Monday, April 28, 2014





Mount Vernon Exposed has learned that a complaint was filed with the United States Attorney’s office, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the 2nd Department Grievance committee regarding corruption and criminality involving school board attorney Gus Mountanos. 

Gus Mountanos is an unscrupulous attorney that works for the law firm Ingerman Smith, LLP.  Mount Vernon Exposed previously revealed that Gus Mountanos in cahoots with school board President Len Sarver and Interim School Superintendent Judith Johnson, intentionally tampered with the hiring and contract negotiations of Superintendent of Schools and Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.  These three individuals, through a series of manipulative events, tainted the process so they can bring in persons that were favorable to them and their political allies.  The strategic placement of central office personell by these three individuals would ensure that millions would continue to flow from the school district and into companies and persons of their choosing. 

News of tampering with the hiring for key positions at the Board of Education came to light last week during an executive session meeting with Board members.  Gus appeared to try to get ahead of the scandal by coming clean with board members, but it was already to late as some board members had already contacted law enforcement authorities demanding an investigation into Gus Mountanos and the law firm Ingerman, Smith, LLP. about the way contract negotiations were handled for the Superintendent of Schools and the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds positions. 

Gus Mountanos has been covering up the corruption in the Mount Vernon School district on orders from Interim School Superintendent Judith Johnson and School Board President Len Sarver. 

Taxpayers are also on the hook because the law firm of Ingerman Smith has been recklessly billing taxpayers for fees that  are totally unnecessary.  To add insult to injury Ingerman, Smith and Gus Mountanos is refusing to turn over documents in response to F.O.I.L. requests, a violation of New York State law.  It is standard practice for Ingerman Smith to send a team of 3-4 attorneys to everyboard meeting.  Taxpayers are billed at a rate of close to $300 per hour per attorney.  Board meetings typically last anywhere from 4-8 hours,  3-4 times per month. 

The reckless billing of Mount Vernon taxpayers by Ingerman Smith began when they took over the F.O.I.L. process from central office, a moved that has angered School Board Trustee Brenda Crump.   Trustee Crump is a victim to the shenanigans of Ingerman Smith. 

The takeover of the F.O.I.L. process by Ingerman Smith ensured that the money would continue flowing out of the door and into the pockets of unscrupulous cronies.  Ingerman Smith would also use legal tactics to refuse to hand over public documents that shows how taxpayer’s monies are spent. 

School Board Trustee Brenda Crump was repeatedly told that as a sitting Trustee that she could not have direct access to documents.  Trustee Crump was told that she had to file a F.O.I.L. request with the school district for the documents she was seeking.  It would then take months before Trustee Crump would receive said documents and not before having to address the board as a member of the public at a public school board meeting. 

Gus Mountanos and Ingerman Smith saw the takeover of the F.O.I.L. process as an additional revenue stream.  There would be additional man-hours needed to handle the voluminous F.O.I.L. requests.  The additional hours would be billed to taxpayers at a rate of $250.00 per hour. 

There were four candidates for superintendent that made the final cut.  Out of those candidates, board members voted to hire Mr. Robert Wayne Harris as the next Superintendent of Schools.  Gus Mountanos was then ordered to send out a contract and start the negotiation process.  Gus Mountanos started the process out with bad intentions. 

Gus Mountanos offered Robert Wayne Harris $230K for the job.  Interim School Superintendent Judith Johnson currently rakes in $265K per year.  Why would Gus Mountanos offer a new candidate a much lower salary than what is currently being paid?   This is just one of the tampering tactics that Gus Mountanos used to try to get Robert Wayne Harris from taking the job in the district. 

The status quo, Interim Superintendent Judith Johnson, School Board President Len Sarver, Mayor Davis and others want Richard Tomko as the next Superintendent.  Having Tomko is place would ensure that the gravy train would continue to run without any detours. 

Just last month School Board Frances Wynn suffered a stroke and was hospitalized.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Wynn’s family members having been putting pressure on Wynn to resign citing her health issues.  Wynn is the sister-in-law of Mount Vernon Mayor Ernie Davis. 

While Wynn may not becoming back because of her health issues, Gus and the Ingerman Smith law firm issued an opinion and gave a directive that it is ok for Trustee Wynn to vote via Skype.  How is that for ethics? Trustee Wynn may not be of sound mind but Gus feels the need to ok her to vote via Skype.  The corruption never ends. 

Gus admitted to Board members that he “told” Robert Wayne Harris’ attorney about “Mount Vernon Exposed” and “Samuel L. Rivers”.  Just exactly what Gus “told” Mr. Harris’ attorney is unknown, but sources familiar with the investigation told Mount Vernon Exposed that Gus mentioned that Mr. Harris is going to be written about on the blogs, so therefore he shouldn’t take the job.  This was all done to keep Mr. Harris away and get Gus’ guy Tomko in the door.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed the Mr. Tomko was seen in recent at central office walking around with Judith Johnson as she was introducing him as the next Superintendent of Schools.

