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We hope our loyal readers had a wonderful and joyous Memorial Day weekend.  We are sorry to announce that we are interrupting our regularly scheduled series on Alan for a few days to bring you information about his partner in crime, the shameless, unethical, unscrupulous, Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore. 

The corruption that was allowed to exist and that still exists today in Westchester County and the 9th Judicial district was made possible with criminal cover ups by Janet DiFiore and Alan Scheinkman.  Election fraud was not prosecuted by Janet’s office.  Instead Janet DiFiore chose to launch false investigations against those that wrote, investigated, and spoke about her corruption.  Janet even had the publisher of Mount Vernon Exposed, Samuel L. Rivers, arrested 3 times on bogus charges.  The oldest case nearly 3 years old, has yet to go to trial. Janet tried having the cases fixed to go in front of judges that were her friends.  Nearly 3 years and 6 judges later, taxpayers are still footing the nearly $1 Million legal bill to continue to maliciously prosecute Mr. Rivers.  We will provide details about Mr. Rivers’ cases at a later time.

Today we fast forward to Janet DiFiore and her legal career of which many years she spent as a professional criminal.  Today the New York Post reported that Janet is in hot water for helping her Jamaican housekeeper fraudulently obtain welfare benefits courtesy of Westchester County taxpayers. 

Now that you have read the New York Post story we would like to add a few things not mentioned in the New York Post Article.  Janet’s housekeeper Marina Buchanan was an illegal immigrant while she worked for Janet.  According to a close source, Janet and her husband Dennis Glazer hired Marina in 1987 and subjected Marina to long torturous hours similar to slaves working on a cotton field.  According to documents obtained by Mount Vernon Exposed, Marina submitted an application to Immigration authorities in 2007 stating that she was just entering the country and was being sponsored by Janet DiFiore and her husband.   Dennis Glazer, also an attorney notarized the application that was submitted to Immigration officials.

The plot thickens.  In addition to violating local and state law, Janet has violated Federal law and as such all documentation obtained by Mount Vernon Exposed has been forwarded to the proper Federal authorities for investigation. 

When Janet got wind of the investigation by The Department of Social Services, she sent her henchmen John George, a Senior ADA, to Kerry Oristano, Commissioner of Human Resources, to have the investigator, Dhyalma Vazquez fired.  Janet must now answer to Federal authorities.  Both Janet and her husband face disbarment and criminal charges relating to money laundering, tax evasion, perjury, and election fraud.  A special jail should be built with the money Janet and her husband will have to repay to taxpayers.  These two sick individuals need to be housed in a jail all by themselves. 

Janet has been under fire for the past several years for her treatment of blacks after being gunned down by rogue white police officers.  Today we will prove that Janet is a racist which will hopefully explain her hatred of blacks that do not succumb to her demands.  Only the “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders are viewed as “good blacks” in the eyes of Janet DiFiore.  According to a source familiar with Janet and her criminal wrongdoings, Janet DiFiore often referred to her housekeeper as her “slave” and often made jokes at family dinners often in front of her “slave”.  When the “slave” spoke up for herself, Janet would say “What you have here is far better that what you would be doing in Jamaica.  Would you rather pick coconuts or clean the house of the most powerful couple in Westchester?.”  Janet would often tell Marina that her hard work would eventually pay off and in twenty years she would be sponsored to become a United States citizen.  20 years of slave labor in Janet’s mind = 20 years of a professional working in corporate America.  One could guess that Marina’s pension was her sponsorship by Janet and her husband.

Janet and her husband made good on her promise to sponsor Marina after she put in 20 years of hardworking “slave” labor.  Marina was also paid like a “slave”.  Marina often worked 12-18 hour days, 7 days a week and was paid $200.00 per week, which breaks down to approximately  $1.59 per hour. 

Some may wonder how Marina was suddenly approved for benefits after being denied year after year.  This was made possible by another “Uncle Tom” Negro Diane Atkins who was the former 1st Deputy Commissioner of Social Services and is now the Deputy Commissioner of Recreation for the City of Mount Vernon.  Atkins, a crook, was exposed for getting her daughter and/or niece taxpayer funded benefits to move to South Carolina and also assisted her cronies in their theft of taxpayer funds. 

