Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Incompetence Plagues the Comptrollers Office

Since last year’s firing of Deputy Comptroller Tom Rajala, the Comptroller’s office has become one of the worst run departments in Mount Vernon’s City Hall. Rajala’s firing was executed because he did not campaign for Maureen Walker on her last election. It is no secret that Tom Rajala competently ran the Comptroller’s office, and since his departure, the Comptroller's office is in shambles. It is also no secret that Comptroller Walker does not have a clue how to run her department.

One example of Comptroller Walkers’ incompetency recently reared it ugly head when Comptroller Walker mailed out incorrect W-2 forms to city workers who made 414H contributions. Such a mistake is inexcusable and very costly to Mount Vernon taxpayers. This never happened when Tom Rajala ran the Comptroller’s office. Walker proceeded to mail letters to workers, informing them of the mistake, but she failed to use her department letterhead in an attempt to hide her incompetency. Mount Vernon taxpayers were forced to pay for Comptroller Walker’s blunder.  Furthermore, in January, New York State cited the Comptroller’s office with mismanagement. State auditors were critical of Maureen Walker’s payroll department, which lost millions in taxpayer dollars. Instead of accepting responsibility, Comptroller Walker forced employee Greg Bowman to resign, and Marsha Simpson was suspended.

The Comptroller’s office is a disaster, and Maureen Walker is the leader of a sinking ship. Comptroller Walker’s ineptness has cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Comptroller Walker spends too much of her city time handling her personal business, and illegally uses her employees to work on fundraisers and campaign duties. These are all performed on the City’s clock and at taxpayer’s expense

Maureen Walker has turned her back on the citizens of Mount Vernon. Comptroller Walker cuts deals with unsavory characters hoping to obtain support for this year’s Mayor’s election from the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.  Comptroller Walker remained silent while Mount Vernon residents were hit with over 31% in tax increases for the past 3 years. Developers are in the process of making Mount Vernon the home for every homeless person in the state. One such property is the development at 125 South 5th Avenue, formerly owned by Comptroller Walker ally Serepher Halevi, which Walker gave her blessing to at Sunday’s groundbreaking ceremony.

Developers have been purchasing an enormous amount of foreclosed homes to build low-income housing for out of town people.  Most of these properties were tax foreclosures of the elderly who could not pay the tax increases implemented by our Comptroller. Maureen Walker has been brutal on taxpayers, especially the elderly, and has foreclosed on them at an alarming rate. Comptroller Walker has shown no mercy on the people of Mount Vernon.

Low-income housing has destroyed Mount Vernon, because it allows other towns and villages to dump their citizens in Mount Vernon. Our city has the Lion share of the County’s homeless population. City schools are overwhelmed, and Comptroller Walker remains silent while Mount Vernon declines.

Mount Vernon is being sold to the highest bidder and Comptroller Walker is in on the heist.  Comptroller Walker sold her soul for a chance to be Mayor, but she is not qualified to be Mayor or to hold any position in The City of Mount Vernon. Her department is poorly run, and she has become a liability to Mount Vernon. Comptroller Walker needs to resign and a qualified and honest Comptroller should replace her. 

To be continued?

Coming Next week...Is Comptroller Maureen Walker guilty of Federal tax evasion?

Monday, March 9, 2015


Dr. Kenneth Hamilton

 District Turnaround?

One year ago, School Board President Lenny Sarver tried to ram through the selection of Elmwood Park NJ Superintendent Richard Tomko, as Superintendent of Mount Vernon’s School System. The Board initially chose Robert Wayne Harris, because he successfully guided Roosevelt Long Island’s School District after a New York State takeover. Mr. Harris was suspiciously tampered with, and was met with difficult negotiations from the school board attorney's, specifically Gus Mountanos. Mr. Harris subsequently pulled his name from consideration. Despite the objection of Sarver, the Board majority chose Dr. Kenneth Hamilton, a successful Superintendent from Monroe Township NJ.

During the District’s negotiations with Dr. Hamilton, Lenny Sarver twisted arms of some fellow Board members and put a resolution on the table to hire Richard Tomko for Superintendent. Sarver and Tomko kept vital information from fellow board members.  Sarver and Tomko failed to disclose the fact that Tomko’s District was being cited for mismanagement of New Jersey State aid money.   Furthermore, Tomko lied to the board about the demographics of Elmwood Park, to try to prove he managed a district that mirrored Mount Vernon. Only the courage of a few Board Members prevented Tomko’s vote from passing. Tomko is now the Superintendent of Belleville, New Jersey.

Cooler heads prevailed, and Dr. Hamilton was chosen as Mount Vernon’s Superintendent.

Mount Vernon Government and religious politics have destroyed the Mount Vernon School District, and City politics continue to do so. City Officials are hell bent on bringing every low income resident in New York State to Mount Vernon. Additional low-income housing is currently being built throughout Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon is cash strapped City that already houses the lion’s share of Westchester County’s low income and homeless population. These practices have, and will continue to put a burden on Mount Vernon taxpayers. , These practices will cripple Mount Vernon’s school system as it has done in the past. Children brought into Mount Vernon from other areas throughout New York State, are being educated by our School District. Most of these children have special needs, with an average cost of $50,000 per year to educate them. Student performances will continue to suffer under these conditions.  Mount Vernon Exposed would like to see Mount Vernon School District officials address the damage being caused by City politics.

Dr. Hamilton has been doing a wonderful job as Superintendent. Wasteful spending has ceased, and vocational programs may soon begin. The tone and professionalism of the district has vastly improved from the Judith Johnson regime. Another pleasant addition to the district is Kenneth Silver, the new Business Manager.  Mr. Silver is a major upgrade from corrupt former Business Manager Timothy Costello.

It is important that Dr. Hamilton and Mr. Silver do not become influenced by religious and city leaders. Understanding the troubled past will go a long way in turning around Mount Vernon’s School District. However, if City Officials continue their policies, it will be difficult for our promising Superintendent, or any Superintendent to succeed.