Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Investigators as they leave the offices of Atlantic Development

Mount Vernon City Councilwoman Diane Munro-Morris

Embattled Mount Vernon City Council President Yuhanna Edwards

On Tuesday June 29th, 2010, during a special meeting 8 a.m. meeting of the Mount Vernon City Council, legislation was voted on to allow Atlantic Development to proceed with their massive low-income affordable housing complex on Gramatan Avenue.  Atlantic Development and their executives are currently under criminal investigation by the Manhattan District attorney’s office for bribing public officials and hiring undocumented workers. 

The vote was 4-1 with only City Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo voting against the project.  Previously, sources said that Councilwoman Karen Watts and Diane Munro-Morris were publicly opposed to this project.  However, they have since had a change of heart and are in full support of Mayor Clinton Young and his ambitious agenda to move Mount Vernon forward.  The exact same thing happened in Yonkers with the Ridge Hill project, and Councilwoman Sandy Annabi is currently awaiting trial on Federal corruption charges.

Sources have also told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that the councilwoman’s respective pastors of their churches played a major role in their decision making process.  It is not unheard of for developers to line the pockets of clergymen with cash to gain their support and to use their influence on the masses of the people, usually those that are uneducated and live below the poverty level.  Such clergymen are often referred to as “Sunday Plate Shakers” and “Poverty Pimps.”

During a speech made by Councilwoman Diane Munro-Morris, she stated that the City Council worked countless nights before coming to a decision to vote for the Atlantic Development project.  She cited that she has done some “soul searching” before deciding to cast a favorable vote for the Atlantic Development project.  However, Ms. Munro failed to mention the negative impact that this project would have for the next 5 years operating at a negative for 4 of the 5 years.  Perhaps some of this soul searching was done with her pastor Dr. Rev. W. Darin Moore, pastor of Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion church. 

Ms. Munro also failed to mention that she did not read every single page of the documents submitted to the City Council, but instead relied on findings and interpretation from attorneys hired by the previous City Council.  Such acts by Councilwoman Diane Munro Morris cannot, must not, and will not be tolerated.  Ms. Munro must remember that the people always come first and she must always do the will of the people, not a religious leader who profits off of the misfortunes of others who turn to him for hope in times of crisis. There must continue to be a separation of church and state.  Mount Vernon taxpayers and voters must remind Ms. Morris that there are severe consequences when elected officials go rogue and carry out their own selfish agenda.  Ms. Munro must be fired next year when she is up for elections.  Mount Vernon taxpayers can no longer afford to pay for the mistakes of incompetent elected officials.  Enough is enough.

It has also come to the attention of Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Councilwoman Morris is hosting a fundraiser on Thursday July, 1st, 2010, exactly 48 hours after she voted yes on the Atlantic Development project.  It will be quite interesting to see if member from Atlantic Development will be in attendance of if any money will be discreetly funneled to Councilwoman Munro.  The public will have an opportunity to view Councilwoman Munro’s financial disclosure reports on July 15th, 2010.  

Mount Vernon Exposed™® has learned that several community activists and groups are planning to protest during Councilwoman Munro fundraiser.  Other community groups are calling for a boycott of the event.  “Giving money to Councilwoman Munro is the equivalent of giving money to Osama Bin Laden.  Both have caused mass destruction.  One with weapons and the other with a vote, the latter being more dangerous”, said a community activist.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® will be on hand to cover any protests of Councilwoman Munro’s fundraiser. 

Community leaders and several taxpayers are preparing for a long, hard fought legal battle against the Mount Vernon City Council.  Due to negligence of the Mount Vernon City Council, Mount Vernon taxpayers could see their property tax bills rise as much as 10% in 2011.  It is estimated that the City of Mount Vernon’s legal bill could top $2 M dollars.  

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Embattled Judge Nilda Horowitz (center) with Janet DiFiore and Jose Alvarado

Mount Vernon Exposed has been a driving force when it comes to exposing corruption in the Westchester County Court System.  Mount Vernon Exposed has revealed the major pay to play operation that is taking place within the Democratic Party in Westchester County.  From allegations of Democratic Party Chairman Reggie LaFayette attempting to extort candidates for judicial office to judicial candidates offering sex for the endorsement of the Democratic Party, Mount Vernon Exposed has been there to report on these serious allegations of corruption that threaten the democracy of the United States of America.

