Monday, June 29, 2015


Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis and corrupt Building Commissioner Mark Warren should be indicted and prosecuted for murder for the two young men that were gunned downed on the streets of Mount Vernon several nights ago. 

In typical fashion, Mayor Davis did not release information to the public immediately.  Mayor Davis did not inform the public that the shooting incident began at Sue's Rendezvous, an illegal strip club operating in the City of Mount Vernon. 

Mayor Davis and the Mount Vernon Police Department told the public, only after it was leaked, that the men had been shot prior to their BMW 650i convertible flipped over.  Mayor Davis failed to inform the public that prior to the car crash, the men were chased through the streets of Mount Vernon.   According to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation, speeds exceeded 100 MPH. 

Mayor Davis wants the public to believe that the two men were shot by a third passenger and then jumped out of the car, that was traveling at a high rate of speed, before crashing and flipping over.  Mayor Davis wants the public to believe that this murder was something we would see in a "Die Hard" movie.  Mayor Davis and his band of criminals running the MVPD came up this theory to protect his friend and long time financial donor Gaetano "Tony" Gizzo of the troubled adult establishment.

Sue's Rendezvous has been the scene of several violent stabbings, shootings, and even homicides.  Despite all of these acts, Mayor Ernie Davis has instructed the Mount Vernon Police Department not to report these incidents to the New York State Liquor Authority.   

The families of these victims may be entitled to compensation in the millions because of these egregious acts by Mount Vernon City Officials.  Mount Vernon Department of Buildings Commissioner Mark Warren on orders from Mayor Davis, illegally issued a certificate of occupancy to the troubled adult establishment. 

Former City Councilmember and current County Legislator Lyndon Williams put legislation in place, while he was on the Mount Vernon City Council, to prohibit Sue's Rendezvous from expanding.  At the time, Sue's Rendezvous wanted to make "the entire" Gramatan Avenue an entire red light district and Mayor Ernie Davis was all for it. 

The expansion of Sue's Rendezvous should have never occurred and most importantly should have never received a certificate of occupancy to operate. 

In 2010, The Mount Vernon City Council filed an Article 78 in New York State Supreme Court challenging the Mount Vernon Zoning Board Appeals decision to grant Sue's Rendezvous aka Veronica Realty to expand it's non conforming use. The courts decided in favor of the Mount Vernon City Council and against Veronica Realty, aka Sue's Rendezvous.

For reasons unknown, Mount Vernon Building Commissioner Mark Warren issued a building permit for Sue's Rendezvous aka Veronica Realty at the urging of Mayor Ernie Davis. The proprietors of Sue's Rendezvous have given generous donations to Mayor Davis over the years and Mayor Davis uses without hesitation, another facility owned by the same proprietors. That facility is called the Surf Club located in New Rochelle, NY. Mayor Davis held several fundraisers there and even had his inaugural ball and introduced the proprietor of Sue's Rendezvous as a generous campaign supporter and "businessman of the year".  According to the New York State Board of Elections, Mount Vernon pols have spent a whopping $103, 621.73 at the Surf Club over the past few years.

Mayor Davis always instructs Commissioner Mark Warren to break the rules when it comes to Veronica Realty, Sue's Rendezvous and other properties and/or entities controlled by them.  Fearful of losing his job and ending up on the unemployment line, Commissioner Warren always falls in line to Mayor Davis' commands while the general welfare of the public is put at risk.  

A backflow prevention device is not present at this location as required by New York State and Westchester County Department of Health law. According to a temporary Certificate of Occupancy 12991-12 dated December 11, 2012 signed by Mark Warren, a condition that was required so that a permanent Certificate of Occupancy can be issued was a sign off by the Mount Vernon Water Department. The sign off from the water department would have indicated that an approved backflow prevention device was installed at the location.

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Marianne Vogel, the Superintendent of the Mount Vernon Water Department was called into Mayor Ernie Davis' office and was asked why she wouldn't sign off on the Certificate of Occupancy. Vogel, a civil service employee, was threatened by Mayor Davis that if she didn't sign the certificate of occupancy, the Mayor would work with the City Council to privatize the water supply in the City of Mount Vernon, therefore rendering he unemployed and out of a job.

On January 28, 2013 Commissioner Mark Warren issued a final Certificate of Occupancy for Veronica Realty aka Sue's Rendezvous that superseded the temporary Certificate of Occupancy issued of December 11, 2012. The condition of water department sign off has still not been met.

