Friday, August 24, 2012



“IN THE RECTUM WE TRUST” is the motto that 1st Deputy Commissioner of Social Services Phil Gille and Ed Fagan also a Department of Social Services employee live by.  These two pedophiles are joined at the hip and have been molesting and raping young boys for over twenty years.  This is a known fact to law enforcement officials.  In fact, Nick Spano, the disgraced Senator currently in Federal prison for tax evasion has been Gille’s Rabbi when the heat was on him.

Gille and his partner in crime Ed Fagan were “Persons of Interest” in the cold case murder of Orlandito Rosario Maldonado, the 12 year old boy found dumped in a ditch along the Saw Mill River Parkway.  According to reports, Maldonado was found badly decomposed with parts of his body missed.  There were signs that the 12 year old was brutally raped.  Gille and Fagan were said to have sex with the young boy hours before he was murdered and may have even been the ones who murdered the young boy.

Gille, Fagan, and several other notable government and elected officials are part of an organization called N.A.M.B.L.A. or the North American Man Boy Lovers Association.  N.A.M.B.L.A. is an organization for pedophiles where they get together and prey on young boys.  According to their website,Present laws, which focus only on the age of the participants, ignore the quality of their relationships. We know that differences in age do not preclude mutual, loving interaction between persons. NAMBLA is strongly opposed to age-of-consent laws and all other restrictions which deny men and boys the full enjoyment of their bodies and control over their own lives.”

Gille and Fagan belong to a local chapter that has meetings in Westchester County.  At these meetings they meet the young boys and then make arrangements to meet them on their own time.  For Gille and Fagan, the scene of the crime for their sexual activities with these underage boys is a house in the Hamptons.  This is where Gille and Fagan engage in free for all sex with these minors.

Another culprit who alleged to be part of this ring is Mark Fang, a practicing attorney who was recently appointed by Robert Astorino as the Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission.  It was reported that Fang also participates in the sexcapades in the Hamptons and is also a member of N.A.M.B.L.A. .  It was also reported that Fang is part of these wild sex excursions to the Hamptons with underage minors. 

It has also been reported that Gille and Fagan have child pornography on their home computers and this is a known fact to Janet DiFiore, Terrance Raynor, and investigators in the Westchester District Attorney’s office.  Janet and her rogue investigators have been using this information as a bargaining chip to insure Gille and Fagan destroy the “Nanny Gate” paper trail.  As added insurance, Janet and Terrance have Terrance’s wife Valerie as the “Gate Keeper” of the operation to rid the Department of Social Services of this paper trail.

Ed Fagan is a known drunk and a functioning alcoholic.  Co-workers in the Department of Social Services have complained to Mount Vernon Exposed that Fagan constantly reeks of alcohol when he comes to work.  According to one source, “You can smell the liquor coming from his pores.” 

Just recently Fagan was stopped for driving while intoxicated.  It was unclear if he was arrested and taken into custody, but according to a law enforcement source, Fagan was “loaded”.  It appears that Fagan has used his get out jail card courtesy of the crooked district attorney Janet DiFiore.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


1st Deputy Commissioner
Phil "Sandusky" Gille  

Ready. Set. Go…… The cover up is now in full swing to deflect all media attention away from “Nanny Gate”, the scandal on the part of Westchester District attorney Janet DiFiore.  Mount Vernon Exposed has gained more insight into the cover up and who the alleged players are.  Mount Vernon Exposed will continue to cover this event and bring you news not found anywhere else.  No holds barred. 
           A few weeks ago we have all read he coverage courtesy of the Journal News regarding the recording with 1st Deputy Commissioner Phil Gille and Westchester Independence
           party chairman Guilio Cavallo.

Gille can be heard on tape admitting that Janet DiFiore sent her team of rogue 
investigators to investigate a "trumped up" complaint filed by Human Resources Director 
Valerie Raynor, wife of Terrence Raynor, Chief Criminal Investigator for Janet DFiore. Terrence 
Raynor was recently sued for bilking Westchester County taxpayers out of more than $40K for 
claiming S.T.A. R. exemptions on three different properties at the same time.

Corrupt D.A.
Janet DiFiore
Mount Vernon Exposed has recently reported that 1st Deputy Commissioner Phil Gille is a known pedophile and has been preying on young boys for more than 20 years.  Gille is Westchester’s own Jerry Sandusky, the disgraced Penn State football recently convicted of raping and molesting young boys at Penn State University.  After our coverage on Gille, Mount Vernon Exposed was inundated with calls and emails seeking to know how Gille was involved in the “Nanny Gate” cover up and how did/does Gille benefit from such a cover up.  We will now explain detail for detail Gille’s motives and reasoning for covering up the “Nanny Gate” scandal.

