Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The best thing that Mayor Young can do for Mount Vernon residents is to resign his position effective immediately. This will indeed be a victory for the taxpayers of Mount Vernon. Residents had hopes and aspirations for Mayor Young and their beloved City. The hopes and dream Mount Vernon taxpayers have since turned into nightmares.

Mayor Young ran on a campaign platform of transparency and efficiency. We here at Mount Vernon exposed are convinced that he did not bother to look up those words in the dictionary. Mayor Young would much rather use words because he liked the way the words rolled off of his tongue.

On Friday April 3, 2009 Mayor Young held a press conference in his office that was pointless and baseless. Just the day before this press conference, former buildings Ralph Tedesco came under fire for illegally shutting down a business. Determined not to have the coverage of Ralph Tedesco’s corruption allegations air all weekend on News 12, Mayor Young decided he would call a press conference of his own. He decided that is was now time to get the negative attention off of him and shift it elsewhere. His target was now Mount Vernon City Comptroller Maureen Walker.

Just days before, former Planning Commissioner Gerrie Post and her accomplice Wayne Charles were convicted of defrauding Mount Vernon taxpayers. The extensive investigation into the missing funds was already conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Apparently, Mayor Young had a perceived notion in his head that they had missed something and that Inspector General Harry Stokes could do a better job.
At this press conference Mayor Young told the audience that he instructed Inspector General Harry Stokes to conduct a full-fledge investigation in how taxpayers were defrauded. Mayor Young went on the state the following remarks that left the audience totally confused because he did not explain if he would begin to investigate his own administration, the epicenter of all of the recent allegations. When the press conference was over, the Mayor invited questions from the audience.  He would not answer one citizens question, citing that he was not a member of the press.


We have come to the conclusion that Mayor Young has mastered the art of storytelling. Mayor Young issued the flowing statements during his press conference that are simply not true.

1. Corruption in the City of Mount Vernon is not and will not be tolerated
• On October 22, 2009 The Journal News reported that $12,579.90 was reported missing from the payroll account of The Mount Vernon Urban Renewal Agency. Here is how the illegal scheme went; an employee in the Urban Renewal Agency or someone close to Mayor Young very familiar with the payroll process enacted this scheme to defraud Mount Vernon taxpayers. The suspect called in the next sequence of payroll checks to the Urban Renewals payroll company. The individuals listed on the payroll called in by the suspect were not employees of the Urban Renewal Agency. The suspect then forged or was able to get a hold of the Mayor’s signature stamp and fraudulently endorsed the check. The checks were cashed at a Chase Bank and check cashing stores.

2. All Vouchers and Purchase Orders over $250.00 will have to be signed by my office.
• Mayor Young sent out a memo to department heads stating that this policy is no longer in effect

3. My administration is looking out for all citizens, not just a select few
• Mayor Clinton Young’s administration is full of cronyism, nepotism, and favoritism.

4. My administration is committed to becoming the most efficiently operated administration that this City has ever seen. Being open and transparent on all matters regarding City business
• Mayor Young administration is the most opaque and arrogant administration that this City has ever seen. He abuses taxpayer dollars on a daily basis. He has created unnecessary positions for political purposes. It is extremely difficult to obtain information from city hall through the freedom of information law. Commissioners currently employed have overdrawn their budgets by over $100K.

Monday, October 26, 2009



County Executive Andy Spano

Mount Vernon City Council President William Randolph
(also works in The Office of County Executive)

Embattled Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young Jr.

County Legislator Lyndon D. Williams

Mount Vernon Democratic Committee Chairman 
Devereau Cannick

Former City of Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel and current Mount Vernon City Judge
Helen M. Blackwood

