Sunday, March 28, 2010


From L to R Loretta Hottinger, Mayor Clinton Young, Judge Helen Blackwood and Reginald LaFayette


A complaint has been filed against Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Loretta Hottinger with The United States Office of Special Counsel (OSC) for violating the Hatch Act of 1939.  The Hatch Act restricts the political activity of individuals principally employed by state or local executive agencies and who work in connection with programs financed in whole or in part by federal loans or grants.  

Mount Vernon Exposed has received confirmation that OSC has received the complaint and an investigatory file has been opened in the matter.  

Hottinger is very familiar with the Hatch Act of 1939.  On January 13th, 2010 notice of a complaint being filed against Councilman Steven Horton with OSC was brought to the attention of the Mount Vernon City Council.  City Council members stated publicly that they were forwarding the complaint to the Corporation Counsel’s office.  Councilman Horton has also stated publicly that the matter is in the hands of the Corporation Counsel’s office.

Question 14 on Form 13, the legal instrument used to file a complaint with OSC reads, “Does subject have knowledge of The Hatch Act?”  The options available are Yes, No, and Not Sure.  Yes was checked off as that was the appropriate response in Hottinger’s situation. 

Hottinger is quite the political hack and is often referred to as a political prostitute.  Hottinger also has been referred to as a ‘Professional Corrupt Deal Maker’ (CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY ON LORETTA HOTTINGER AND RONALD DETRES ).  Hottinger acting in concert with her husband Ronald Detres, have always tried to get Hottinger elected as a judge, even if it meant trampling over others and stabbing allies in the back.  Detres is referred to as a ‘Master of Divisive Tactics’.

Detres made headlines last year when he, Kenneth Plummer, and Omar Boucher violently attacked Democratic District Leader Samuel l. Rivers at Democratic Headquarters in Mount Vernon.  Detres, following advice from Kenneth Plummer subsequently filed a false police report in connection with this incident.  Detres told the police office that Samuel L. Rivers was not a member of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee. 

In addition to the many divisive tactics used by Detres, many in the political circles throughout New York State view Detres as untrustworthy, arrogant, and outright incompetent.  His true arrogant self was displayed just last election season when Detres refused assistance from Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee 1st Vice Chairman and Election Commissioner Reginald LaFayette.  LaFayette had offered to send a professional to assist Detres and others with the nominating petitions.  Detres refused LaFayette’s help and as a result all four candidates were dropped from the Democratic Primary.  Detres stated that LaFayette was the enemy as his reasoning for not accepting LaFayette’s help with the petitions. 

Now Detres and others are now looking to “the enemy” for help in securing nominations for Hottinger.  A group of citizens determined to get out the truth about Hottinger and her husband Detres, has set up a website (VISIT THE WEBSITE NOW) to inform the public about the corrupt and divisive practices of this creepy husband and wife duo.  The NYS Supreme Court is no place for a scoundrel such a Hottinger. 

Mount Vernon Exposed has also been informed that a massive letter writing campaign is under way in opposition of Loretta Hottinger’s candidacy for New York State Supreme Court.  Every bar association and every local political organization will receive a letter along with supporting documentation detailing the corrupt activities of Loretta Hottinger.  Taxpayers are encouraged to do the same.    


Bar Associations

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



WHEN: MARCH 24TH, 2010


TIME: 7 P.M.






Mount Vernon, NY March 23rd , 2010-  An extremely close friend of Mayor Clinton Young has assaulted a critic of Mayor Young’s and has gotten away with it every time despite numerous police reports being filed and the Westchester District Attorney’s office being notified.

James Dickerson has assaulted Samuel L. Rivers on at least 3 occasions, the last being on Monday, March 22nd, 2010.  The assault that occurred on March 22nd, 2010 was videotaped by Samuel L. Rivers.  Samuel L. Rivers was previously threatened by former assistant to Mayor Young John Boykin for criticizing the administration of Mayor Young and for exposing corruption within his administration.  “I am being targeted because of the corruption that I have uncovered in Mayor Young’s administration” Rivers said.

Samuel L. Rivers has recently uncovered corruption that directly links James Dickerson to the City of Mount Vernon overbilling HUD by $1.7M and has reported such findings on his blog  Dickerson is working with another close friend of Mayor Clinton Young, Kenneth Plummer of Kensworth Consulting, who was retained as a lobbyist by Atlantic Development, a construction company under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

“Dickerson had a major role in Mount Vernon overbilling HUD”, says Rivers, “I have uncovered the fraud that a trained Inspector General was paid over $200,000 to do at no cost to Mount Vernon taxpayers” Rivers said.
“Dickerson is at the head of a controversial project, being proposed by a controversial developer under criminal investigation” Rivers added  “Something does not add up here” “ The Feds need to intervene ASAP before we have another Ridge Hill situation here in Mount Vernon”. 

