Monday, September 6, 2010


Corrupt Yonkers City Councilwoman Patricia McDow

1 Pierpoint Street Yonkers, NY (Councilwoman's Patricia McDow address on file with Board of Elections)

Hudson Park on the Yonkers Waterfront
 (It is alleged that Councilwoman McDow received a free apartment as part of her bribe package in exchange for her vote)

When it comes to running our government and selecting government officials, one expects that the selection process is transparent.  In fact, the process is opposite of transparent with the nomination going to the one that is the biggest crook and the one who looks the best in their “birthday suit”.

For the first time ever in the 87th Assembly District there will be a Democratic Primary for Members of the State Committee, Judicial Delegates to the 9th Judicial Convention, and Alternate Judicial Delegates to the 9th Judicial Convention.  Normally, those persons that are beholden to the party usually get handpicked for these positions without public scrutiny since their names never appear on the ballot.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® has spoken with dozens of registered Democrats who did not even know that such positions existed and who were the persons currently serving in these positions. 

The role of a State Committee person is to select candidates for statewide office at conventions.  The State Committee person also represents the Assembly District by bringing the concerns and needs of the constituents to the elected officials of said district. 

The Democratic Parties in Mount Vernon and Yonkers are notorious for being corrupt and making back door deals.  Let’s zero in on Patricia McDow, who is a current Yonkers City Councilwoman and is currently seeking re-election as State Committee Woman for the 87th Assembly District.  Ms. McDow represents the southwest quadrant of Yonkers which also includes the Yonkers waterfront.  The Southwest quadrant represented by Patricia McDow is also know and City Council District 1.  The 1st district is home to the poorest residents in Yonkers. 

Ms. McDow has made quite a name for herself in the Yonkers Democratic Committee.  She was mentored by Westchester County Board of Legislator Chairman Kenneth Jenkins.  Jenkins recently came under fire for serving in a legislative district that he does not live in.

How did Ms. McDow end up on the ballot as State Committeewoman when she wasn’t even nominated or endorsed by the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee?  What back door deal was made to ensure that this shady character will be the voice of Mount Vernon residents for the next two years?

For the past few months Mount Vernon Exposed™® has been investigating Yonkers City Councilwoman Patricia McDow.  After the federal indictment of Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi for the Ridge Hill scandal we became inundated with information pertaining to criminal activity of Yonkers Councilwoman Patricia McDow.

Many people that provided tips to Mount Vernon Exposed™® asked why Councilwoman McDow wasn’t indicted as well.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Councilwoman McDow was paid off as well for Ridge Hill and funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash through Westchester County Board of Legislator Chairman Ken Jenkins and former Senator Nick Spano. 

Evidence suggests that Ridge Hill isn’t the only cookie jar that Councilwoman McDow has her hands in.   Several years ago a new development called Hudson Park opened on the Yonkers waterfront.   One source told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that City Councilwoman Patricia McDow received tens of thousands of dollars in bribe money in exchange for her vote on the project.  The source even alleged that Councilwoman McDow has an apartment at the complex that she does not pay for and has not paid a dime since she took possession of the apartment a few years back. 

According to Board of Election records, McDow lives at 1 Pierpointe Street in Yonkers, just blocks away from the lavish and luxurious apartment McDow has been alleged to live at.  1 Pierpointe Street is a dilapidated area in Yonkers desperately in need of revitalization.  If these allegations prove to be true, Councilwoman McDow would not be the first Yonkers elected official to live at an address that is not registered with the Westchester County Board of Elections. 

The Hudson Park development was also the focus of an investigation by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office a few months ago.  The investigation revealed that the Hudson Park was constructed in violation of New York State and Federal laws.  The report showed that Hudson Park discriminated against persons with disabilities and as a result was fined $40,000.

How could city officials overlook such a major detail?  It just goes to show that when big money is involved, elected and city officials will look the other way even if it means breaking the law.    

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