All residents of Mount Vernon agree that Memorial Field is in a deplorable condition.  What is not agreed upon is the price of the rehabilitation.  Many residents have not even taken a look at the Inter-Municipal Agreement between the City of Mount Vernon and the County of Westchester.  Mount Vernon Exposed obtained a copy of the agreement.  This agreement is not in the best interest of Mount Vernon taxpayers.  If this process is allowed to continue on its path, Mount Vernon will quickly become the highest taxed city in the United States of America.  We here at Mount Vernon Exposed feel that is it necessary for all residents to look at the agreement.  After taking a look at the agreement, we then urge you to call Councilman William Randolph at (914) 995-2900 and voice your opposition to this project and also tell him it is not fair to leave Mount Vernon taxpayers in the cold in order to please his boss Andy Spano in his re-election bid.  He can also be reached via e-mail: wrr2@westchestergov.com.  Please make it known to him that he has a clear conflict of interest by working in Andy Spano’s office and also voting in favor of the Memorial Field project while on the city council in Mount Vernon.
The agreement that was executed by Mayor Clinton Young and the County of Westchester will leave Mount Vernon severely bankrupt.  It appears that the County of Westchester has thoroughly done its homework while Mount Vernon City Council members did not bother to even show up to school.  We have highlighted some major points in this agreement that should be of great concern to Mount Vernon taxpayers.  Taxpayers are not even aware that the County has a lease that gives them exclusive rights to use the property for 15 years. 

The Contract

Mount Vernon Memorial Field Intra Municipal Agreement height="500" width="100%" > value="http://d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=21571143&access_key=key-1ykxn0a773k8esmvgori&page=1&version=1&viewMode=list">            

Road Transfer
Mount Vernon Taxpayers were kept in the dark about the transfer of County owned roads to the City of Mount Vernon.  This one-sided agreement executed by incompetent Mayor Clinton Young calls for The City of Mount Vernon to take ownership of 4.27 of roads previously owned by the County. This stipulation in the agreement can prove costly to Mount Vernon taxpayers.  At the time this agreement was executed, Helen Blackwood was Corporation Counsel in Mount Vernon.  If is unclear what advice, if any she gave to Mayor Young before he signed this agreement. She was since appointed to the City Court to serve as Judge. 
The roads that Mount Vernon have to take back are: Midland Avenue from Eastchester Mount Vernon Line to Yonkers line; Fulton Ave from Columbus Ave. to Fulton Ave Bridge; Fulton Ave from Bridge Abutment to Bridge Abutment; East Lincoln Avenue from Pelham Line to Marion Ave; East Lincoln Avenue from Marion Avenue to North Columbus Avenue; South 5th Avenue from Bronx Line to West 1st Street; Kimball Pl from Columbus Ave to DEF Transfer Station; Yonkers Ave Bride from east end of bridge to Mount Vernon/Yonkers line ( all bridge structures to remain under County jurisdiction ) .

The following roads will also be transferred to Mount Vernon once they are repaved to a pavement condition rating of 80. Sandford Blvd from Hutchinson Blvd to Bronx Line; Viaduct from Yonkers Line to Locust St; Columbus Ave from Fulton Ave to Sandford Blvd.

These roads were previously maintained by the County and Mount Vernon was reimbursed for snow removal and maintenance of the roads.  Under these roads lye an infrastructure consisting of County storm drains and County Sewer drains that is over 100 years old. Under this agreement it is stated in Article 5 § 5.0 upon transfer of the transferred roads to the Municipality, the County shall have no responsibility whatsoever for the transferred roads, including but not limited to financial responsibility.  The municipality agrees to accept the roads “as is” in their current condition. 

Let’s say for example that that there is a failure with the County Sewer Line and the roads need to be dug up, the agreement fails to set-forth who is responsible for the repair to the road.  A single occurrence of a road opening can run at least $1M.  Now that Mount Vernon has assumed responsibility of these roads, what is the financial impact to taxpayers as we now have an added expense?  Maintaining roads is a very expensive task.  The County has thoroughly done their homework and Mount Vernon taxpayers are left holding the bag once again due to the incompetence of the Clinton Young administration.  

In Schedule “C” in the agreement it states; The County acknowledges that there is currently sufficient parking at Memorial Field to support the activities of the property.  The Municipality shall not reduce the number of spots available to support the property without permission from the Commissioner. 
Plans call for a 4,000 seat stadium.  Currently there is not adequate parking for 4,000 cars.  What impact will events held at this stadium have on the surrounding neighborhoods?  There is speculation that plans call for transforming Garden Avenue into a 2-wat street and narrowing the sidewalks.  Has The City of Mount Vernon taken into consideration that some homes on Garden Ave do not have driveways? 