The Journal New reported that Nashon Halevi, son of former Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee Chairwoman Serepher Halevi, obtained over $160K in taxpayer funded Broker fees while he was employed under the supervision of Diane Atkins.  He was later terminated because he failed to pass the required civil service exam.  Today, Nashon Halevi is back on the taxpayer payroll as an employee in the City of Mount Vernon Planning Department. Naomi Halevi, daughter, was indicted, arrested and plead guilty for illegally obtained section 8 benefits while she owned a spacious $1M home located at 10 California Road.  Serepher,  “The Queen of Election Fraud” is trying to make a comeback as the Chairwoman of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.   We will further explain this crook to crook connection in a later article. 

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We welcome our readers back to our sixth issue about Alan.  We thank you, our loyal and dedicated readers for making Mount Vernon Exposed the largest corruption reporting watchdog blog on the internet today.  You have also made Alan our most successful series ever.  To date our series on Alan has received over 17,000 hits.  We need your help to reach one million hits by July 1, 2012.  One million hits will sending a resounding message to the status quo that the taxpayers mean business and will no longer stand for the corruption, fraud, abuse, and injustice that Alan and gang of Klansman continue to engage in on a daily basis.  Alan has destroyed the integrity of the entire NYS Judicial Court system.

Mount Vernon Exposed has learned that Alan has officially gone crazy.  It has been reported to Mount Vernon Exposed that he is allegedly off of his medication that was prescribed to him right after his mental breakdown while he was County Attorney.  This can most likely be attributed to the strange, erratic, and standoffish behavior that Alan is displaying in the courts these past few days.  Alan fearing that he will get indicted by a Federal grand jury for his case fixing, kickbacks, and other shady dealings has begun to take steps to cover up his criminal activities.  

Just recently Alan was brought to public light for ordering three hit men from the Office of Court Administration and the Inspector General office to intimidate Hon. William Edwards of Mount Vernon City Court for exposing on public record Alan and others for attempting to fix cases in the Mount Vernon City Court.  We will provide details of the case fixing in a later issue.  It has also been reported to Mount Vernon Exposed that over $3M is missing from the Mount Vernon City Court.  When allegations of corruption were brought to Judge Edwards’s attention, Alan and his posse started to retaliate against Judge Edwards.  So we must ask Alan, where is the money?  Did he spend on his sailboat or did he use it in Anguilla as spending money when he was there with Judge Sam Walker and Judge Gerald Loehr?

Alan, Judge Seiden of Mount Vernon, Judge Gross of Mount Vernon, and Larry Darden, Chief Clerk of Mount Vernon, recently met to discuss filing a bogus complaint against Judge Edwards.  According to source familiar with the investigation the complainant is a court employee close to Alan.

Alan mental health issues have cost Westchester taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.  Alan has appointed several unqualified individuals to various positions throughout the ninth judicial district.  Alan also appointed Susan Newman-Loehr with a supporting vote from Westchester County Court Judge Barbara Zambelli.  This gave Alan and Janet DiFiore that opportunity to rob Westchester blind all while gunning down unarmed black men by an elite band of rogue police officers.  When it comes time to prosecute the officers for their crimes, Susan Newman-Loehr will be sure to pool an all-white affluent jury from Pelham, Harrison, and Bronxville.  

The next character is Alan’s criminal syndicate is Nancy J. Barry.  Nancy Barry is Chief Clerk of the Westchester Supreme and County Courts taking in a whopping $118K per year.  Nancy’s co-workers describe her as a lazy failure that is hardly in the office.  As Chief Clerk, Nancy is responsible for managing all aspects of court operations and non-judicial case processing activities.  But when can Nancy find the time to do all of this when she spends most of her day organizing outings for Alan and his posse?  Nancy is also always on the golf course and frequently brags to co-workers that her son attends West Point.  One can be sure to guess that Nancy’s son is training to become a General in Alan’s army of criminals.  