Gus has subsequently been removed from all future negotiations with any Superintendent candidates, however the damage has already been done.  Taxpayers cannot be made whole until Gus and his law firm Ingerman Smith is prosecuted for the crimes they committed against the City of Mount Vernon taxpayers.

All of these events could not be possible without a majority of the Board of Trustee voting in favor.  Trustee Rosemarie Jarosz, who is considered a swing vote on the Board, appears to be heading in the direction of School Board Trustee Len Sarver and his corrupt cronies.  Trustee Jarosz admitted publicly that Trustee Sarver called her and tried to get her to change her vote to approve a position for Renee Davis, daughter of Mayor Ernie Davis.  It was later discovered that Renee Davis was not even qualified for the position and a subsequent investigation revealed that Renee Davis has issues with her temper and lost cost several times in the classroom in front of students. 

It is appears that Sarver is up to his old tricks again.  Sarver has been bragging to members of the public and fellow board members that Trustee Jarosz is in his pocket and she will vote whatever way he tells her to.  It is appears that Trustee Jarosz is rapidly loosing her creditability as an independent thinker. 

To be continued……….

Thursday, April 17, 2014



The search for a Superintendent in Mount Vernon has taken a turn for the worse and it appears that the Mount Vernon City School District is on the brink of disaster.  About one month ago School Board Trustee Elias Gootzeit organized a forum in which the public would hear from the candidates that were selected as finalist for the position of Superintendent. 

There were four candidates there that evening that came to present themselves to the public.  Of the four only one candidate had the credentials and experience to assume the role as Superintendent of the Mount Vernon public schools.  That candidate was Robert Wayne Harris.  Harris was previously employed as Superintendent of the Roosevelt School system in Long Island prior to applying for the position in Mount Vernon.  Roosevelt was the only school district in the history of New York State to be taken over by the state.  Mr. Harris was the first superintendent to lead that district since the state takeover. 

Harris made remarkable results while he was the Superintendent in Roosevelt.  Test scores were on the rise and the graduation rate was steadily improving. 

Harris was asked during the public comment period at the forum, if he supported an audit of district finances?  Harris impressed the audience with his response and with his respect and compassion for the taxpayer.  Harris told the crowd that he found over $1M of bogus payroll positions during his 1st year as school chief in Roosevelt.

“Mr. Conflict of Interest”, the Chairperson of the Superintendent search committee has failed in his duties to bring in a qualified and competent Superintendent to lead the Mount Vernon Schools.  Instead, Mr. Gootzeit has engaged in political debauchery to the detriment of our children and taxpayers. 

According to sources, a preliminary vote was taken during executive session to see which candidate would be asked to come on as Superintendent. A 7-1 vote in favor of and with School Board Interim President Len Sarver being the only person voting against Robert Wayne Harris.

Trustee Gootzeit wears too many hats and injects himself into too many things, which makes it impossible to keep his focus on the task at hand.  Trustee Gootzeit is a destructive force on the Mount Vernon School Board and must been removed next year when it is time for election.

With that being said, Trustee Gootzeit is only part of the problem.  The other part of the problem is school attorney Gus Mountanos.  Gus is unethical and talks out of both sides of his mouth.  Gus frequently advises the school board and the public on policies, many which conflict with civil rights laws.  Gus is an obstructionist to progress and reform in the Mount Vernon City School District.

Gus is also charged with responsibility though his law firm, Ingerman Smith, LLP, with reviewing contracts sent out to prospective employees.  Instead of estimating employee contracts in good faith, Gus uses this as an opportunity to do the bidding of School Board President Len Sarver and the other politicos that have been meddling in school district business. 

For example, there was a highly qualified candidate that applied for the position of Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds last year.  The applicant did everything that was asked of him including attending on a moment’s notice, several meetings where he was required to meet with board members. 

When a majority of board members decided that they wanted this individual for the position, Gus was instructed to prepare contracts and sent to the prospective employee’s attorney. Gus through his legal maneuvering sent over one-sided contracts that he knew would be rejected.  The prospective employee then had to spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to review the contract.  This charade kept on for about six months until the prospective employee decided that no more money was going to be wasted on lawyers and Gus Montanous’ shenanigans.  

Immediately after school trustees decided that they wanted to go with Robert Wayne Harris as their choice, Gus was instructed to send him a contract with the expectation of having Mr.Harris execute it and have it returned to the district within 48 hours.  

According to sources, Gus again prepared a one sided contract that even Ray Charles would reject.  Gus then became the gatekeeper to all of the information that Mr. Harris was seeking to review to see if he indeed still wanted to pursue the Superintendent position in Mount Vernon. 

Harris asked for an organizational chart of the district and for other pertinent information and was purposely stonewalled by Gus Mountanos and Interim School Superintendent Judith Johnson.  To the detriment of our children and Mount Vernon taxpayers, Mr. Robert Wayne Harris has sent in a letter this week declining to come work for the Mount Vernon City School district.  

This was the plan all along.  School and City officials knew that it was only a matter a time before Mr. Harris declined the position.   What competent person would take a job without knowing who their cabinet members were?  