Mount Vernon Exposed last week revealed allegations that current Westchester Family Court Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz has abused illegal narcotics specifically, cocaine.  Since making these allegations public, Mount Vernon Exposed has received dozens of phone calls pertaining to Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz' conduct on and off of the bench.  Judge Horowitz was publicly sanctioned by the New York State Court of Appeals for attempting to fix cases with her colleagues in Family Court.

A person that identified them self as a court officer, applauded Mount Vernon Exposed for having the courage to expose the above mentioned allegations of corruption.  The court officer said the allegations about Judge Horowitz were right on the money and said to not stop there.  The court officer said that the employees in the Westchester County Court System have given Judge Horowitz a nickname.  Her nickname is named after the initials in her name.  N  M H = Nails Makeup Hair.

Judge Horowitz is referred to as a lazy Judge according to the court officer.  She often calls in sick or leaves work early complaining of illnesses on days she has a heavy caseload.  According to the court officer, there has been many days this year where Judge Horowitz left work early this year citing illness as her reason for early departure.  Later in the day on these so-called sick days, Judge Morales was spotted at fundraisers and various other social events.  If these allegations prove to be true, Judge Horowitz should be investigated and prosecuted for stealing time and getting compensated for it courtesy of Westchester County taxpayers.

Mount Vernon Exposed was forwarded pictures of an event that Judge Horowitz attended.  According to an eyewitness that was present, Judge Horowitz was brown nosing Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore the entire night.  According to sources, Judge Horowitz was overheard speaking to Janet DiFiore about Mount Vernon Exposed publisher Samuel L. Rivers. The source said that Judge Horowitz told Ms. DiFiore that Mr. Rivers is posing a threat to the Democratic Party and the judicial races and that he must be stopped an indication that Judge Horowitz is attempting to once again influence cases currently before judges in Westchester County.  Samuel L. Rivers has a case currently before justices in the New Rochelle City Court directly across the street from Family Court where Judge Horowitz currently presides. Mayor Clinton Young's former Special Assistant John Boykin was tape recorded making threats to Samuel L. Rivers and threaten to use the Mount Vernon Police and Janet DiFiore's office to pursue bogus narcotic charges against Mr. Rivers. 

Judge Horowitz was also schmoozing with Westchester County Legislator Jose Alvarado.  Jose Alvarado's attorney Wilson Soto was arrested earlier this year and prosecuted by Janet DiFiore's office for election fraud.  Wilson Soto was charged with falsifying election documents and voting in a district in which he does not reside.  It is even more disturbing that a sitting Family Court Judge and a sitting District Attorney would pose for a picture with Jose Alvarado. It is because of arrogance as being displayed by Judge Horowitz and Janet DiFiore that many voters no longer have faith in the justice system and the Westchester County Democratic Party.

The eyewitness said that Judge Horowitz consumed an excessive amount of alcohol that evening and reeked of alcohol when he went to greet Judge Horowitz and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  According to the eyewitness, Judge Horowitz' speech was slurred, her eyes were bloodshot, and she even tripped over an object during her stay at this event.  After the event had come to a close, Judge Horowitz got into her car and drove herself home. One can come to the conclusion that associating with  Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore has its perks. If indeed Judge Horowitz was indeed intoxicated, she was ensured a get out of jail free card and quite possibly an endorsement for being such a loyal Democrat. 

Judge Horowitz must immediately withdraw from the race of Family Court Judge because of her creepy association with these shady characters and for the good of the Democratic Party.  Judge Horwitz' poor record as Judge threatens all Democratic races this fall including that of Andrew Cuomo who is seeking to become the next Governor of New York State.

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Judge Nilda Horowitz Recommended for Removal From Westchester County Family Court                                                            

Friday, June 18, 2010


Westchester County Democratic Chairman Reggie LaFayette (center)
Embattled Westchester Family Court Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz
Supervising Family Court Judge Kathie E. Davidson

Mount Vernon Exposed™® has just received an explosive email from a person claiming to be a New Rochelle Democratic District leader.  The email contains allegations that certain judges in the judicial system in Westchester County live a lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® began a series last month exposing corruption in Westchester County Courts.  The relentless efforts by Mount Vernon Exposed™® investigative reporters has even discovered that Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young Jr., uses a taxpayer funded bodyguard to escort him to late night escapades with Family Court Supervising Judge Kathie Davidson in New Rochelle at her home located at 16 Montgomery Place.  It has been reported to Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Mayor Young and Judge Davidson have been romantically involved for several years.

