat of the police cruiser while the informant was being beat.    The informant then said he cried out to Stewart saying “You gonna let them do this to me”, Stewart responded “I don’t see nothing”.  The informant told Mount Vernon Exposed that he still fears for his life and safety while these rogue officers are still roaming the streets.
One beating wasn’t enough for these rogue and cowardly officers who hide behind a badge while criminally violating the civil rights of the citizens of Mount Vernon on a daily basis. 

The informant told Mount Vernon Exposed that he was beat on several occasions and sent to the emergency room.  During every encounter with these officers, the informant was called “A Nigger”.  These brazen officers even beat the informant during the Arts of Third festival.
One must question the behavior of these officers and examine and analyze the “culture” in the Mount Vernon Police Department.  Do the superiors of these officers condone the behavior of these officers’? Were these officer’s ever investigated for their criminal civil rights violations? Was their file whitewashed to make it seem as if these events never did occur?

The informant said these officers were determined to get him because of his friendship with a person constantly arrested for by these officers.  These officers are also known to plant drugs and firearms of suspects they want “off the street”. The informant told Mount Vernon Exposed that he was yanked out of his apartment one night, beaten and taken to Mount Vernon Police Headquarters after the officers told him that there was a warrant out for his arrest.  While in police custody at headquarters, two of the officers, without a search warrant, returned to the informant’s apartment and conducted an illegal search.

It turned out that the warrant story was false and the informant was cut loose after Officer Patterson got wind of his informant being tortured.  The officers then returned to the room and told the informant that was being cut loose and no charges were going to be filed and they also told him to “forget what happened”.

Police brutality is a systematic problem in the M.V.P.D.  About 10 malcontent officers are responsible for the ever spreading criminal element in the M.V.P.D.  The top brass and City officials have allowed this racist and abusive behavior to continue for decades and view these officers as vigilantes and the “true crime fighters” of the M.V.P.D.  One can now see that the culture of police corruption is here stay in the City of Mount Vernon.