Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Sources have informed Mount Vernon Exposed that former Mayor Clinton Young is setting up to return as Mayor of Mount Vernon.  In recent weeks, the former embattled corrupt Mayor has been trying to get support for his candidacy but has been getting fierce opposition from the public.

According to a political insider, Mayor Young has stacked the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee with district leaders hoping to steal the party's nomination next month when the party meets to endorse candidates for this year's election.  District leaders will endorse (1) candidate for Mayor and (2) candidates for City Council. 

Clinton Young is up to his old tricks and should not be allowed anywhere near public office.  Sources have confirmed to Mount Vernon Exposed that Clinton Young is planning to bring back Terrence Horton as DPW Commissioner.  Horton, the "bag man" for Clinton Young, squandered away

Mount Vernon Exposed has received quite a large number of complaints in recent weeks regarding activity coming from Young's camp.  Young has employed two of his "shakedown artists" in an attempt to get other candidates running for Mayor to drop out of the race.

In recent weeks, Antoine Lowe, the corrupt former Director of Civil, has been popping up with Young at meetings.  Lowe was arrested for soliciting a Mount Vernon Police officer posing as a prostitute.  Lowe would routinely "shake down" businesses around the City of Mount Vernon.


Another violent thug employed by the Young camp is James "Jamie" Dickerson.  Dickerson made headlines when he assaulted community activist Samuel L. Rivers on orders from former Mayor Clinton Young.  Dickerson was subsequently arrested and charged with the crime he committed against Rivers. 

Dickerson recently met with Mayoral candidate Deborah Reynolds and told her to "drop out" the race for Mayor because she will take votes away from Clinton Young.  Federal authorities need to investigate Clinton Young's camp attempting to "muscle “people out of the race.


Clinton Young has already shown in the early stages of this campaign that he will stop at nothing to recapture the Mayoral seat, even if it means breaking the law.  Why would Clinton Young continue to surround himself with such violent thugs?

Where has Clinton Young been the last four years?  What has he done in the community during his absence from public office?  Why does Clinton Young feel he is entitled to be Mayor again in the City of Mount Vernon?


Monday, April 27, 2015


Outraged community leaders are calling on Senator Ruth Hassel Thompson to withdraw her candidacy for Mayor and to pay her outstanding building permit and applications fees to the City of Mount Vernon. 

When Senator Ruth Hassel Thompson announced her candidacy for Mayor a few ago she stated what has long been on the mind of many Mount Vernonites: that the Mount Vernon Department of Buildings is rife with corruption.   However, the embattled senator failed to state that she is part of this corruption. 

The senator installed a new roof on her house in 2013 and failed to file a building permit and also failed to gain approval from the Architectural Review Board.  When Hassel-Thompson was approached at her announcement ceremony about her failure to remit the proper fees to the Department of Buildings, Hassel-Thompson blamed the malfeasance on her contractor.  Here we are two years later and not one single penny has been paid by the Senator or her contractor to the City of Mount Vernon for installing the new roof.   An ordinary John Q public citizen would have never received a permit without paying the proper fees and would also receive a violation for installing a roof without a permit and well as have to pay a legalization fee. 

A political insider revealed to Mount Vernon Exposed that embattled Senator didn't pay a dime for her new roof and this is just the tip of the iceberg pertaining to gifts and money given to and demanded by the Senator in recent years.  "Why do you think the Feds were interested in the Senator?  Because she is dirty that's why" said the insider. 

According to a city official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the roof installed by Senator Hassel Thompson would not have been approved by City officials because the Senator switched from a slate roof to an asphalt roof and such changes are usually rejected by the Architectural Review Board because it negatively impacts the aesthetics of the property and the neighborhood.   

During her Mayoral candidacy announcement, Hassel-Thompson also slammed criminal Mayor Ernie Davis stating that the building department is ran poorly and takes over 6 months to get a building permit. 

The senator also alluded to Commissioner Mark Warren not enforcing or cracking down on what she said was an epidemic of illegal apartments throughout the City of Mount Vernon.  Many fires in the City of Mount Vernon have been attributed to these illegal apartments. 

Building Commissioner Mark Warren must adhere to Senator Thompson's demands and begin to crack down on the thousands of illegal apartments currently in the City of Mount Vernon. 


Thursday, April 23, 2015


It is no secret in the City of Mount that the administration’s of convicted criminal Mayor Ernie Davis and Clinton Young were the most corrupt in the history of Mount Vernon.  The Davis and Young regime's was also the most corrupt in New York State for a city of its size.

In a corrupt regimes, their a facilitator that acts as an intermediary between the public and the regime that employs the facilitator.  The facilitator is also known as the "bagman". 

The "bagman" is responsible for delivery of cash that usually comes from nefarious activities such as racketeering, bribery and extortion to the leader of the regime.   The "bagman" is usually appointed to a position of power and has the authority to makes "things happen" without the consent of the leader of the regime.

During the first few terms of Mayor Davis, the "bagman" of choice was former Mount Vernon Building Commissioner and Treasurer of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee Ralph Tedesco. 

Tedesco was responsible for shaking down contractors looking to do business with the City of Mount Vernon.  These contractors would them make hefty donations and purchase tables at fundraisers thrown by the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.  Donations would then be funneled to Mayor Davis campaign needs. 

Tedesco also made life hard for architects, contractors, and others that didn't fall in line with the program.  Architectural plans and permits filed with the Department of Buildings would be delayed, especially if you didn't choose an architect of contractor that was "Mayor Davis" friendly.  In other words, if you didn't use one of King Ernie's people, you weren't getting far.  If you did eventually get a permit without falling victim to Tedesco's extortion tactics, chances are you have either out your property up for sale or file bankruptcy because of all the monies you expended behind petty plan examiner objections by Tedesco that cost you additional time and money. 