The author of the anonymous email revealed that there is widespread corruption in the Democratic Party in New Rochelle and throughout Westchester County.  There are even plans under way to oust current Westchester County Chairman Reginald LaFayette when the Dems re-organize in September.  According to the email, Arnold Klugman, New Rochelle Democratic Chairman, is leading the crusade to overthrow Mr. LaFayette.  LaFayette has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks for allegedly attempting to extort Judges in Westchester County.  Party Leaders and current Democratic candidates have called on Mr. LaFayette to step down so that the party can unite behind Gubnutorial hopeful Andrew Cuomo.  Sources close to Mr. LaFayette have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Cuomo and other top Democrats are keeping their distance from LaFayette so that the Democratic ticket and their message of “The New Democratic Party” are not tainted. 

Corruption in the Democratic Party in Westchester knows no limits.  The email sent to Mount Vernon Exposed™® paints a picture of sleazy individuals living high on the hog.  It has been reported that allegations of Mr. LaFayette attempting to extort and bribe individuals are not new. There is even a paper trail to suggest that there is some substance and legitimacy to these horrific allegations.  The City of New Rochelle underwent a massive revitalization of its downtown several years ago and saw prominent real estate developers such as Donald Trump and Louis Cappelli take an interest.  However, it has been alleged that the price to build in New Rochelle did not come at a cheap price.  The email suggested that Reggie LaFayette received a substantial amount of cash to facilitate meetings between Louis Cappelli and former New Rochelle Mayor Tim Idoni who is currently Westchester County Clerk.  A search with the NYS Board of Elections has revealed that Mr. Lafayette has received $30,000 from Louis Cappelli and/or subsidiaries controlled by Louis Cappelli.  It appears that Mr. LaFayette is doing quite well for himself. 

But it doesn’t stop there.  Mr. LaFayette has secured a high paying job for his long time girlfriend Sha-Kee Williams with Westchester County Judge James Hubert.  It was told to Mount Vernon Exposed that Ms. Williams previously worked for Supreme Court Judge Sam Walker another Judge allegedly shaken down by Mr. LaFayette.  Judge Hubert ran unsuccessfully for NYS Supreme Court last year.  One can imagine that hiring Ms. Williams as one of the highest paid secretary’s in the Westchester County court system is Judge Hubert’s subtle way of saying thank you to Mr. LaFayette for the Democratic Party’s nomination for NYS Supreme Court.  Ms. Sha-Kee Williams is also a Democratic district leader in New Rochelle. 
It is also alleged that New Rochelle party boss Arnold Klugman is upset over Sha-Kee Williams high paying job in the court system.  The email says that Klugman often refers to Sha-Kee Williams as a sleazy alcoholic and that she and Mr. LaFayette use cocaine together. 

The email suggests that cocaine use is not limited to just party bosses and their girlfriends.  According to the email, Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz also allegedly abuses cocaine.  There is no way to substantiate this allegation because New York State Law does not require that Judges undergo drug tests.   The source also states that Judge Horozitz came to the New Rochelle Dem meeting and was extremely cold and arrogant.  In the email, there is information that Judges have sex with Mr. LaFayette in exchange for the party nomination.  It is alleged that Judge Morales and Judge Davidson offered and/or had sex with Mr. LaFayette in exchange for the Democratic nomination for Westchester County Family Court. 

Judge Horowitz is up for re-election this year and has come under fire in The Journal News and various sites on the internet because of serious ethics violations that could have had her removed from the bench, however the authoritative body only voted to publicly censure her.   

It would appear that Arnold Klugman has been covertly planning the demise of Mr. LaFayette for many years.  The email states that Klugman has reported the alleged crimes of Mr. LaFayette to Federal law enforcement officials.  Klugman was overheard telling other New Rochelle District leaders that Mr. LaFayette has a house in the south that is very, very big, an indication that money has been laundered to maintain this very, very, big house. 