A harassment police report was filed on Saturday March 20th, 2010 against James Dickerson (see MVPD Incident# 10-15431) and on March 22nd, 2010 for a videotaped assault (see MVPD Incident # 10-15858).  Rivers has already written to the United States Department of Justice asking for Federal intervention because he feels that Mayor Young and top brass in the MVPD are purposely covering Dickerson’s crimes.  A report was also filed in April 2009 against Dickerson for an assault against Rivers in the Mount Vernon City Courthouse, an event witnessed by a court officer, and Yolanda Robinson, Chief of Staff to Mayor Clinton Young.

Dickerson has been in a long term relationship with Tracy Thompson, daughter of NYS State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson.  As heard on tape recorded conversation between Mayor Young and Westchester Guardian publisher Sam Zherka, Dickerson was the one who secured the job for his girlfriend Tracy Thompson.

Capt. Hastings the Officer in charge at the scene when Rivers called police failed to arrest Dickerson even though Rivers mentioned to him that the entire incident was recorded on video. “Mayor Young is abusing his power, and Mount Vernon Police Officers are following his order out of fear of retaliation” said Rivers.  “I have written to the FEDS asking for immediate intervention in this matter” “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Sunday, March 21, 2010



Corrupt Real Estate Broker James A. Dickerson

Embattled Businessman Kenneth Plummer of Kensworth Consulting

When: Monday, March 22nd, 2010 7 P.M.

Where: Community Church at the Circle (Corner of Gramatan & and Lincoln Avenues)

Why: Mount Vernon taxpayers to speak in opposition of proposed massive low income housing development
          being proposed in downtown Mount Vernon

Con Artist Alert

A Manhattan developer that had their offices raided in April 2009 by the Manhattan District Attorney’s and the New York City Department of Investigation (see New York Daily News, April 24th, 2009) is holding a public meeting in Mount Vernon.  Atlantic Development is being probed for paying bribes to city Building Department officials, hiring undocumented workers, and illegally influencing local politicians to win approval for its many projects. 

Disguising under a different name, (Blue Rio, LLC) Atlantic Development has decided to move north of Manhattan into a city notoriously known for its corrupt politics and development practices.  A search of NYS Board of Election records has revealed that Peter Fine, Marc Althiem, and other company execs have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to NYS pols including Senator Jeff Klein, NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, and Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton Young. 

Many residents suspect that impropriety is taking place with this project and they have a legitimate reason for doing so.  Kenneth Plummer, an extremely close friend of Mayor Young, has been retained by Blue Rio, LLC (Atlantic Development) as a lobbyist, at a rate of $1000.00 per month to gain approval the low income project being proposed.  Plummer has also received over $24,000 in payments from Mayor Clinton Young and Westchester County Legislator Lyndon Williams as compensation for working on their campaigns.  Many residents view such a relationship as a conflict of interest. 

Another unsavory individual associated with this project is James A. Dickerson, currently under criminal investigation by MVPD for harassing a Mount Vernon resident that has written negative articles about Dickerson and the Atlantic Development project.  (See MVPD report #10-15431).  Dickerson is also a close friend of Mayor Clinton Young. Mayor Young hired Dickerson’s girlfriend as his executive secretary who is also the daughter of NYS Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson.  Dickerson has come under fire lately, for his role in the $1.7 M Mount Vernon Urban Renewal Agency scandal. 

While employed at the agency, Dickerson and others engaged in a major pay-to-play scheme that resulted in Mount Vernon overbilling HUD $1.7M.  Dickerson working along with others, and also with an inspector would intentionally fail apartments without any legitimate reason.  The inspector would notify Dickerson and others of the apartment and then Dickerson would rent the apartment and submit an invoice to the Westchester County Department of Social Services for a broker’s fee.  The fee would then be divided amongst the conspirators. 