Clinton Young had a chance to take over and do some real good for the City of Mount Vernon.  Instead, Young displayed his greed from the onset.  Young immediately created unnecessary positions at the taxpayer’s expense.  Young also recklessly gave his staffers raises before they even started in their positions.  Two of these controversial hires were Young's sister Mary Graves and former corrupt DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton.  Former Clinton Young top aide John Boykin told us on the recording that Tedesco was in fact the "bagman" for Mayor Ernie Davis and Clinton Young.

Young also promised during his campaign for Mayor that he would clean up the Department of Buildings. Instead, Young retained the services of Tedesco and allowed the corruption to continue.  Tedesco's corruption now knew no boundaries.  Profits were flourishing and Young was getting fatter by the day.  Tedesco became so comfortable with his capers that he started to get sloppy.  It was not until this very website exposed Tedesco for bid rigging that he eventually was forced to resign. 
Clinton Young had gotten used to the profits funneled to him through DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton and Building Commissioner Ralph Tedesco and would not allow Tedesco's departure to slow down the gravy train.  After all Clinton Young is a very lazy man that has depended on public service paychecks for most of his life. 

Young would seek out a new "bagman".  The new "bagman" must not give off the appearance that he is shady or up to no good.  The new "bagman" must give off the impression that he cares about the City of Mount Vernon when if fact the new "bagman" will not live anywhere near the City of Mount Vernon.  The new "bagman" must give off the appearance that reform of the building department is on the way, when in fact; this is just a smokescreen to hide the millions being pilfered from taxpayer coffers.  The new "bagman" must be willing to break the law and take the fall when things get hot; in other words the new "bagman" will be left holding the bag.

Mark Warren was eventually hired as Mayor Young's "bagman".  Warren came in appearing to be an upright and moral person that seemed to want to do the right thing for the City of Mount Vernon.  

Every administration typically chooses their own Commissioners when they are sworn into office.  Clinton Young kept Ralph Tedesco and Ernie Davis kept Mark Warren.  One must conclude that illicit funds are funneled through the Department of Buildings and the Department of Public Works. 

Commissioner Warren is still around doing King Ernie's dirty work.  On King Ernie's orders, Commissioner  Warren has issued dozens of illegal permits and allowed businesses to operate that do not have the required Certificates of Occupancy.  Commissioner Warren is the only holdover from the administration of Clinton Young. 

Now, Clinton Young wants to come back and be Mayor again in the City of Mount Vernon.  If that happens, one can be assured that the corruption in the Department of Buildings will never end.


Thursday, April 9, 2015


Tomorrow at 10 A.M. the race for Mayor in the City of Mount Vernon is set to begin as the first of an unsavory cast of characters in set to announce her candidacy for Mayor. 

That character is corrupt New York State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson, the do nothing Senator who represents parts of Mount Vernon and a huge section covering parts of the Bronx.

Many question the motives of Senator Thompson seeking the Mayoral office in Mount Vernon, but one thing is for sure; Senator Thompson is nothing more than criminal Mayor Ernie Davis in a dress.  Senator Thompson did nothing as a City Council person in Mount Vernon and even less as a Senator in Albany.

The embattled Senator is the subject of a Federal investigation as she was caught on Federal wiretaps.  The contents of those wiretaps still have not been made available to the public.  According to an Albany insider, Senator Thompson was very instrumental in the backdoor deal making in Albany and testified at the trial of former Majority Leader Malcolm Smith.  It is alleged that Senator Thompson testified against Senator Smith in exchange for Thompson not being prosecuted by Federal authorities for her years of corruption while serving as a Senator in Albany.

To add insult to injury Senator Thompson has formed a ticket with a bunch of unscrupulous individuals that will be her running mates.


Senator Thompson's running mate that will seek City Council seats are Lisa Copeland and Diane Munro-Morris.  Lisa Copeland was the former City Clerk who intentionally and willfully destroyed documents in City Hall when F.B.I agents were investigating Mayor Ernie Davis.  Those documents included financial disclosure statements of Mayor Davis and other documents.

Diane Munro-Morris is the former president the Mount Vernon City School District Board of Trustees and is a former Mount Vernon City Councilwoman.  While serving on the school board, Munro-Morris was singlehandedly responsible for bring in former Superintendent Dr. Sawyer, the corrupt Superintendent that used taxpayer coffers as her personal slush fund and was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a teacher at Mount Vernon High School.

According to political insider, is has even been alleged that Munro-Morris profited in the hiring of Dr. Sawyer by receiving a kickback from the search firm that recommended the hiring of Dr. Sawyer.

Question have gone unanswered about the health of Senator Thompson and if she is even healthy enough to endure the campaign for Mayor which is sure to be an exhausting and the most difficult campaign of Senator's Thompson career.  In recent years, including during last years re-election campaign for Senate, Senator Thompson was hospitalized with serious health issues.   Many of these hospitalizations seem to occur during the State budget process, which raises further doubt if Senator Thompson is mentally competent to serve as Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon.  

Mount Vernon residents are encouraged to come out at 10 A.M. tomorrow on the steps of City Hall as Senator Thompson publicly announces her candidacy to continue the criminal enterprise of criminal Mayor Ernie Davis.

Happy Campaigning Senator Thompson!

Next up...Is former Mayor Clinton Young planning to come back as Mayor to finish his quest of looting the City of Mount Vernon?