The Certificate of Occupancy/Tenancy must be signed off on by certain key personnel in the City of Mount Vernon. The building inspector, plumbing superintendent, and the water department did not sign off on the Certificate of Occupancy even through Mark Warren issued Veronica Realty aka Sue's Rendezvous a final and superseding Certificate of Occupancy. Joe Pemberton, who was employed as a draftsman for Mayor Ernie Davis while he was a private architect, was the lone signer for the Mount Vernon Department of Public works. Pemberton is not a licensed Civil Engineer nor does he have a formal training or certifications that would make him eligible to sign off on such Certificate of Occupancies.

In light of the foregoing, a complaint was filed with the Mount Vernon Building Department for the violations and the inspector was given orders not to write a violation or shut down this establishment because " they are generous friends" of the Mayor. 


Thursday, June 25, 2015


A political insider has informed Mount Vernon Exposed that Ruth Hassell Thompson is under investigation after a whistleblower in the New York State legislature tipped off federal authorities about several questionable "earmarks" or pork spending that went to various projects in her Senatorial district.  The source said officials are looking into possible kickbacks and other unusual "quid pro quo" arrangements that would enrich the Senator politically or financially.  The embattled Senator was already under scrutiny after it was revealed Senator Thompson was caught on federal wiretaps after former Senator Shirley Hunt agreed to cooperate with the Feds in exchanged for a reduced sentence.  Thompson was targeted after Hunt revealed to federal authorities she knew of corruption in the Senate involving Senator Thompson.

One such 'earmark' under scrutiny is 110 N. Third Avenue, the location of which the Senator's daughter Helene is employed.  Helene's employer is Robert DeBenedictis, the buildings property manager of record and also the Senator's home improvement contractor of record.  The Senator came under fire recently when it was reported previously the Senator dodged several city approvals when DeBenedictis installed the Senator's roof without a permit and approval from the City's architectural review board.  Architectural review board approval was needed because the Senator changed from a slate to an asphalt roof, which is currently prohibited under city statute.  Mount Vernon Department of Buildings records indicate that the permit fee still has not been paid nor has a permit been applied for despite public outcry and residents speaking up at recent City Council meetings.  Senator Thompson has said publicly that her contract with DeBenedictis called for DeBenedictis to pay all filing fees and ensure that all permits and approvals for city agencies were obtained. If this was any other taxpayer a Violation/Summons would have been issued to the property owner immediately and the fines would have been issued and paid.

Authorities are also said to be looking into whether the Senator overinflated earmarks to the Third Avenue project that would come back to her in the form of campaign contributions and "in-kind" donations.

Critics have also fired at the Senator alleging that there is no contract in place between DeBenedictis and the Senator and that the installation of the roof was part of a much bigger arrangement in place between DeBenedictis and Senator Thompson.  The hiring of the Senator's daughter Helene by DeBenedictis is also part of the deal and in exchange, the Senator would name DeBenedictis Commissioner of Police if elected as Mayor. 

The source said that officials are already into the "business relationship" between the Senator and DeBenedictis.  Sources have confirmed sightings with DeBenedictis and the Senator walking through Fleetwood seeking out campaign space before finally agreeing to set up shop at 565 Gramatan Avenue, right in the heart of Fleetwood.  Property records list the owner as 557 Gramatan Realty, LLC with offices located at 555 Fifth Avenue in midtown. Records indicate that the property was sold to the current owner for $5,000,000 in 2012.  The source said DeBenedictis helped secure the prime location for the cash strapped Senator who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford the $50 per square foot rent, which is equivalent to $6,000 per month for the size of space being used the Senator's campaign. 

Friends of Ruth Hassell-Thompson has filed a "no activity" off cycle report with the New York State Board of Elections regarding her financial activities pertaining to the Senator's mayoral campaign.  Members of the public will have to wait until July to see the Senator's warchest.  The Committee to Elect Ruth Thompson, another campaign committee controlled by Thompson, reported $59, 380.09 on hand during their last filing with the State Board of Election in January 2015.  Members of the public will also get to see how much the Senator is actually paying for her prime real estate in the heart of Fleetwood.

To be continued..........

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Maureen Walker Must Go

Mount Vernon has the highest tax rate in New York State, with City taxes going up 33% in the past three years. Comptroller Maureen Walker is the financial watchdog of The City Of Mount Vernon. She has not only been silent in the past few years, while the city has been fleeced, but she also joined in and participated in the looting of our taxpayers. Mount Vernon leads the State in tax foreclosures. High taxes have forced thousands of families onto the street. Walker policies have decimated cash strapped senior homeowners, especially those who live on fixed incomes. Instead of helping delinquent elderly citizens stay in their homes, Maureen Walker foreclosed on Grandmothers. Furthermore, Mount Vernon Exposed was informed that Walker’s personal friends were scooping up these properties for pennies on the dollar. Maureen’s office has no policy to help people who fall victim to the outrageous taxes in Mount Vernon.