Nancy is another one of Alan’s best and brightest that managed to circumvent NYS civil service law requirements.  Nancy did not take the test for her current position as required by law.  Some even question if Nancy, although an admitted attorney, can even pass the test.  

Nancy started her career with her law school buddy, Westchester County Court Judge Susan Cacace as her Principal Law Clerk. The two went to Pace Law together, and colleagues described them as close until they had a falling out.   Law clerks are responsible for researching case law that is used in the Judge’s written decision.  Sources said that Judge Cacace found Nancy incompetent and terminated her.  We applaud Judge Cacace for getting rid of such a useless burden on Westchester County taxpayers. Nancy would often cite wrong cases.  We can only imagine how many innocent people are in jail due to Nancy’s incompetence.   

Judge Francis Nicolai, another lazy, corrupt Judge, then took in Nancy as his principal law clerk after she was given an express ride to the unemployment office.  When Judge Nicolai retired and Alan took the reins, Alan made Nancy a Court Attorney Referee in the Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Part.  Nancy benefited from Westchester homeowners losing their homes, as she was the one who conducted the auctions, some of which never made it to the courthouse steps because it is alleged that Nancy received hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from investors looking to purchase these properties for pennies on the dollar.  Sources said Nancy then funneled the cash payments Alan who the divided the money with the appropriate personnel. Nancy was then appointed to Chief Clerk, where she remains today.  To be continued ><><><

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Alan Zimmerman
Good Morning:  Mount Vernon Exposed has just learned that Judge Scheinkman and Chief Clerk Larry Darden of Mount Vernon have concocted a false complaint against Mount Vernon City Court Judge Hon. William Edwards.

Please click here to continue reading about the criminal cover up of Alan

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We would like to welcome our readers back to our fifth issue in our series about Alan, our most successful and most read series to date.  Over the past few days Mount Vernon Exposed has been inundated with calls about the corruption in the courts and in the Westchester County District Attorney’s office.  Our readers have expressed concerns that they no longer have faith and trust in a judicial system that is racist, unjust, and corrupt. 

This past week we have brought you exclusive breaking news that you will see only on Mount Vernon Exposed.  We have exposed the conflicts of interests that lie within Westchester County and the 9th judicial led by Alan. We have also exposed the fixing of Grand Jury proceedings to give Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore the outcome she is seeking in cases of her gang of rogue police officers gunning down unarmed black men.  It was revealed by court personnel that Janet DiFiore, Susan Newman-Loehr, and Alan Scheinkman met at an undisclosed location to discuss pooling jurors from wealthy white affluent areas for the Chamberlain Grand Jury proceedings.

Mr. Chamberlain was gunned down by racist White Plains police officers in his own home.  It was discovered that one of the police officers said “OPEN THE DOOR NIGGER WE HAVE TO TALK”.   Many throughout the community were outraged but not surprised that Janet’s office was not able to get an indictment.  As the saying goes ” You can indict a ham sandwich”.  This saying means that based on the evidence that is presented to the Grand Jury you can get the outcome that you are seeking.  It is clear that Janet withheld evidence that would have resulted in an indictment.  A combination of the panel of racist white Grand Jurors from affluent areas in Westchester County and the withholding of key evidence resulted in the police officers not getting indicted.  Janet, Alan, and Susan Newman-Loehr gave the green light to White Plains Police Commissioner David Chong to “SHOOT DOWN MORE NIGGERS”.  

In order to understand the corruption that is permeating the 9th Judicial District, one must try to understand the mindset and look into the extracurricular activities of the elected officials committing the crimes.  

Elected officials and those in power tend to play by two different set of rules.  They begin to think that they are the law and that they are above the law.  For example, employees in the private sector must take drug tests before they are hired and some companies even do random drug testing to ensure compliance with the drug free workplace policy.  However elected officials and those that drink from the public till do not have to submit to drug testing.  They are free to engage in a lifestyle of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. 