One local resident, Bob Dadarria has decided not to wait for Mount Vernon officials to rubber stamp this proposed development.  Dadarria has spent thousands of dollars and has worked countless hours informing the public about the impact that this development will have on the local school system and existing neighborhoods.  Dadarria has personally spoken with about 5000 people at neighborhood churches, schools, businesses, and train stations that are opposed to this project and personally thanked Dadarria for bringing the matter to their attention.  Dadarria has also started a petition drive and has secured a significant amount of signatures of Mount Vernon taxpayers opposed to the proposed project.  “This is not the Bronx”, said Dadarria.  “I am not opposed to change”, “The developer should build a project that incorporates Hartley Park and the character of the existing neighborhoods” he added.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Mayor Clinton I. Young Jr.
A close friend of Mayor Clinton Young and aide to famed boxing promoter Don King is under investigation in Florida for the rape of a 13 year old girl.  Craig “Boogie” Jones was questioned by Lantana law enforcement authorities after the 13 year old girl told them that Jones picked her up off of a Lantana street and drove her back to King’s home where she was raped. 

According to various stories posted online, Jones told law enforcement authorities that he was arrested for raping a minor 10 years ago, but plead guilty to a lesser charge.  It could not be determined if Jones was required to register as a sex offender as part of his plea bargain.  A check with New York State and New Jersey law enforcement has revealed that Jones was not registered as a sex offender, the states of his last known residences.  If Jones failed to register as a sex offender, he could be charged with failing to register as a sex offender. 

Jones can be seen coming and going from City Hall quite frequently meeting with various city officials, most recently meeting with Planning Commissioner Jeffrey Williams.  Jones is seeking site plan approval for a catering hall in downtown Mount Vernon.  Recent calls to Mount Vernon Exposed ™® in recent days, has suggested that Jones has received preferential treatment from Mayor Young and city officials. 

Mayor Clinton Young has filled his administration with and has chosen to surround himself with convicted criminals.  Mayor Young can be seen with such individuals on a daily basis.  Whether it is the foul mouthed punk John Boykin, DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton, Building Inspector John Allyne, or Craig Jones, Mayor Young has made it clear that thuggery and extortion is his idea of economic development. 

Michael Justino and Marcus Griffith have been recently appointed to the City of Mount Vernon planning board. Michael Justino is the husband of former Councilwoman Eileen Justino and Marcus Griffith is a former councilman who unsuccessfully ran for Comptroller back in the fall.  Both Justino and Griffith are voting members on the planning board and both are expected to vote in favor of Jones’ project presently before the board. 

The location that Jones is seeking to convert to a catering hall is no stranger to police activity.  In fact, in the summer of 2009 Jones had his location padlocked locked because he was operating an illegal nightclub.  The club, “CLUB 914” was hosting a teenage lingerie party when officials broke up the illegal gathering. 

On August 29th, 2009 at approximately 12:00 The Department of Buildings in conjunction with the Mount Vernon Police Department shut down an illegal nightclub operating just two blocks from The Mount Vernon Police Department and City Hall. It is believed that an individual was arrested in connection with selling alcohol illegally.  Advertisements were confiscated advertising a lingerie party.  It is unknown if the occupants of the illegal nightclub were of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages.  

This is the second time in two days that this illegal establishment was closed down.  Just the night before the nightclub was closed down and evacuated.  The owner, defiant and believing he was above the law, decided to reopen the next day. 

Mount Vernon Exposed obtained a copy of the building violation issued in connection with the illegal nightclub.  Violation # 36222 is addressed to Club 914 P.O. Box 325 Mount Vernon, NY 10550.

City of Mount Vernon buildings inspector John B. Alleyne found the following conditions to exist

  • ·         The 2nd floor vacant space has been illegally converted to and is being operated as a nightclub without obtaining a certificate of occupancy for this use.  No occupancy sign was posted as required for a place of assembly.  Moreover, additional wiring to the main electrical breaker box was installed improperly and without a permit. 
  • ·         In addition there was inadequate fire exit signage and fire extinguishers.  The fire exit door was dead bolted closed while the nightclub was occupied.  It is unknown if the fire sprinkler system, which was installed without a permit, is designed for the correct fire hazard and if it is operational.
  •       The 2nd floor vacant space shall remain vacated and off limits until the above conditions are corrected.  The required work shall not commence until after permits are obtained from this department and a certificate of occupancy issued. 

Political and friendly affiliations payoff

The owner of this establishment could not believe that his establishment was closed down.  Just the day before, it is alleged that the Mayor made a personal telephone call to Inspector John Alleyne and told him to “leave that location alone.”  John Alleyne protecting the interest of the taxpayers performed his duties that he was hired to do, enforce the building and housing code.  The first time he closed the establishment down, he issued a verbal warning.  Inspector Alleyne was shocked and in disbelief when he noticed the establishment open the following night.  He then went armed with a heavy duty chain and padlock.  That would insure the facility would remain closed.  

