Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Mount Vernon Exposed has reviewed Mayor Young’s 2010 wretched and vindictive spending plan.  The proposed tax increase is 3.93%. Present during this special meeting were several of Mayor Young’s highly paid, underachieving commissioners.   John Boykin, the foul mouthed punk who walks through City Hall without signing in or being searched for contraband was also present.  Boykin also was seen entering the Mayor’s office to hang his coat in the closet as if he was still on the payroll. 

 The 2010 budget calls for the elimination of 1st Deputy Corporation Counsel Nichelle Johnson’s position as well as Comptroller Maureen Walker’s Chief Accountant.  Loretta Hottinger, the current Corporation Counsel and wife of Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee 2nd Vice-Chairman Ronald Detres chose to keep the inexperienced, sophomore 4th Corporation Counsel Joana H. Aggrey.  Aggrey is the wife of John Boykin. The Board of Estimate has scheduled a public hearing for December 10th, 2009 for 7p.m.  City Clerk George Brown said it will take at least three days to get the ad published in the newspaper, so that will only leave 3 days for the public to analyze the spending plan of this administration.

1st Corporation Counsel Nichelle Johnson is the most experienced litigator employed in the City of Mount Vernon.  Her tenacious skills have saved Mount Vernon taxpayers millions of dollars.  The City of Mount Vernon was able to keep many cases in house due to her skill set.  She has always kept the best interests of the taxpayers at heart, while Hottinger has put her own self serving interest first.   The Young administration is seeking revenge because Johnson decided to exercise her constitutionally protect right of being a candidate in an election.  If the Board of Estimate and the City Council do indeed vote to abolish her position, Mayor Young and staff can expect her to use those same set of skills against them.  Hottinger prefers to keep the easily swayed and manipulated sophomore Joana Aggrey employed.  Speculation has surfaced that Aggrey is politically connected because she is the wife of John Boykin.  It has been alleged that Boykin has threatened to go to the Feds if Mayor Young was to fire his wife.  Maybe firing his wife would be a good thing after all. 

The sloppily prepared and confusing document is very difficult to read.  We believe this was done purposely so that the public cannot easily find where the Young administration is hiding taxpayer money.  Comptroller Maureen Walker stated during this afternoon’s special Board of Estimate meeting that this spending plan if approved, threatens the financial health of the City of Mount Vernon.  As expected, City Council President has sold out Mount Vernon taxpayers for personal gain.  His brownnosing demeanor as of late can be attributed to his unemployment coming up at the end of month.  It has been rumored that Mayor Young will be appointing Randolph as Water Commissioner come January.  


  1. The hard working taxpayers of Mount Vernon have been hoodwinked,and they have themselves to blame. they voted for the wrong candidate,rushing to judgement never helps anyone!

  2. It's out on the wire as we type this. Can you spell 'well done'?

  3. 3.9%, 5.6%, 2.1%.. it doesn't really matter. Mount Vernon is its own demise. City Hall is laughable at best. You can't expect law abiding homeowners to pay such high taxes for such a poor quality of life and services. And once these responsible tax payers start leaving their homes, who are you going to get to buy their homes? Not white collar professionals with families. Immigrants, living 2-3 families in a single-family home, is what's moving to MV. I should know.. I live among them. The quality of MV is steadily going downhill.. fast. If I could move, I would in a heartbeat. The upper part of Fleetwood is the only section keeping MV civilized. And that sadly is slowly deteriorating. The answer is never "more money". The answer is responsibility, accountability and enforcement... which unfortunately is not so common these days, particularly in MV.


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