Mount Vernon Exposed polled 100 people about the thoughts that a Judge could be addicted to narcotics.  All 100 people polled said no and that they wouldn’t believe a Judge would engage in that type of activity.  We then asked the same 100 people if they ever heard of Richard Baumgartner, they all said no.

Richard Baumgartner and Alan Scheinkman are cut from the same cloth and are two peas in a pod.  Richard Baumgartner is a former Knoxville, Tennessee Criminal Court Judge that was found guilty of official misconduct for his behavior on and off the bench.  Richard Baumgartner and Alan Scheinkman share the same similarities in their behavior on and off the bench. CLICK HERE TO READ THE RICHARD BAUMGARTNER STORY

Richard Baumgartner was addicted to painkillers that were prescribed to him for treatment of his chronic alcohol abuse.  When doctors no longer would write prescriptions for his habit, Richard Baumgartner turned to the people he put in jail to supply him the drugs.  Richard Baumgartner frequently had sex in his chambers with his supplier while court was in session on recess break.  

As a result of Richard Baumgartner’s conviction many of his cases have been set for new trials and some of the people he put in jail are now free.

Mount Vernon Exposed previously reported that Alan is not mentally fit to be a judge.  According to sources, Alan had a mental breakdown while he was the Westchester County Attorney.  It was also reported to Mount Vernon Exposed by an anonymous source that Alan was prescribed medication for his mental illness.  It is now alleged that Alan is addicted to these painkillers and obtains them in the same fraudulent manner as Richard Baumgartner.  

Every year, Alan and his wife Faith Miller host a lavish party at their home at 10 Puritan Road in Rye that is attended by several elected officials, and many of Alan’s co-workers who are also sitting Judges.  According to a source, Mount Vernon Exposed was told that this is nothing more than a sex filled boozing and drug orgy.  Alan also put his hand up his wife Faith Millers crotch in public in the presence of sitting Supreme Court judges.

After Alan’s mental breakdown, it is alleged that he became addicted to illegal narcotics, specifically cocaine.  According to the source, Alan, Faith Miller, sitting Supreme Court and County Court Judges, and others allegedly regularly sniff cocaine as a recreational sport.  It has even been reported that Alan uses drugs in chambers inbetween his calendar call. 
Prior to their marriage, sources confirmed to Mount Vernon Exposed that Alan and Faith Miller would engage in sexual activity in his chambers. Faith Miller would then go appear in front of other Judges in the same building. 

Alan’s behavior is not that of a sane, drug free person.  A sane person would not put their hand up their spouse’s crotch in public in front of other sitting judges.  

Currently in New York State, elected and appointed officials, including judges, do not have to submit to drug tests nor is being drug free a requirement for holding public office.  Public officials that handle billions and billions of taxpayer funds can be high as a kite while they are making laws or passing budgets that affect the lives of millions of New Yorkers.

Alan seems to embrace the criminal element; after all he is a criminal himself.  Just last month at the State of the County address, Alan was seen embracing and sitting next to Gordon Burrows, the disgraced Westchester County Legislator that was arrested with Timothy Cacace, brother of Westchester County Court Judge Susan Cacace, for snorting cocaine in an upstate Mobil gas station parking lot.  

It was alleged that Alan was able to get Burrows a deal by reaching out to the judge handling the case.  As a result of Alan’s interference, Burrows was able to avoid jail time by pleading guilty to a single count of disorderly conduct.  

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Alan had a lot to lose if Gordon went to jail.  It has been told to Mount Vernon Exposed that Alan and Burrows and other sitting judges, who we will reveal at a later date, all use the same cocaine supplier.  We must now ask the question; is Alan high on drugs when he renders decisions in the 9th Judicial District?

Mount Vernon Exposed has learned that a civil rights group is preparing to go to Federal Court to compel Alan to submit to a mental fitness test and also to a drug test. 
To be continued>>>>

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We would like to welcome our readers back to our fourth issue about Alan.  In previous issues about Alan, we spoke about his conflicts of interest in regards to his wife and former business partner and colleague, Faith Miller practicing in front of Judges that are personal friends of Alan.  These are the same judges that come over to Alan’s house for hot dogs, hamburgers, and pork and beans.  These are also the same judges that frequently provide Alan with free trips to exotic islands in exchange for favorable case loads and court assignments.  