True Cost of Project

Residents of Mount Vernon can come to the conclusion that the total cost of this project is going to exceed the $13M estimate that was provided by The Young administration.  The following was quoted in the Journal News- The County’s Westchester Legacy fund will pay for $9.7 million of the complex, with the city responsible for the balance of the total, estimated at $10.7 million by the city and $12.7 million by the county. We now know that at a minimum that the project will cost $20.4 million.  It is impossible to construct memorial field for $13M and here is why. 
County Legacy Contribution- $9.7 Million
Mayor Young Anticipated Bonds $2.3 Million
Total $12 Million

Now let’s do some math;
$12 Million- $878,000 to Architectural Design Firm Woodard and Curran – 10% ($1.2Million) to Project Manager = $9,922,000.00 

Now please keep in mind that New York leads the nation in cost overruns for construction projects.  Where is the extra money for this project coming from?  It is impossible to construct this project for $13M?  This appears to be an attempt by The Young administration to seal his re-election bid by shelling out millions of dollars in lucrative construction contracts to contractors in return for campaign contributions. 

Conflicts of Interest
Mount Vernon Exposed has obtained the obtained the Inter Municipal agreement between the City of Mount Vernon and The County of Westchester.  We question and we intend to challenge in a court of law the legality of the entire agreement.  There is some serious conflict of interests presented that should be of great concern to Mount Vernon taxpayers.
·         Councilman Marcus Griffith was appointed by County Executive Andrew Spano to serve on the Westchester Planning Board.  Marcus Griffith has told Mount Vernon taxpayers on occasion, that the planning board is very involved in the planning process of Memorial Field.  Councilman Marcus Griffith also was one of two councilmember’s that signed the ordinance in December 2008 authorizing Mayor Young to enter into the Inter Municipal agreement.  They did not waste any time getting on the Westchester Planning Board agenda as this was matter was on the table on January 6th, 2009.  Councilman Griffith was present at this meeting.   It is unclear if he voted on the items surrounding Memorial Field. 

RB105 Countywide Road Rehabilitation Program, 2009 Capital Budget Amendment

Mr. Brady presented a proposed 2009 capital budget amendment of $230,000 for the Capital Project RB105 Countywide Road Rehabilitation Program. The project will include the rehabilitation of three County roads: CR #132 Broad Street Viaduct in Mount Vernon and Yonkers, CR #311 South Columbus Avenue in Mount Vernon and CR #61 Sanford Boulevard in Mount Vernon. The City of Mount Vernon will take ownership of the three roads in Mount Vernon following rehabilitation by the County. Mr. Brady noted that this was part of an IMA to receive County Legacy funds for the reconstruction of the City-owned Memorial Field recreation complex.

·         Councilman William Randolph works in the Office of County Executive making a handsome six figure salary.  Councilman William Randolph is also the President of the City Council.  Councilman Randolph also voted to approve authorizing the issuance of $20.7M of bonds in these economic times.  It appears that Randolph was conspiring with County Legislator Lyndon Williams, County Executive Ando Spano and Mayor Clinton Young.  Spano and Williams are up for re-election this year and they are determined to get re-elected even if that means taking food from their constituents’ mouths. 

Board of Estimate Meeting 10/20/2009

Findings of Fact

Mount Vernon Exposed has come to the conclusion that the agreement executed by Mayor Young and the County of Westchester is not in the best interests of Mount Vernon taxpayers.  True Costs of construction for this project is not revealed and the public has been kept in the dark for most of this process.  There are serious conflicts of interests presented herein in regards to Councilman Marcus Griffith and Councilman Bill Randolph.  Due to the fact that this is a high stakes election year, taxpayers should not feel that this project is being forced down their throats.  A full environmental impact study should be performed and a complete analysis of the infrastructure in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding Memorial Field.  A thorough review of expenses for the roads that were turned over to the City of Mount Vernon should be undertaken.  The agreement states that the municipality is in charge of disbursing the funds for this project.  That can prove extremely detrimental to taxpayers as the Young Administration has shown that it is prone to nepotism, cronyism, and favoritism.  Taxpayers should be concerned that Mayor Young will use Memorial Field as a vehicle to secure campaign contributions from contractors for his re-election bid.  It is our recommendation that this agreement be rescinded in its entirety and thorough research completed before entering into another agreement.  