School Officials, City officials, and political insiders are now trying to get their candidate, Richard Tomko in position to accept the job as Superintendent.  With Tomko in place they can be assured that the money train will  continue to run its course without any detours.   

To be continued……….

Tuesday, April 15, 2014




On Monday, April 14, 2014 a School Board forum was held at the Vernon Heights Congressional Church located at Columbus and Beekman Avenues.  The poorly advertised, political insider forum was also poorly attended.  In a city with over 35,000 voters, barely 100 voters or citizens were in attendance.

The forum was organized by The Mount Vernon Board Action Committee, Inc., a fly by night 501(c) (4) club that is comprised of the same individual’s that have left the Mount Vernon School district in shambles.  The group was started and organized by sitting school board Trustee Elias Gootzeit, a blatant conflict of interest.  Gootzeit’s other questionable organization; “Neighbor’s That Care” was also listed as an organizer of the school board forum.  How is that for ethics?  Why is a sitting school board trustee and a former school board trustee working so hard to get their slate of candidates elected?  What skeletons are in their closet? Do they have knowledge of any crimes that have may been committed and are they afraid of any secrets getting out?

The black clergy were also heavy in attendance.  The black clergy has backed candidates for the last 20 years that has been on the school board.  Delia Farquharson currently leads the Mount Vernon Board Action Committee, Inc. as she serves as its President.  It would be insanity on the part of all voters to back or support any candidate that is supported by this fly by night organization that has a history of back incompetent candidates.  The City of Mount Vernon cannot afford another hijacked school board election. 

What community involvement, if any, did the Mount Vernon Board Action Committee have prior to injecting itself into Mount Vernon School politics?  Can the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee, Inc. explain how they would improve the quality of life in Mount Vernon?  Voters must reject the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee and any candidate supported by this organization.  C.E.P.A.A. or the Coalition for the Empowerment for People of African Ancestry has resurrected itself through the Mount Vernon Board Campaign Action Committee. 

The Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee gave the public a sneak preview of what to expect on May 20, 2014 when voters go to the polls to elect 3 School Board Trustee’s.  Voters can expect the polls to be ripe with fraud. 

At the end of the night at the forum an “election” was held in order for the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee to decide what candidates they are supporting for this years school board election. The election box was rigged with the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee’s candidates.  Now this organization wants the public to get behind a group candidate that 34,900 voters have yet to hear about.  How is that for transparency?   This is the exact reason that only 17% our 3rd grade kids in the district are not proficient in English, Language, and Arts, because of the shenanigans’ of the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee. 

However, voters can reverse this trend of our children failing by rejecting any and all candidates supported by the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee.

Voting for any individual associated with the Mount Vernon Board Campaign Action Committee, or C.E.P.A.A. will ensure that taxes will continue to rise and our elderly will continue to lose their homes due to negligent, abusive tax increases.  Brace yourself.

Voters must vote for candidates that are independent of the political machine and free from outside influence.  The ideal candidate for school only needs to answer to the taxpayer and to the children of Mount Vernon. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Convicted Sex Offender and Murder Suspect
Kamau Kiarie

Kamau Kiarie, who was charged last week with 2nd degree murder for gunning down his target in broad daylight on Sheridan Avenue, was a convicted sex offender, a fact verified by city hall officials and top brass at the Mount Vernon Police Department. In fact, Kiare had a warrant out for his arrest at the time he was arrested for 2nd degree murder because he failed to register his address, which is required, by law for level 2 and level 3 sex offenders. 

City officials neglected to inform the public that Kiarie was illegally driving a taxi for Reliable Taxi and later New Line Taxi.  Kiarie did not have a hack license, which is required by law in The City of Mount Vernon, if one wishes to drive a taxi and receive compensation from customers. 

The issue of Reliable and New Line Taxi letting unlicensed and unauthorized drivers operate their taxi is nothing new.   The owners of these two companies have let their greed get in the way of providing safe and clean transportation to the public.  On any given day, half of the drivers for these fleets drive without the required hack licenses.  Is money being passed under the table to city officials so that the Mount Vernon Police Department will look the other way and not enforce city law? Kiare would have been denied a hack license by City officials because of his criminal record.  So why did the owners of these two companies feel the need to let this sex-crazed lunatic get behind the wheel of their taxi?  Was Kiare covered under either company’s insurance policy?

Can you imagine this pervert picking up young girls from school or even transporting helpless woman throughout the night? 

The Mount Vernon Police Department must step up enforcement of taxi drivers to ensure that all drivers operating taxis in the City of Mount Vernon are properly licensed.  Sources have also informed Mount Vernon Exposed that several drivers from both companies are using the taxicabs as a front while they conduct a door-to-door delivery service of narcotics. 

Mayor Ernie must do a better job governing the taxi business.  While there is a strong push for a medallion system in the City of Mount Vernon, the entire image of the taxi industry in Mount Vernon must be reformed and brought up to the standards of the neighboring communities in Mount Vernon. 

Mount Vernon residents should not expect much if any support from the Mount Vernon Police Department.  After all this is the same police department that has over 50 unsolved homicides in recent years.

…to be continued.