It was also revealed that Alan was in the presence of sitting judges while putting his hand up his wife’s crotch at an event.  Alan also put into place a system that would allow him to stay on the golf course and cruise the waters in his sailboat while his gang heard his caseload.  Alan has destroyed the integrity of the entire judicial system in the State of New York.  Alan is the reason that the Officer Carelli from the White Plains department did not get indicted for gunning down an unarmed black man while his partner said “OPEN THE DOOR, WE HAVE TO TALK NIGGER”.  Alan fully supports this type of aggression against the black community.  

For those of you that are just tuning in, we are referring to the UNHONORABLE Judge Alan D. Scheinkman, Administrative Judge of the 9th Judicial District.  Mount Vernon Exposed would like to announce that we fully support the Chamberlain family and we will work tirelessly in the pursuit of justice until the officers that think that we are still in the segregated south are indicted and convicted of murder and civil rights violations.  

The African American community should not be surprised that the officer that murdered Mr. Chamberlain did not get indicted.  It is through the manipulation of the African American community by their “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders that these conditions are allowed to exist in the first place.  It was the Black Clergy that endorsed Janet DiFiore for Westchester County District.  These black pastors would then let Janet DiFiore who has a failed record of never prosecuting any officer when it comes to murdering or beating down a person of color, come into their church on Sunday morning and let Janet into the pulpit to speak to the thousands of people in attendance.  Janet would then give a speech about how much she has done in the community, programs she has instituted to combat domestic violence, and why you should allow her four more years to protect you because crime will go way up if she is not elected.

The blacks in attendance will then get duped into voting for a corrupt district attorney because the “Uncle Tom” pastor would validate Janet DiFiore.  The blacks would then think that Janet DiFiore is down for their cause because Janet came to their church and sat with their pastor, another black person.  However this in not the case.  In Janet’s mind she is thinking “give me four more years so my gang of officers can shoot down more niggers.”

The community should not be outraged that a White Plains Police officer called a black person a nigger.  Alan, Janet and White Plains Police Commissioner David Chong view black people as niggers.  If you do see them in public with black people stay as far away you can from those black people as they are the ones that sold you out in the first place.  Those are the “Uncle Toms” we are referring to from this point on. 

It is not the intention of Mount Vernon Exposed to divide the community.  We are not taking the position that all Caucasians are racist and we are not taking the position that all African Americans are racist.  However we are taking the position that justice should be color blind and free from the appearance of impropriety.  Justice is racist in Westchester County. Alan Scheinkman and Janet DiFiore are two racists individuals who share the same way of thinking.

With the assistance of Alan and Susan Newman Loehr, Commissioner of Jurors, Janet DiFiore got her a panel of jurors that would not indict the officers.  According to a source with knowledge of the Grand Jury proceedings, Janet, Alan and Susan Newman had a meeting to discuss where a jury pool would come from only after the news of the execution of Mr. Chamberlain made national headlines.  Mount Vernon Exposed was told that the jurors that heard the testimony were all from areas such as Bronxville, Pelham Manor, Harrison, Pleasantville, Rye, and Larchmont, all areas that are known for their aggressive racial profiling tactics against the Hispanic and African American community.  

Janet has pulled these tricks over and over again.  We saw this same movie with Officer Ridley and D.J. Henry.  Again Janet was assisted by Susan Newman Loehr and Alan Scheinkman in selecting jury pools from these areas.  Not until Alan Scheinkman and Susan Newman Loehr are removed from power will the African American community begin to receive equal protection under the law.  Whenever a black person is gunned down by a rogue police officer, they will continue to pool jurors from these same racist areas.  Janet and Alan know very well that pooling a jury from White Plains, Greenburgh, Yonkers, Peekskill, Mount Vernon, and New Rochelle would have brought an indictment against Officer Carelli.  