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Mount Vernon Exposed has conducted an investigation into the qualifications of Judge Helen Blackwood and we have found out that she is not qualified to be a judge.  This is further supported by her inability to inform Mount Vernon taxpayers and the Young Administration that they were entering into a one-sided agreement that is going to create an economic hardship for all.  Was this done purposely as her payment to Mayor Young for her appointment to the bench?  We must Vote her out on Tuesday, November 3rd 2009.   Read more about this story tomorrow….including the agreement…..stay tuned.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Embattled DPW Commissioner has a mentality that he is above the law.  Mount Vernon Exposed earlier this month reported that Commissioner Horton has poured tens if not hundreds of thousands into the beautification of the sidewalks and public parks immediately surrounding his property.

Commissioner Horton was hired at a salary of $99,392 then immediately given a political affiliation raise which resulted in his salary being increased to $120,578. 
Apparently, his bloated salary at the expense of taxpayers is not enough money for him to maintain his day to day lifestyle.   

A search of tax records in the City of Mount Vernon has revealed that Commissioner Horton is severely delinquent with his tax payments to the City of Mount Vernon.  As of October 22, 2009 Horton owes $48,422.72. According to the Comptroller’s office there is no repayment agreement in place at this time. 

According to Westchester County Land Records, Commissioner Horton received 12 E. 3rd Street for $0.00 from American Caribbean Decorating on 4/26/2004. This address is also the corporate headquarters for Horton’s construction company Q.F.I.   Commissioner Horton’s tax liability on this property is $25,682.34
Commissioner Horton is also delinquent on his personal residence as well.  In July of 2009, Horton hosted a private affair at his residence that was attended by New York State Governor David Patterson.  Mount Vernon Exposed attempts to reach the Office of the Governor were unsuccessful.  His tax liability on this property is $22,740.38.

Taxpayers can come to the conclusion the Commissioner Horton is a severe liability to their livelihoods.  There should be outrage about Commissioner Horton’s display of arrogant behavior.  

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Mayor Clinton Young and his cronies are back at it again.  A close friend of Mayor Young was issued a violation and had his illegal club located at 6 N. 3rd Avenue padlocked.   Dangerous and hazardous conditions were found to exist at that location.

On August 29th, 2009 at approximately 12:00 The Department of Buildings in conjunction with the Mount Vernon Police Department shut down an illegal nightclub operating just two blocks from The Mount Vernon Police Department and City Hall. It is believed that an individual was arrested in connection with selling alcohol illegally.  Advertisements were confiscated advertising a lingerie party.  It is unknown if the occupants of the illegal nightclub were of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages. 

This is the same time in two days that this illegal establishment was closed down.  Just the night before the nightclub was closed down and evacuated.  The owner, defiant and believing he was above the law, decided to reopen the next day.

Mount Vernon Exposed obtained a copy of the building violation issued in connection with the illegal nightclub.  Violation # 36222 is addressed to Club 914 P.O. Box 325 Mount Vernon, NY 10550.

City of Mount Vernon buildings inspector John B. Alleyne found the following conditions to exist

  • ·         The 2nd floor vacant space has been illegally converted to and is being operated as a nightclub without obtaining a certificate of occupancy for this use.  No occupancy sign was posted as required for a place of assembly.  Moreover, additional wiring to the main electrical breaker box was installed improperly and without a permit. 
  • ·         In addition there was inadequate fire exit signage and fire extinguishers.  The fire exit door was dead bolted closed while the nightclub was occupied.  It is unknown if the fire sprinkler system, which was installed without a permit, is designed for the correct fire hazard and if it is operational.
  •       The 2nd floor vacant space shall remain vacated and off limits until the above conditions are corrected.  The required work shall not commence until after permits are obtained from this department and a certificate of occupancy issued. 

Political and friendly affiliations payoff

The owner of this establishment could not believe that his establishment was closed down.  Just the day before, it is alleged that the Mayor made a personal telephone call to Inspector John Alleyne and told him to “leave that location alone.”  John Alleyne protecting the interest of the taxpayers performed his duties that he was hired to do, enforce the building and housing code.  The first time he closed the establishment down, he issued a verbal warning.  Inspector Alleyne was shocked and in disbelief when he noticed the establishment open the following night.  He then went armed with a heavy duty chain and padlock.  That would insure the facility would remain closed. 