Millions of dollars have gone missing in Mount Vernon, and a subpoena was issue to Maureen Walker demanding her to open up the financial books. The subpoena has been ignored. All of the financial improprieties leveled at Ernie Davis in the past 10 years, were under Walker’s watch. None of this thievery was possible without her knowledge.

A source from the Davis administration told Mount Vernon Exposed that Maureen Walker’s husband, Robert Walker secretly runs the Comptroller’s office and makes 100% of the decisions in that office. This includes the powerful Board of Estimate, which she has one third voting power. The informant said it is frightening to see Maureen have to receive approval from her husband to make a vote. Robert Walker is an adjunct Professor at Iona College, and has one of the lowest ratings of professors at the college. Mount Vernon exposed researched Robert Walker’s performance at Iona.  The following is just a few of the negative evaluations given by his students.

1) He's pretty obnoxious in the sense that he doesn't respect the student’s one bit. When you have a professor who doesn't respect you, it's hard to absorb what they are trying to teach.

2) This guy needs to find out why he's teaching this course and the relevance of the material. If you ask a question he acts like it will become clear later on in the chapter just to push it away, and nothing ever comes of it. Tries to pack in 3 semesters worth of work into one class and sometimes keeps you longer than the regulation time.


The reason this becomes relevant, is because candidates for Mayor are selling themselves to the public. A Maureen Walker win will have an unknown and potentially dangerous person running Mount Vernon.

Sources have informed Mount Vernon Exposed, that Comptroller Maureen Walker doesn’t pay venders who do not contribute to the Walker's campaign war chest. Many venders who have not contributed to Maureen Walker’s campaign, wait months to receive payment for services they performed for the City of Mount Vernon. This is punishment for not donating to the Walker campaign. The policy of only making timely payments to campaign contributors, is a long time tactic of crooked politicians.

Sources have also informed Mount Vernon Exposed that Robert Walker cut a deal with Terrance Horton, to receive financial compensation for the LED lighting contract through a financial institution. However, reports say that State Officials are not going to approve the LED contract, and will not send the electric power needed for the project. An anonymous State source said they are not happy that Mount Vernon does not pay their bills, and the state does not like how the contract was awarded.  Terrance Horton, a thief, who owes well over $100,000 in property taxes, has drained the City of Mount Vernon for years. 

The Walkers rained hell on the elderly and the unfortunate citizens unable to pay their property taxes. However, they have allowed Terrance Horton to keep his tax delinquent properties. The Walker policies of rewarding some, while hurting others, are outrageous.  Horton, the former DPW Commissioner under the Clinton Administration, used tax dollars as his personal piggy bank. Sources say, The Walkers have decided to cash in, and have teamed up with Terrance Horton.

Maureen Walker’s office was cited by NY State for losing Millions in taxpayer money. State auditors slammed her payroll department. The Walker response was to fire longtime worker Greg Bowman. Maureen Walker should resign, because the buck stops at the top, and she is incapable of running her department.

Residents of Fleetwood continue to battle City Officials, attempting to stop an apartment building to be built off the congested Cross County Parkway, exit 7 at 42 Broad St. Again, The Walkers remained silent, and refuse to release information on the financial impact this and all other development projects will have on the city. Maureen’s recent comments that she knew nothing about the 42 Broad Street project is appalling, and an outright lie. The 42 Broad Street project has been on the table for years. The Walkers have become so interested in themselves; they have turned their back on the people of Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon is in financial ruins. Mount Vernon is a city that does not pay its bills, because of Comptroller Walker’s policies. This corruption is playing Russian roulette with Mount Vernon’s finances, and will eventually lead to bankruptcy for Mount Vernon. Four years ago, Mount Vernon Exposed endorsed Maureen Walker. Since her defeat to Ernie Davis, Walker has spent 3 ½ years, cutting deals and destroying Mount Vernon. Taxes have gone through the roof, and Mount Vernon now has the worse tax to property value ratio in New York State. Mount Vernon also has the honor of having the highest foreclosure rate in The State. In order to turn Mount Vernon around, we must hold our elected officials accountable. Maureen Walker has been an embarrassment, and victims of her policies are in financial ruins. Mount Vernon Exposed calls on Maureen Walker to resign as Comptroller, and allow someone competent to save this city. Taxes have gone up 33% in the past 3 years, and 122% since she took office. The idea of Walker running for Mayor is a slap in the face of everyone who desperately wants to save Mount Vernon from the disaster she has helped create. Maureen Walker needs to come clean with the people of Mount Vernon and turn over the financial reports that were subpoenaed. A simple request to turn over financial information was not done. The people of Mount Vernon deserve to know where their money is. Are Maureen and Robert Walker hiding crimes? Come clean or resign.

To be continued: The Financial Empire The Walkers created since being in office, and the taxes they failed to pay.