Approximately two weeks ago, Gille’s Westchester County issued car was stolen by one of his young male lovers.  Gille reported the theft to his superiors in the County Executive Rob Astorino’s administration. While Astorino’s administration was frustrated and angered at Gille’s negligence, Gille was assured that the incident would be covered and made to look as if it never occurred.  If the public became aware of Gille’s activity it would be damaging for Astorino and his administration.

 The Astorino administration then sent detectives from the Westchester County Police to Gille’s residence at 21 Fairfield Place in Yonkers, NY.  To date, there is no evidence or records on file to suggest or indicate that Gille was ever issued a county vehicle even though most employees would confirm same.  No police report was ever filed at any police department, anywhere in Westchester County or the State of New York. 

Corrupt Chief Investigator
Terrence Raynor
When detectives arrived at the residence and rang the doorbell, they were greeted by a 15 year male, dressed in only a tank top and underwear.  When questioned by the detectives the 15 year male told detectives that he was an acquaintance of Gille’s and that they just returned from shopping and having dinner.  When detectives tried to get further information regarding the minor, the minor told the detectives to ask Gille about the extent of their relationship.  According to sources, Gille and the minor are sexually involved, and have been for some time now. Gille has also hired numerous of his “boy toys” to various positions in the Department of Social Services.  The Astorino administration is fully aware of Gille’s conduct and his pedophilia hobby. 

Westchester County detectives then took this information back to Terrence Raynor, Janet’s crooked Chief Investigator.  DiFiore then instructed Raynor and her 1st Deputy John George to pay Mr. Gille a visit and tell him that if he didn’t cover up and squash the “Nanny Gate” investigation they would prosecute him for having sex with a minor and statutory rape.  Raynor and Janet’s deputy also paid a visit to Kevin Plunkett and advise him of same.  Raynor and George told Plunkett that they would arrest Gille in the Department of Social Services and would say that he was the source of the “Nanny Gate” leak and his reasons for doing so was to damage Janet’s reputation and to clear the path for Plunkett to run for Westchester District Attorney.  Plunkett can be seen on almost a daily basis going in and out of Janet DiFiore’s office. 

Plunkett and Janet are now on the same team.  Plunkett was promised a Supreme Court Judgeship position and the endorsement for Westchester D.A. in the event Janet doesn’t survive politically. All Plunkett has to do in Janet’s own words is to “fire that bitch Vasquez and get rid of whatever she was working on.  She is dangerous and can bring us all down.”

To be continued……..

Monday, August 20, 2012



Westchester District Attorney’s Janet DiFiore office continues to be embroiled in one scandal after the other.  While the crooked and crime ridden DA’s office continues to blame “political operatives” for the black eye currently on the DA’s office, the public and media can see straight through Janet DiFiore and her henchmen.  The time has come for Janet DiFiore and her Chief Investigator Terrence Raynor to resign from office and turn themselves into authorities for prosecution. 

Just last week it was revealed in a lawsuit that Raynor has illegally scammed the taxpayers of Mount Vernon and Peekskill by getting S.T.A.R. exemptions that he was not entitled to.  The theft amounts to over $27,000.  Just today, the Journal News has reported that Raynor purchased a house in Mount Vernon in 2002 while he was the police chief that already had the Senior S.T.A.R. exemption in place.  He scammed taxpayers out of an additional $13,500 by not notifying Mount Vernon City Officials that he was not entitled to the Senior S.T.A.R. exemption. 

At this point Raynor should utilize the Miranda warning that his team of crooked investigators recites to suspects before interrogation. 
§  You have the right to remain silent.

§  Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.
§  You have the right to an attorney.
§  If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
§  Do you understand these rights I have just read to you?

Raynor’s response to the Journal News reporter when asked about his “triple dipping” of S.T.A.R. benefits was incriminating to say the least.  “Certainly, I don’t think I’m at fault if someone else didn’t do their homework,” he said.  The comment made by Raynor displays complete arrogance and is a reflection of the culture of corruption co-signed by his boss, Janet DiFiore. 