That following Monday morning, it is alleged that the owner was in the Mayor’s office seeing if he can bypass “the system” and reopen.  To no avail, he did not succeed with his endeavor.  The next step was to meet with the building commissioner to begin the process of correcting the violation.  The owner quickly learned that he would need site plan approval from the planning board to convert the use to a “catering hall.”  1st Deputy Commissioner Soraya Ben-Habib was keenly aware that the owner was indeed trying to reopen as a nightclub, but was using the classification of nightclub because there is no clear definition in the zoning code between nightclubs and catering hall. Just days before Commissioner Ben-Habib was allegedly subjected to threats and intimidation by several department heads and/or the tenant of this location with regards to the closing of this establishment.  Ben-Habib felt so uncomfortable with her encounter with these individuals she reported the incident to Planning Commissioner Jeffrey Williams.  It is unclear what corrective action, if any was taken. 

On Friday October 16th, 2009, an application was before the City of Mount Vernon Planning Board.  The applicant, Galente Enterprises by its architect Francis L. Turner, was requesting site plan review for the conversion from a vacant space previously used as offices and trade school on the 2nd floor to a retail and restaurant on the 2md floor.  The proposed conversion results in the off-street parking and loading requirements; therefore, site plan approval is required is required as per §267-13A.  The existing building does not have any off-street parking and loading facilities.  The conversion generates an increase in the off-street parking requirements of 76 spaces (115 spaces requires for the catering hall-39 spaces required for the previous uses=76 spaces).

As per §267-36 E (1) (e), alternate methods of complying with off –street parking and loading requirements, the Planning Board may allow part or all of the required off-street parking spaces to be located in a municipal parking lot located within 500 feet of the premises, provided the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the approving agency that the municipal facility has available capacity to satisfy the additional requirement. 

What played out next was like a scene from your favorite comedy film.  This was scheduled for a public hearing, but due to incompetence on the Architect not properly advertising the public hearing, that portion was tabled until the next meeting on November 4th, 2009. 

The architect began to go on a ranting tirade, chanting that the Police Department is conspiring to keep the establishment from opening.  The architect was behaving in an unscrupulous manner.   The Mount Vernon Police Department submitted correspondence in opposition to the application already in front of the Planning Board.  They noted that this establishment would have a negative impact of the area, and would put a tremendous strain on already scarce resources.  Acting Chairman, Commissioner of Assessment Anthony DeBellis said on the record, that he has never heard in all of his 30 years working for the City of Mount Vernon a statement such as the one submitted. 

The architect also made misleading and false statements to the planning board.  When he was asked why was the establishment shut down, he caught a sudden case of amnesia.   He then went on to state that a catering hall is needed in the middle of downtown.  He was also asked was alcohol going to be served at the facility.  He did not provide a clear answer.  Commissioner then asked the architect, was this establishment going to be operated by the owner/landlord or by a tenant.  The architect then told the planning board that it was going to be operated by an entity that is controlled by the landlord.  Sensing that the architect was not being completely truthful, Commissioner DeBellis then ordered that all persons who are going to operating this establishment to appear at the meeting on November 4th, 2009 in order for the application to move forward. He also stated on the record that he wanted a fully executed lease between both parties as individuals, not as a corporation.   When asked, where is the operator of establishment? The architect replied, “He is out of town”.   He was then asked why the establishment was previously issued violations.  The architect replied, “I am not really sure”; then he said “for people sitting around without having a permit”.  The architects attempt to downplay the violations as minor, did not work with this extremely sharp Planning Board.   Planning Administrator, William Long, then read aloud the violations that were issued by the Department of Buildings. 

It would then appear that the applicant previously has discussed this application with the Planning Commissioner.  The Planning Commissioner only makes recommendations to the planning board and does not sustain voting capabilities.  Anyone with common sense could tell that the planning commissioner was trying to sell the planning board that this was indeed good for the city.    The planning commissioner was asked on a previous application that was similar in nature, How does this catering hall fit into the comprehensive plan?  He could not answer the question and was caught off guard by the extremely sharp citizen inquiring about the application that was submitted. 

Allegations of intimidation, extortion, and misconduct

Mount Vernon Exposed has received information from a source usually deemed reliable.  Although not verified, it is alleged that officials employed in City Hall have been using their official positions as an intimidation factor with the owner.   There is speculation that the tenant has not paid rent in a month and that the made even made a personal call to the landlord asking him to help his friend out.   We have been told, although not verified, that the landlord does not want any parts of these individuals, but out of fear he has remained silent. 