Shouldn’t a jury have been pooled from White Plains, the City where the officers work and get paid by the White Plains taxpayers? After all, all those accused of a crime deserve to be tried by a jury of their peers unless the peers of those involved in the execution of Mr. Chamberlain come from the above mentioned areas.   We challenge Janet DiFiore to prove Mount Vernon Exposed wrong by releasing the names of the jurors that heard the testimony.  We can almost be certain that is was stacked with racist rednecks and “uncle toms”.  

Susan Newman Loehr, wife of County Court Judge Gerald Loehr who is seeking election this year to the Supreme Court, is the Commissioner of Jurors for Westchester County.  She is responsible for pooling jurors on County Criminal and Supreme Court Civil Cases.  That is a lot of power for one person to have.  Alan, on a motion seconded by County Court Judge Barbara Zambelli, appointed Susan Newman Loehr as the Commissioner of Jurors.  Alan didn’t disclose publicly that he had a conflict of interest or even should have abstained himself from the matter because he took frequent trips to Anguilla with Judge Loehr and Judge Sam Walker.  Susan Newman Loehr is currently suing her employer, The New York State Unified Court System, because she wanted a $30,000 raise and wanted to be paid for two positions at the same time.  

The African American community must remove all trust, hope, and faith that they will ever receive justice in Westchester County while Alan is the Administrative Judge and Janet DiFiore is the District Attorney.  The justice system in Westchester County is nothing more than a patronage mill where people are shuffled illegally from position to position and the best felacio can get you a job as a judge’s secretary or Executive Director of the 9th Judicial District.  

The African American community must be even more foolish or suffer from the same mental illness as Alan if they think that their black pastor or “Uncle Tom” Negros leader will do something for them or stand with them in solidarity during a time of crisis.  Not one African American elected official expressed any outrage or came out publicly about the White Plains Police officer calling Mr. Chamberlain a “NIGGER”.  These “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders view their fellow African Americans as “Niggers” too. The “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders think that they are better than their fellow African American and feel that they have made it in life because they drive a fancy Mercedes or BMW convertible and they own a home. Unbeknownst to these “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders these same people that they think they are like and are part of “The Clique” will turn on them when everything hits the fan and will repossess their car and foreclose on their home when the going gets tough. 

The African American community must immediately cease putting trust in these “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders and start exploring different options and maybe put trust in people or organizations that may not look like them.  Trusting in those that look like them has gotten the African American community nowhere.  Job losses, high crime, poor health and failing schools are the results of the African American putting trust in the “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders who go shopping with Janet and smoke cigars and eat pork and beans with Alan.  Albert Einstein once said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  

However there does appear to be light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope for cleaning up the corruption in the 9th Judicial District.  Mount Vernon Exposed has learned that Chief Administrative Judge Hon. A. Gail Prudenti is aware of the corruption in the 9th Judicial and has made it a priority to clean it up.  We have sent correspondence regarding our investigation.  We will keep you posted on the response from Judge Prudenti’s office. 


Thursday, May 3, 2012


Corrupt Racist Alan Scheinkman
We would like to welcome our readers back to our third issue about Alan who has already become the top search item on Mount Vernon Exposed amassing a record 10,670 hits just this week alone.  Please keep the tips coming in.  At this point you should be very familiar with the sick and twisted mind of Alan Scheinkman, a certified racist, fraud, womanizer, and cheater.  It was recently reported that Alan put his hand up the crotch of his wife Faith Miller in public while in the presence of other sitting Supreme Court and County Judges.
It is becoming quite clear during our investigation that Alan does indeed have a mental problem and is a certified lunatic.  Alan is a failure and his erratic thinking has cost and still is costing New York State taxpayers millions of dollars per year.  

So far we have exposed the circle of corruption permeating the 9th judicial district.  Alan is the head of the criminal enterprise operating in the 9th judicial system.  He is assisted by Nancy Mangold, James Garfein, Jennifer Jaffe, J Marshall Mangold, Susan Newman Loehr, several Supreme Court judges and others.  We will expose each and every person that is part of this criminal enterprise over the next few weeks.  