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Janet DiFiore was well aware of Raynor’s criminal conduct before she hired him.  After all, Janet was seeking the best and brightest criminals to work in her office as investigators. 

Taxpayers can be assured that Raynor will almost certainly be ordered to repay the $40,000 plus legal costs for his blatant and outright theft of taxpayer dollars. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Terrence Raynor, 2nd from Left

Janet DiFiore the District Attorney of the County of Westchester continues to play politics with the voters of Westchester County.  She refuses to take interviews on camera regarding the Nanny Gate scandal and only releases statements on paper to the media. 

Today news has broken that Janet DiFiore’s Chief of Investigations Terrance Raynor has also been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and just like just like his boss, took steps to try to cover up this criminal activity.  Mount Vernon Exposed has also learned that Raynor was also in involved in what has become known nationwide as “Nanny Gate”. 

We will now break down Raynor’s involvement in “Nanny Gate”.  According to a confidential source in the Westchester District Attorney’s office and the Department of Social Services, Raynor was fully aware the DiFiore’s nanny had been rejected in the past for Medicare.  Janet would become frustrated and make comments in the office about her nanny’s declining health and how it was costing her so much money. Janet became increasingly frustrated when The Department of Social Services rejected Marina Buchannan for welfare benefits. 

Raynor then approached Janet DiFiore and offered his help.  Raynor informed DiFiore that his wife worked in the Department of Social Services and could get her nanny approved for welfare benefits.  Terrence Raynor is married to Valerie Raynor aka Valerie Woodbine.  Valerie Woodbine is the sister is Shoshanna Woodbine.  Shoshanna Woodbine is married to Nashon Halevi.  Nashon Halevi is the brother of Naomi Halevi and the son of Serepher Halevi.  Naomi Halevi was recently convicted of defrauding the Federal government’s Section 8 program by receiving section 8 while owning a house located at 10 California Road.  The house at 10 California Road is valued at over $800,000. 

Valerie Raynor then went to her boss at the time, Diane Atkins and informed her of Janet’s nanny situation brought to her attention by her husband Terrance.  Atkins then opened a case in the Central office where she was 1st Deputy Commissioner. Janet’s nanny previously was denied welfare in the Yonkers district office just a few short blocks from where she resided.  Atkins got the job done and earned herself a permanent get out of jail free card from Janet DiFiore.  For the reasons stated herein, Janet has refused to investigate any allegations of corruption within the Department of Social Services.  Instead she has sent her “Hit Squad” to destroy any evidence that threatens to bring down her “Power Circle”. 

According to sources, Valerie Raynor was the one who typed the “trumped up” letter to DiFiore’s office about fraud investigator Dhyalma Vazquez.  When DiFiore’s office came to investigate Valerie illegally turned over Vazquez' personnel file.  Philippe Gille, currently the 1st Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Social Services, was recently caught on tape discussing DiFiore’s underhanded behavior regarding DiFiore’s criminal cover up. 

According to an investigator in DiFiore’s office, Terrence was promised that he will be made the Westchester County Police Commissioner in 2014 if Tim Idoni or Ken Jenkins is elected County Executive.  According to the Investigator, Janet said “In this business, it is very important that you never forgot who your friends are”. 

Terrence Raynor was eager to depart Janet’s office for some time now and has been seeking other law enforcement positions outside New York State, specifically down south. Just recently, he was spotted meeting with Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest Davis about becoming Mount Vernon’s top cop.
Terrence has brought disgrace to his badge and should be thoroughly investigated for his role in “Nanny Gate”.  As the Chief of Investigations for DiFiore every investigation by that office headed by him and his rogue unit of investigstors should be re-opened and investigated by outside agencies. Raynor and DiFiore have left a black eye on the District Attorney’s office that will take decades to wipe away. 

However there is light at the end of the tunnel for Terrence, he can avoid prosecution by turning State’s evidence against his boss Janet DiFiore and hopefully get no prison sentence for the crimes he committed.  To be continued>>>>>

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Terrence Raynor, second from left with
Corrupt D.A. Janet DiFiore
Terrance Raynor, Janet DiFiore's Chief of Investigations, has defrauded Westchester County taxpayers or more than $27K.  Raynor has been illegally collecting S.T.A.R. property exemptions on two of his properties at the same time, an illegal act and a Class E Felony.  A press conference will be held tomorrow August 13, 2012 in front of The Westchester County Courthouse discussing the lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme on behalf of Westchester County taxpayers.   The lawsuit seeks to recover the money Raynor stole from taxpayers.