Even though Arnold Klugman is trying to overthrow Mr. LaFayette as County Chairman, Mr. Klugman is not a saint himself.  Klugman has also been accused of corruption.  Klugman is also employed with the Westchester County Board of Elections. Klugman has been accused of jamming voting machines so that when you pull the lever to vote, the vote isn’t recorded for the candidate of your choice.  Klugman has also been accused of taking and destroying Independence Party petitions when the candidate wasn’t looking.  Klugman’s alleged actions resulted in the candidate not being able to get on the ballot.  The author of the anonymous email also states that she overheard Klugman stating that there were too many black Judges on the bench in Westchester County. These allegations about Klugman as well as the other inappropriate conduct named herein must be immediately investigated by The United States Department of Justice.   

Where there is a teacher, there is always a student willing to learn.  Reggie’s protégé Kenneth Jenkins apparently has been paying attention and hasn’t fallen asleep at the wheel.  The next issue of Mount Vernon Exposed™® will focus on this year’s endorsements for Westchester County Family and Courts and the roles that Mr. LaFayette and Mr. Jenkins played for securing nominations for their candidates.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® will even reveal the roles that current Judges played in securing nomination for the Democratic candidates. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010




Many residents have expressed outrage to Mount Vernon Exposed™® in recent days about the lack of leadership from the Mount Vernon City Council.  From the showdown between the Mayor’s office and the City Council to the approvals of Atlantic Development, residents are fuming and some are even calling for Federal Investigations into City Council members.

When the Atlantic Development project first came to light in December, the City Council elects Roberta Apuzzo, Diane Munro, Karen Watts, and Yuhanna Edwards appeared to have the best interest of the community at heart.  Now it appears that these City Council members have changed their position on this project and are now out for selfish and personal gain.  Only City Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo remains dedidicated to the constituents of Mount Vernon. 

Mount Vernon Exposed™® has received a tip that a complaint was filed with the United States Attorney’s office that a member of the planning board has received a lucrative contract arranged by Mayor Young in exchanged for his/her vote on the Atlantic Development project.  The public should be mindful that the exact same thing happened in Yonkers with the Ridge Hill Project and subsequently, a Yonkers City Council member was indicted on public corruption charges. 

City Council member Yuhanna Edwards appeared unfocused and easily distracted at the public hearing on
the zoning change held in City Council chambers on June 9th, 2010.  Yuhanna Edwards continues to display racist behavior reminiscent of the segregated south.  Yuhanna Edwards continues to divide the City and views it as black and white and even suggested that residents on the North Side of Mount Vernon are racist.  Mr. Edwards publicly stated that residents didn’t come out to protest the building on 3rd Street that was constructed by Grace Church, but are coming out in numbers because a certain type of people are expected to occupy the low income apartments. 

This is not the first time that City Council President Yuhanna Edwards has displayed this racist behavior.  Mr. Edwards told DPW workers during morning role call that if the DPW Commissioner was white, they would behave much better.  Mr. Edwards must immediately address his racism problems or seek professional help because thinking the way he does is destructive for the entire City of Mount Vernon.  It has also become clear that Yuhanna Edwards does not read or fully understand information presented to him.  Mr. Edwards simply repeats what is recited to him as gospel. 

The City Council members must be truthful to the public and let them know that their mind is made up and the vote will be 4 to 1 on the Atlantic Development project in just a few weeks.  They must let the public know that they have been brought off by Atlantic Development and that they have been influenced by their pastors and clergymen.  They must let the public know that they are out for selfish and personal gain and could care less what the community thinks.  They must let the public know that the transparency platform that they ran on was just a bunch of bull and that they have no intentions of keeping the public informed about their secret back door deals. 

If City Council members continue to display this high handed behavior, voters must give them a reminder that they work for the public and not vice versa in 2011 when there are two council seats up for grabs. 
Mount Vernon Exposed™® has learned that a private investigator has been hired to look into an illegal kickback scheme involving a law firm that was retained to defend the City Council.  It appears that it is business as usual in Mount Vernon.  Until there is real reform in the political system in Mount Vernon, things will remain the same.