Today we bring you another creepy character that is the glue that keeps the money machine cranking throughout Westchester County.  This shady figure is Susan Newman Loehr, wife of Westchester County Court Judge Gerald Loehr. Judge Loehr is also looking to advance in Alan crime family by seeking a New York State Supreme Court Judgeship. We will make sure that Judge Loehr’s mission ends before it even begins.

  It was previously reported that Alan took plenty of free trips to Anguilla with Supreme Court Judge Sam Walker, County Court Judge Gerald Loehr, and other sitting judges while discussing open cases.  It was also alleged that Alan and other Judges patronized prostitutes while on these excursions.  

Susan Newman Loehr is currently the Commissioner of Jurors and is handsomely compensated by taxpayers at an annual rate of $120,626.  Susan is responsible for getting jurors (including cases involving her husband) for the thousands of cases heard in Westchester County each year. 

Alan had a plan to rape the taxpayers of millions of dollars.  As the saying goes “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”.  Alan had no intentions of failing.  Alan was very instrumental in getting Susan appointed as the Commissioner of Jurors.  Susan’s appointment was political payback for favors owed to Susan’s husband, Judge Gerald Loehr.  Judge Loehr is Scheinkman’s hit man.  If Scheinkman wants to screw someone or wants to interrupt someone’s life with a biased ruling, he arranges to have the cases put in front of Gerald Loehr, another certified racist and a fraud.   We will report on Judge Loehr’s cases of impropriety in the next few days.  

While they were island hopping Alan would come up with the idea to appoint Susan as the Commissioner of Jurors.  The Commissioner of Jurors is appointed by the Jury Board that consists Alan, Judge Barbara Zambelli, and County Executive Robert Astorino.  Mount Vernon Exposed has obtained copies of the transcripts from the meeting appointing Susan as Commissioner of Jurors.  The testimony given by Alan is disturbing and reeks of corruption.  

Alan stated that during this meeting that there were over 70 applicants that applied for the position that was becoming vacant because the previous commissioner was retiring.  Alan also said that out of the 70 applicants that only one stood out and that was Susan Loehr. 

 Alan thought by putting Susan is charge of Jurors that would further his criminal enterprise.  Susan would pool jurors that would be favorable to Alan and others.  Alan is listed as presiding Judge of the Commercial Division, the division that hears commercial claims greater than $100,000.  

Susan’s high handed behavior didn’t end with her appointment as the Commissioner of Jurors. Before she was appointed the Commissioner of Jurors, Susan held the position of Principal Administrative Assistant for the 9th Judicial District.  Susan currently holds two positions and wants to get paid for them as well.  The Chief Administrative Judge of New York State disagrees and stripped Susan of receiving two paychecks.

Mount Vernon Exposed has obtained a copy of the lawsuit and it is attached to this story.  The contents are disturbing.  Susan wrote in court papers “At Judge Scheinkman’s request, I continue to perform the Human Resource functions of Principal Administrative Assistant for the 9th Judicial District.”  How does Susan sue the employer that pays her salary?  Susan too appears to be an individual that suffers from some sort of mental disorder, and taxpayers are the ones that will suffer from that mental disorder.  

Alan’s criminal enterprise is deeply rooted and is larger than La Costra Nostra.  Alan has no honor.  In fact he fully supports Susan is her lawsuit against the New York State Unified Court System.  Susan also wrote in court papers Indeed, the current District Administrative Judge expressed on the public record, at the meeting of the Westchester County Jury Board at which I was appointed Commissioner, that my service to the UCS has been exemplary. The minutes of that meeting are attached hereto as Exhibit B”.
Susan is a key figure in keeping the money flowing throughout Westchester County. She pools jurors from areas and neighborhoods that she thinks would return verdicts favorable to her fellow members of the Alan criminal syndicate.  
To Be Continued>>>>

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We would like to welcome our readers back to part 2 of our series on Alan.  Alan has no respect for taxpayers.  Alan could care less if you were able to put food on your table or if you had a roof over your head.  Alan doesn’t understand because Alan is not like us, the 99%.  Alan is part of an elitist group of folks whose only mission is to further the corruption, fraud, and abuse in the New York State Unified Court System. 