WHEN:          MONDAY  11AM
                     JANET DIFIORE

                      WHITE PLAINS NY


Tax Payer law suit filed under the NYS General Municipal Law 51. ( Law Suit attached ).  Present at the press Conference will be Manhattan Attorney David Carlebach and tax payers bringing the suit.
The tax payers will be calling on Difiore and Cheif Raynor to step down for their illegal and unethical acts which have tarnished the Office of The Westchester County District Attorneys Office.



P. David Carlebach, Esq.
Carlebach Law Group
40 Exchange Place, Suite 1306
New York, New York 10005
(212) 785-3041
Direct Dial:   (347) 329-1241
Cell Phone:    (646) 436-4664
(646) 355-1916

Friday, August 10, 2012


Good Day to our loyal readers of Mount Vernon Exposed.  We have not given up on reporting corruption nor have we let Administrative Judge Alan Scheinkman off our radar.  In fact, Mount Vernon Exposed has turned up the investigation full speed into Alan and we will reveal a shocking bombshell in the next weeks. 

Our focus for the moment is the corrupt and racist District Attorney Janet DiFiore who has been the focus of media outlets nationwide for hiring an illegal immigrant and paying her wages similar to a prisoner in jail.  Janet has also defrauded the I.R.S. by not paying the proper taxes for her “Live in Slave”. 

Media Outlets have missed one key point in all of this; how does a person on welfare afford the best criminal defense attorney in Westchester County?  Is this attorney working pro-bono?  The public needs to know.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Janet and her husband Dennis Glazer have paid $200,000 cash to the attorney representing Marina Buchanan.  They paid this huge sum to the attorney because they have something to hide and Marina Buchanan can sink their ship at any given moment.  It is of utmost importance for Marina Buchanan to keep her mouth shut. 

Over the past few days we have read in the Journal News that the investigation into Janet DiFiore has been called off by 1st Deputy Commissioner Philippe Gille.  Many people wonder why.  Mount Vernon Exposed then became inundated with emails and phone calls from people providing tips and insight into the DiFiore investigation. 

Sources have confirmed that Philippe Gille quickly pushed the DiFiore investigation under the rug because he was paid a visit by Janet DiFiore’s rogue investigators also known as “The Hit Squad”.  This elite unit of investigators is responsible for planting evidence at crime scenes to frame enemies and threats to the District Attorney’s office.  They are also responsible for gathering intelligence on the political foes of Janet DiFiore.  Just this week, it was reported to Mount Vernon Exposed that the “Hit Squad” has broken into 4 homes of employees, family, and friends of those close to those responsible for investigating Janet DiFiore and her nanny.  In all four burglaries, there was no forced entry and only the computers in the home were stolen.  No fingerprints were found at the scene. 

Now we fast forward to Philippe Gille, Westchester’s own Jerry Sandusky.  It has been confirmed that Gille, a Republican operative, has been busy operating on the hiney’s of young boys just like his hero and mentor Jerry Sandusky.  According to sources, Gille is a known pedophile and has shown his employees and co-workers pictures of little boys dressed in bondage outfits that he had in his phone.  Mount Vernon Exposed has learned the identity of these victims but it is the policy of Mount Vernon Exposed not to release the names of victims of sexual crimes. 
             Gilles latest brush with pedophilia was very recently when he hired a young man that he was allegedly having sexual relations with since the young boy was 14.  The victim is now 21 years old.  Gille’s conduct came to a head recently when the young man was arrested for beating up his girlfriend and threatened to go public about his sexual encounters with Gille if he didn’t help him out.  Sources have confirmed that Gille was at court front and center for each and every one of the young man’s court appearances insuring that the young man kept his mouth shut.  Just like his mentor Sandusky, Gille allegedly would buy the young buy lavish gifts and take him on expensive trips to buy his silence. 

              The young man was since fired from the Department of Social Services because he was arrested during his probationary period. 

             Sources have also told Mount Vernon Exposed that Gille was questioned in the 1999 murder investigation of a 12 year Yonkers boy that was sexually abused. Roberta De Rosario was charged with the murder of the 12 year boy and when investigators seized Mr. De Rosario’s computer they found evidence of an underground ring of Sandusky’s abusing little boys.  According to sources, Gille name was part of this ring.  Sources said Gille wasn’t charged because of his connections to Jeannine Pirro who at that time was the District Attorney and a fellow Republican.