Findings of Fact

If history is any indication of what is going to happen here, it is in the best interest of the City of Mount Vernon that the planning board denies this application in full.  The citizens of Mount Vernon cannot afford to be deprived of already scarce resources.  Locations such as the one above mentioned tend to be breeding grounds for violence and illegal activities including but not limited to illegal drug use and consumption of alcohol by minors.  The Mayor must not interfere with due process by exhibiting undue influence in order to avoid any signs of impropriety.  It is imperative that the planning commissioner understand his capacity in city government.  By exerting undue influence there will be an appearance of impropriety and no system of checks and balances.  The planning board operates independent of the Mayor and Planning Commissioner.  The allegations contained herein are deemed deliberate and warrant further investigation.  It is our recommendation that this report be forwarded to the United States Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of investigation as many of the allegations can be classified under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (Rico Act).  

Monday, October 19, 2009


Are you aware that Mount Vernon City Councilman William Randolph works
in the Office of the County Executive? Are you aware that siphons over
$130,000 per year from taxpayers from these two positions? Are you
aware that he voted on the controversial bond issue that was before
the City Counil on Wednesday October 14th, 2009? Are you aware that
his also sits on the Board of Estimate and Contract and he is
scheduled to vote "yes" on Wednesday
October 20th, 2009? Is Councilman Randolph subject to criminal
prosecution due to his conflicts of interests?

Stay Tuned!!!!!!

This is one special report that you do not want to miss.

Release date: October 23, 2009

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Attention Mount Vernon Residents:

Please attend the Board of Estimate meeting tommorow morning October
20, 2009 8:30 at City Hall. Mayor Young and his fellow cronie
Randolph will be approving the bonds that will enrich them and leave
the City of Mount Vernon in financial turmoil. Show up and let your
voice be heard. These meeting are purposely scheduled at odd hours of
the day because it is not intended for you to be there. Everyone
please show up with a video camera. This is the final step before
Memorial Field is taken away from Mount Vernon forever.

Sunday, October 18, 2009



Police Officers take an oath to protect and serve.  Here in Mount Vernon that has taken on a different meaning.   One officer in particular has taken that oath to a whole new level.  Police Officer Neil Rosenberg has been busy serving himself a healthy helping of overtime.   It appears Officer Rosenberg's belly is never full.  His greedy appetite can cost the taxpayers of Mount Vernon over $ 200K per year.  Does Mayor Young know of this activity?  Where is Commissioner Chong?  Has any red flags gone off?  Where is the Inspector General?

Mount Vernon Exposed recently began an investigation into the nefarious activities of Officer Rosenberg after receiving a complaint on alleged misconduct on his behalf.   In the complaint, it is alleged that Officer Rosenberg has privileges that are not afforded to other police officers of the same rank.  He allegedly has supervisor computer access codes that he uses to illegally schedule his overtime months in advance.  This scheme has rewarded Officer Rosenberg quite handsomely.  He is the highest paid official in the City of Mount Vernon.  The salary of the Mayor is $143,000 and the salary of the Comptroller is $128,000.   One has to wonder how a police officer without supervisory ranks does, get away with this unlawful activity.  It is believed although not verified, that the bosses at the MVPD know of Officers Rosenberg’s behavior.

The Complainant alleges that Rosenberg serves as the watchdog and is known as “the good ole boy” in the Mount Vernon Police Department.  While working at the front desk Rosenberg is on the front lines when it comes to dealing with the public.  There are a substantial amount of citizens from Mount Vernon and communities beyond that file civilian complaints against Mount Vernon Police Officers.  Rosenberg is given the task to make things as difficult as he can when these individuals come in to file a complaint.  It is virtually impossible to make an anonymous complaint as individuals are asked for photo identification before they are even a complaint form to fill out.  All complaints are then recorded into a log manual.  Those individuals that are strong and brave enough to endure the harsh and sometimes abusive questioning of Officer Rosenberg fill out the form and turn it in.  Allegedly, Rosenberg’s job is to then make sure that the complaint never makes it to Internal Affairs and into the Officers personnel file.  If these allegation due prove to be true, Officer Rosenberg should be fired immediately and charged with theft of services and obstruction of governmental justice.

