Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Embattled Judge Nilda Horowitz (center) with Janet DiFiore and Jose Alvarado

Mount Vernon Exposed has been a driving force when it comes to exposing corruption in the Westchester County Court System.  Mount Vernon Exposed has revealed the major pay to play operation that is taking place within the Democratic Party in Westchester County.  From allegations of Democratic Party Chairman Reggie LaFayette attempting to extort candidates for judicial office to judicial candidates offering sex for the endorsement of the Democratic Party, Mount Vernon Exposed has been there to report on these serious allegations of corruption that threaten the democracy of the United States of America.

Mount Vernon Exposed last week revealed allegations that current Westchester Family Court Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz has abused illegal narcotics specifically, cocaine.  Since making these allegations public, Mount Vernon Exposed has received dozens of phone calls pertaining to Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz' conduct on and off of the bench.  Judge Horowitz was publicly sanctioned by the New York State Court of Appeals for attempting to fix cases with her colleagues in Family Court.

A person that identified them self as a court officer, applauded Mount Vernon Exposed for having the courage to expose the above mentioned allegations of corruption.  The court officer said the allegations about Judge Horowitz were right on the money and said to not stop there.  The court officer said that the employees in the Westchester County Court System have given Judge Horowitz a nickname.  Her nickname is named after the initials in her name.  N  M H = Nails Makeup Hair.

Judge Horowitz is referred to as a lazy Judge according to the court officer.  She often calls in sick or leaves work early complaining of illnesses on days she has a heavy caseload.  According to the court officer, there has been many days this year where Judge Horowitz left work early this year citing illness as her reason for early departure.  Later in the day on these so-called sick days, Judge Morales was spotted at fundraisers and various other social events.  If these allegations prove to be true, Judge Horowitz should be investigated and prosecuted for stealing time and getting compensated for it courtesy of Westchester County taxpayers.

Mount Vernon Exposed was forwarded pictures of an event that Judge Horowitz attended.  According to an eyewitness that was present, Judge Horowitz was brown nosing Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore the entire night.  According to sources, Judge Horowitz was overheard speaking to Janet DiFiore about Mount Vernon Exposed publisher Samuel L. Rivers. The source said that Judge Horowitz told Ms. DiFiore that Mr. Rivers is posing a threat to the Democratic Party and the judicial races and that he must be stopped an indication that Judge Horowitz is attempting to once again influence cases currently before judges in Westchester County.  Samuel L. Rivers has a case currently before justices in the New Rochelle City Court directly across the street from Family Court where Judge Horowitz currently presides. Mayor Clinton Young's former Special Assistant John Boykin was tape recorded making threats to Samuel L. Rivers and threaten to use the Mount Vernon Police and Janet DiFiore's office to pursue bogus narcotic charges against Mr. Rivers. 

Judge Horowitz was also schmoozing with Westchester County Legislator Jose Alvarado.  Jose Alvarado's attorney Wilson Soto was arrested earlier this year and prosecuted by Janet DiFiore's office for election fraud.  Wilson Soto was charged with falsifying election documents and voting in a district in which he does not reside.  It is even more disturbing that a sitting Family Court Judge and a sitting District Attorney would pose for a picture with Jose Alvarado. It is because of arrogance as being displayed by Judge Horowitz and Janet DiFiore that many voters no longer have faith in the justice system and the Westchester County Democratic Party.

The eyewitness said that Judge Horowitz consumed an excessive amount of alcohol that evening and reeked of alcohol when he went to greet Judge Horowitz and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  According to the eyewitness, Judge Horowitz' speech was slurred, her eyes were bloodshot, and she even tripped over an object during her stay at this event.  After the event had come to a close, Judge Horowitz got into her car and drove herself home. One can come to the conclusion that associating with  Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore has its perks. If indeed Judge Horowitz was indeed intoxicated, she was ensured a get out of jail free card and quite possibly an endorsement for being such a loyal Democrat. 

Judge Horowitz must immediately withdraw from the race of Family Court Judge because of her creepy association with these shady characters and for the good of the Democratic Party.  Judge Horwitz' poor record as Judge threatens all Democratic races this fall including that of Andrew Cuomo who is seeking to become the next Governor of New York State.

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    affirming your wellness, I have expressed some very grave concerns about a judge horowitz of registry principal family court 42-49 high holborn to the Queen, the lord chief justice, office of juicial concerns, the clerk of the family court and The judge himself is very much aware of these concerns. There is to be a hearing monday 13th august to discuss the fate of my child. I have exercised my sovereign right to decline the invitation to attend court as I have not broken any laws, however that is being ignored. To top it the judge residing over the hearing is judge horowitz. How can that be lawful? Any supportive suggestions? divine Chi energy

  2. I have made many complaints about Judge Horowitz of New Rochelle Family courts in regards to poor and lazy decision making in reference to my case concerning my child. Her decision making was one sided and lack compentence and proper investigation. My concern is why is she still on the bench after reading so much negativity about her actions/behavior? What's going on in Westchester Court System, seriously?


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