As reported earlier, Alan was and still is a very lazy man.  Lazy people who are in power are afforded the luxury of using our tax dollars to finance their lavish lifestyles.  The Alan being referred to is Alan Scheinkman, Administrative Judge for the 9th judicial district, long said to be the most corrupt judicial district in the State of New York. 

While families were starving and getting kicked out of their homes via foreclosure (cases that pass through Scheinkman’s court), Alan went on a multi-million dollar taxpayer funded shopping spree.  Alan decided to hire all of his friends and build a system that would allow him to spend more time on the golf course and on his sailboat.

Alan hired Nancy Mangold who is currently making $144,574 per year and her title as listed on the New York State Unified Court Website is “District Executive”.  Just what exactly is a “District Executive”?   

According to SeeThroughNY, Mangold’s job is listed as “Ast Dep Chf Admn” This does not look anything like the title given to her by Alan.  Alan changed Mangold’s job description because the position as listed on SeeThroughNY, is a civil service position. What does that exactly mean? According to NYS Civil Service law, Nancy Mangold’s should have taken a competitive examination that was advertised to the public. 

Mount Vernon Exposed was told by a source that Hon. A. Gail Prudenti’s office is directly handling matters pertaining to an investigation in the 9th Judicial District. Hon. A. Gail Prudenti is the Chief Administrative Judge for New York State and is responsible for running the New York State Unified Court System. 

The issue of Alan’s mental fitness again comes into play.  It was earlier reported that Alan had a mental breakdown while he was Westchester County Attorney.  Is Alan mentally fit to be on the bench?  We must not take lightly that Alan may have a mental illness.  The thoughts that go on in Alan’s head affects well over a million people in the counties of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange counties.  Would a truly sane person behave as Alan has publicly displayed? In our previous issue we broke the exclusive news that Alan put his hand up his wife Faith Miller’s crotch in pubic while in the presence of other sitting Supreme Court and County Court Judges. 

While unconfirmed until Freedom of Information Requests are fulfilled, it has been said that Nancy Mangold went from a grade 12 to a grade 29 overnight and received a raise of tens of thousands of dollars as part of this multi-million taxpayer funded shopping spree.  Nancy Mangold hired her son who also went up the ranks pretty quickly.  J Marshall Mangold in 2008,  was a Sr Court Office Keyboard making $33,079.  Today,  J Marshall Mangold is a court attorney making $64, 834.  It would not be complete without Jennifer Jaffe, Nancy Mangold’s daughter in-law who is Alan’s principal secretary.  Does this reek of corruption and nepotism?

By keeping a close knit family, the corruption is able to continue.  Alan is not really running the courts because he is never there.  Jennifer Jaffe covers for Alan by deflecting calls of extreme importance to her mother in law who then deals with the situation.  All legal work is done by James Garfein, Alan’s top tiger in the office.  It was told to Mount Vernon Exposed that a majority of the judges in the 9th Judicial District are not happy because they are forced to deal with Nancy Mangold who is in her position illegally because a test was never called for. Nancy Mangold was only legally allowed to serve in her position for 9 months without taking a test.  It was reported that several court employees in Alan’s building are not happy with Nancy Mangold who is often referred to as the “Black Widow”. 

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Jennifer S Jaffe and Nancy Mangold’s son are married.  Is this a conflict of interest? Jennifer S. Jaffe makes $59, 183 per year.   Nancy Mangold also has quite an ambitious agenda.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Nancy Mangold wants her son to become a Judge and take Alan’s position as Administrative Judge for the 9th Judicial District. 

We encourage you to look at the video attached to this article and to follow our video series of “Judicial Review”.    To be continued>>>>>