Freedom of Information
Mount Vernon exposed has begun an investigation into these allegations.  We tried to foil the civilian complaints of several police officers whose names keep registering on complaints to us here at Mount Vernon Exposed.  These officers are Sgt. Podzus, Lt. Hunce, and sgt. Marcucilli.   Sgt. Marcucilli is currently the center of an excessive use of probe.  It is alleged that Sgt. Podzus has the highest number of civilian complaints on file, something that he allegedly brags about.  It is speculated, although not confirmed that he has called his fellow officers racial slurs and those actions on his behalf have led those officers to file complaints against him as well.   Subsequently, the victims have filed a civil rights lawsuit against Marcucilli and the Mount Vernon Police Department.  The City of Mount Vernon Law Department has denied our request to view these records.  We were issued the following response in writing:

The Freedom of Information Law provides rights of access to records kept by public entities.  However, there are records that are exempt from disclosure for several reasons.  In particular, records that cannot be disclosed include those that are specifically exempted from disclosure by state or federal statute.  The New York State Civil Rights Law §50-a(1) states in part that “all personnel records, used to evaluate performance toward continued employment or promotion, under the control of any police agency…shall be considered confidential and not subject to inspection or review…except as may be mandated by lawful court order.”

Mount Vernon Exposed does not agree with the decision of the City of Mount Vernon Law Department and we intend to challenge this in a court of law.  We believe the following provision in the Mount Vernon City Charter provides public access to these records under the following:

§ 262. Books and papers to be public records. All books and papers and documents filed with or constituting a part of the records or proceedings of any officer, board or department of the City, shall be deemed to be public records and shall, during office hours, be open to public

If these records are not made public, how are taxpayers supposed to know that their tax dollars are being used to hire rogue police officers who violate civil rights?   Has anyone been reprimanded as a result of a civilian complaint being filed, or do these complaints fall on deaf ears?

Abuse of overtime

Police officer Neil Rosenberg has through allegations of official misconduct, earned the title “Highest Paid Employee” in the City of Mount Vernon. Where is the Inspector General and isn’t he investigating this abuse of taxpayer dollars.  This abuse should be of great concern to taxpayer as they will have to pay his pension for the rest of Rosenberg’s life. His pension is based on his last three years of performance.  At tier 4 if Rosenberg were to retire today, assuming he is of proper age he would retire with a pension of 50% of his last 3 years pay.  If he were to retire today at tier 1, assuming he was of proper age he would retire with 80% of his last 3 years pay.   Through a Freedom of Information law request, Mount Vernon Exposed obtained detailed salary information for police officer Neil Rosenberg from 2002-present.  The information that we obtained is appalling.

·         Jan – Dec 2002
Annual Salary $61,368.47
Overtime         $25,285.93

Total               $86,654.40

·         Jan – Dec 2003
Annual Salary $63,142.29
Overtime         $39,318.83

Total               $102,461.12

·         Jan – Dec 2004
Annual Salary $63,196.23
Overtime         $60,173.38

Total               $123,369.61

·         Jan – Dec 2005
Annual Salary $66,049.73
Overtime         $91,767.14

Total               $157,816.87

·         Jan – Dec 2006
Annual Salary $67,627.60
Overtime         $109,342.97

Total               $176,970.57

·         Jan – Dec 2007
Annual Salary $71,714.10
Overtime         $131,133.37

Total               $202,847.47

·         Jan – Dec 2008
Annual Salary $73,762.98
Overtime         $138,514.62

Total                $212,277.60

·         Jan – Aug 2009
Annual Salary $53,625.73
Overtime         $22,280.94

Total               $75,906.67

Findings of Fact

Official misconduct has no place in society.  Police Officers take an oath to protect and serve.  Upholding the constitution of the United States of America is the foremost responsibility of police office.   Taxpayers should not also have to worry about police officers committing the same crimes that they arrest persons for on a daily basis for.  The allegations contained herein pose serious threats to taxpayers and the effects will last a lifetime.  It is recommended that corrective action be taken immediately to minimize the financial impact to taxpayers. There appears to be a systematic abuse of taxpayer funds and obstructing governmental justice.   The City Council must implement legislation that allows the public at will to view records of police officers and other person currently exempted from the law.  It is imperative that special investigator be appointed as “police are not capable of policing their own."   It is our recommendation that this report be forwarded to the United States Attorney’s office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for further investigation as many of the allegations pertain to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (Rico Act).