That following Monday morning, it is alleged that the owner was in the Mayor’s office seeing if he can bypass “the system” and reopen.  To no avail, he did not succeed with his endeavor.  The next step was to meet with the building commissioner to begin the process of correcting the violation.  The owner quickly learned that he would need site plan approval from the planning board to convert the use to a “catering hall.”  1st Deputy Commissioner Soraya Ben-Habib was keenly aware that the owner was indeed trying to reopen as a nightclub, but was using the classification of nightclub because there is no clear definition in the zoning code between nightclubs and catering hall. Just days before, Commissioner Ben-Habib was allegedly subjected to threats and intimidation by several department heads and/or the tenant of this location with regards to the closing of this establishment.  Ben-Habib felt so uncomfortable with her encounter with these individuals she reported the incident to Planning Commissioner Jeffrey Williams.  It is unclear what corrective action, if any was taken. 

On Friday October 16th, 2009, an application was before the City of Mount Vernon Planning Board.  The applicant, Galente Enterprises by its architect Francis L. Turner, was requesting site plan review for the conversion from a vacant space previously used as offices and trade school on the 2nd floor to a retail and restaurant on the 2md floor.  The proposed conversion results in the off-street parking and loading requirements; therefore, site plan approval is required is required as per §267-13A.  The existing building does not have any off-street parking and loading facilities.  The conversion generates an increase in the off-street parking requirements of 76 spaces (115 spaces requires for the catering hall-39 spaces required for the previous uses=76 spaces). 

As per §267-36 E (1) (e), alternate methods of complying with off –street parking and loading requirements, the Planning Board may allow part or all of the required off-street parking spaces to be located in a municipal parking lot located within 500 feet of the premises, provided the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the approving agency that the municipal facility has available capacity to satisfy the additional requirement.  

What played out next was like a scene from your favorite comedy film.  This was scheduled for a public hearing, but due to incompetence on the Architect not properly advertising the public hearing, that portion was tabled until the next meeting on November 4th, 2009.  

The architect began to go on a ranting tirade, chanting that the Police Department is conspiring to keep the establishment from opening.  The architect was behaving in an unscrupulous manner.   The Mount Vernon Police Department submitted correspondence in opposition to the application already in front of the Planning Board.  They noted that this establishment would have a negative impact of the area, and would put a tremendous strain on already scarce resources.  Acting Chairman, Commissioner of Assessment Anthony DeBellis said on the record, that he has never heard in all of his 30 years working for the City of Mount Vernon a statement such as the one submitted.  

The architect also made misleading and false statements to the planning board.  When he was asked why was the establishment shut down, he caught a sudden case of amnesia.   He then went on to state that a catering hall is needed in the middle of downtown.  He was also asked was alcohol going to be served at the facility.  He did not provide a clear answer.  Commissioner then asked the architect, was this establishment going to be operated by the owner/landlord or by a tenant.  The architect then told the planning board that it was going to be operated by an entity that is controlled by the landlord.  Sensing that the architect was not being completely truthful, Commissioner DeBellis then ordered that all persons who are going to operating this establishment to appear at the meeting on November 4th, 2009 in order for the application to move forward. He also stated on the record that he wanted a fully executed lease between both parties as individuals, not as a corporation.   When asked, where is the operator of establishment? The architect replied, “He is out of town”.   He was then asked why the establishment was previously issued violations.  The architect replied, “I am not really sure”; then he said “for people sitting around without having a permit”.  The architects attempt to downplay the violations as minor, did not work with this extremely sharp Planning Board.   Planning Administrator, William Long, then read aloud the violations that were issued by the Department of Buildings.  

It would then appear that the applicant previously has discussed this application with the Planning Commissioner.  The Planning Commissioner only makes recommendations to the planning board and does not sustain voting capabilities.  Anyone with common sense could tell that the planning commissioner was trying to sell the planning board that this was indeed good for the city.    The planning commissioner was asked on a previous application that was similar in nature, How does this catering hall fit into the comprehensive plan?  He could not answer the question and was caught off guard by the extremely sharp citizen inquiring about the application that was submitted.  

Allegations of intimidation, extortion, and misconduct

Mount Vernon Exposed has received information from a source usually deemed reliable.  Although not verified, it is alleged that officials employed in City Hall have been using their official positions as an intimidation factor with the owner.   There is speculation that the tenant has not paid rent in a month and that the made even made a personal call to the landlord asking him to help his friend out.   We have been told, although not verified, that the landlord does not want any parts of these individuals, but out of fear he has remained silent.