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Mount Vernon, NY March 23rd , 2010-  An extremely close friend of Mayor Clinton Young has assaulted a critic of Mayor Young’s and has gotten away with it every time despite numerous police reports being filed and the Westchester District Attorney’s office being notified.

James Dickerson has assaulted Samuel L. Rivers on at least 3 occasions, the last being on Monday, March 22nd, 2010.  The assault that occurred on March 22nd, 2010 was videotaped by Samuel L. Rivers.  Samuel L. Rivers was previously threatened by former assistant to Mayor Young John Boykin for criticizing the administration of Mayor Young and for exposing corruption within his administration.  “I am being targeted because of the corruption that I have uncovered in Mayor Young’s administration” Rivers said.

Samuel L. Rivers has recently uncovered corruption that directly links James Dickerson to the City of Mount Vernon overbilling HUD by $1.7M and has reported such findings on his blog www.mountvernonexosed.blogspot.com.  Dickerson is working with another close friend of Mayor Clinton Young, Kenneth Plummer of Kensworth Consulting, who was retained as a lobbyist by Atlantic Development, a construction company under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

“Dickerson had a major role in Mount Vernon overbilling HUD”, says Rivers, “I have uncovered the fraud that a trained Inspector General was paid over $200,000 to do at no cost to Mount Vernon taxpayers” Rivers said.
“Dickerson is at the head of a controversial project, being proposed by a controversial developer under criminal investigation” Rivers added  “Something does not add up here” “ The Feds need to intervene ASAP before we have another Ridge Hill situation here in Mount Vernon”. 

A harassment police report was filed on Saturday March 20th, 2010 against James Dickerson (see MVPD Incident# 10-15431) and on March 22nd, 2010 for a videotaped assault (see MVPD Incident # 10-15858).  Rivers has already written to the United States Department of Justice asking for Federal intervention because he feels that Mayor Young and top brass in the MVPD are purposely covering Dickerson’s crimes.  A report was also filed in April 2009 against Dickerson for an assault against Rivers in the Mount Vernon City Courthouse, an event witnessed by a court officer, and Yolanda Robinson, Chief of Staff to Mayor Clinton Young.

Dickerson has been in a long term relationship with Tracy Thompson, daughter of NYS State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson.  As heard on tape recorded conversation between Mayor Young and Westchester Guardian publisher Sam Zherka, Dickerson was the one who secured the job for his girlfriend Tracy Thompson.

Capt. Hastings the Officer in charge at the scene when Rivers called police failed to arrest Dickerson even though Rivers mentioned to him that the entire incident was recorded on video. “Mayor Young is abusing his power, and Mount Vernon Police Officers are following his order out of fear of retaliation” said Rivers.  “I have written to the FEDS asking for immediate intervention in this matter” “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”


  1. Your 'crime' is actually a violation, its called Harassment in the Second Degree (NY Penal Law 240.26(1)). A police officer can not arrest for Harassment or ANY other violation(a non-criminal offense) unless it occurs in his presence (NY Criminal Procedure Law 140.10(1a)). It's very nice that you have it all on tape but an arrest can not be made on scene in this situation.

  2. why does mt v sanitation pic up commercial garbage


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