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Reproduction and Mail Services Coordinator Beretha Elkins at December 28th, 2009 City Council meeting 

Management Services Commissioner Mary Young

Mount Vernon Exposed has received information that an obedient servant of Mayor Clinton Young has failed to achieve a high enough score to keep her position as Reproduction and Mail Services Coordinator.  Beretha Elkins,  will have to leave her position in less than 60 days. It is unclear if Mayor Young will again attempt to place the underachieving Elkins in another civil service position or if he will appoint her to an exempted position. Elkins worked feverishly on Mayor Young's election campaign a was rewarded for her efforts by being appointed the position of Reproduction and Mail Services Coordinator.   Elkins scored 8th on the civil service exam administered back in the fall.  Yolanda Brown-Harris sister of former 1st Corporation Counsel Nichelle Johnson scored the highest on the civil service exam.

On Monday December 28th, Elkins was one of only two speakers who spoke in favor of the 2010 budget.  The other speaker that spoke in favor of the budget was Bishop Collie Nathan Edwars.  During Elkins 3 minute speech, she ranted that the City Council must expeditiously approve the legislation for capital projects that are currently pending.  Elkins stated that due to neglect from the prior administration that the mail machine broke down and she has been unable to send mail for two days. Elkins also mentioned that the machines she is using are antiquated, but she did not mention that the machine she was referring to was just purchased less than 3 years ago. A Mount Vernon resident who also worked in the previous administration was also in attendance at the public hearing.  The resident took the podium and suggested that Elkins and not the machines were antiquated.   Elkins further stated that water gets into the basement of City Hall and destroyed 20 cases of paper.

Mount Vernon Exposed decided to investigate the accusations of Elkins.  Our investigation determined that Elkins claims were exaggerated if not 100% false.  Mount Vernon Exposed has also found out that Elkins daughter Bethany recently has been trying to get a job in City Hall but was informed that she doesn’t even meet the minimum qualifications for the position she was seeking.  The Young administration has become experts at creating positions and then tailoring the job descriptions and qualifications to their satisfaction.  Most likely Mount Vernon taxpayers will see Elkins’ daughter Bethany in one of those “specially created positions.” 

The copy machine that Elkins said “broke down” is less than 3 years old and was purchased brand new by the previous administration.  The machine is a state of the art copier that has been proven to perform in the most extreme conditions.  Most of the City of Mount Vernon’s printing including the printing of all of the tax bills are done on this machine.  Mount Vernon Exposed has interviewed several persons of the prior administration with vast knowledge of the operations of City Hall.  All persons interviewed stated that they have never heard of the machine going out of commission.  One person stated that occasionally “for a few minutes or so” the machine may had stopped working, but only because funds needed to be added to the postage account.  “Other than that, the machine worked like a charm.”

It appears that Elkins does not have her priorities in order.  There has been speculation Elkins is being used by Mayor Young and other key figures in the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.  Elkins is a district leader and this past election cycle was also an alternate judicial delegate at the Democratic Judicial convention in White Plains.  Elkins, who failed to achieve a high enough score to keep her job, had a say of what Judges are elected to the NYS Supreme Court.   Other judicial delegates for the 87th assembly district include, Mayor Clinton Young, County Legislator Lyndon Williams, Westchester County Election Commissioner Reginald Lafayette, Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee Chairman Devereau Cannick, and Corporation Counsel Loretta Hottinger.  Mount Vernon Exposed has spoken to dozens of residents who had no idea that the above mentioned persons were responsible for selecting judges to NYS Supreme Court.  Many residents stated had they known that certain individuals were involved in selecting judges; they would have run for the positions themselves.  Dozens of residents vowed to pay close attention to the judicial delegate candidates this year.  Mount Vernon Exposed informed the residents that judicial delegates are selected every year and filing just one petition against the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committees handpicked selections would force a Democratic primary.   Elkins name also appeared on the committee to fill vacancies on the Democratic and the “One Mount Vernon” nominating petitions. 

There have been several complaints to us here at Mount Vernon Exposed that Elkins and her boss Mary Young are way too close and friendly with each other and can be seen out on the town socializing together.  Many people suggest that this friendly relationship is the real reason that Elkins cannot get her work done and that this is also the reason that Elkins makes up excuses blaming the previous administration for her shortcomings.  Mount Vernon Exposed has witnessed on several occasions during visits to City Hall, Management Services Commissioner Mary Young in Elkins’ office socializing and reading what appeared to be fashion magazines. 

Mount Vernon Exposed could not find anyone from the previous administration that could verify Ms. Elkins’ claims of flooding in the basement of City Hall.  However, there is one thing in common; DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton used the same exact excuse when Mount Vernon Exposed filled out a Freedom of Information Request to inspect the sidewalk complaints logs from 2006 and 2007.  Horton claimed that the books were stored in the basement and that they were destroyed by flood waters.  Commissioner Horton charged with responsibility of maintaining City buildings should have put the needs of City Hall and Mount Vernon taxpayers before his own self serving interest.  Mount Vernon Exposed earlier reported that Horton has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on sidewalk repairs throughout the City of Mount Vernon.  Horton should have made sure City Hall, the building that is the nucleus of Mount Vernon City government was up to par before he squandered away tax funds on his own person rehabilitation projects.

Mount Vernon taxpayers are eagerly awaiting Commissioner Mary Young’s appointment to the position that will become vacant in less than 60 days.  Will Commissioner Young do the right thing and pick the person who scored the highest on the civil service exam or will she too engage in the vindictive politically motivated tactics used on an everyday basis by big brother Mayor Young?  By law, Commissioner Young can only select candidates for the position from the three highest scores.

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