Monday, January 10, 2011


Corrupt DPW Supervisor Rudy Persaud

Embattled Mayor Clinton I. Young Jr.

Embattled Corporation Counsel Loretta Hotttinger

Earning $135,000 a year for some people means good living and enjoying the finer things in life.  Apparently for DPW Supervisor Rudy Persaud that isn’t enough.  Once again Rudy Persaud has shown that corruption is “alive and well” in the administration of Mayor Clinton Young.  Rudy Persaud is currently serving a 30 day suspension without pay for his latest act of official misconduct.  

Mount Vernon City officials are well aware of Persaud’s corruption and are taking steps to do damage control, especially since this year is a Mayoral election year.  The damage done by Persaud and others may prove too much to rehabilitate Mayor Young’s failing re-election bid.  

According to sources, Rudy Persaud is facing potential criminal charges due to the fact he used city equipment and resources paid for by Mount Vernon taxpayers to repair a private homeowner’s sidewalk at 245 Summit Avenue.  Alice Seibert, the owner of the property, paid Rudy Persaud money to repair the sidewalk after Rudy Persaud suggested to Ms. Seibert that he could get the job done at a cheap price.  The homeowner then entered into an agreement to repair the sidewalk at 245 Summit Avenue.  

However, before Rudy Persaud entered into a contract to repair the sidewalk, a neighbor to Ms. Seibert, Rose Petrucci, who lives at 255 Summit fell and seriously injured herself on the sidewalk at 245 Summit Avenue.  The injury to Ms. Petrucci prompted Rudy Persaud to go to 245 Summit to inspect the property to see if the City of Mount Vernon was liable for the injury and also for the repair of the sidewalk.  Typically, the City of Mount Vernon repairs sidewalks that are damaged due to uprooting trees.  Sources have told Mount Vernon exposed that there was tree root damage at 245 Summit Avenue, however Mr. Persaud told the homeowner that the damage to the sidewalk at 245 Summit Avenue was caused by “environmental causes” and therefore the City of Mount Vernon was not responsible for the repair.  

Mr. Persaud then proceeded to repair Ms. Seibert’s sidewalk.  Mr. Persaud then got paid for the work he and/or his son who is also a public work employee did.  In between all of these events the neighbor at 255 Summit Avenue commenced legal action against the City of Mount Vernon.  The legal matter is still ongoing.  During a deposition hearing where Rudy Persaud was deposed and was under oath, Rudy fabricated tales surrounding the events that led to the repairing of the sidewalk at 245 Summit Avenue.  Rudy denied that he fixed the sidewalks when accusations surfaced.  Rudy was in denial until checks were produced by Ms. Seibert showing that he was indeed paid for his services.  Corporation Counsel Loretta Hottinger quickly tried to push this under the rug.  

Rudy was then given a disciplinary hearing about his egregious, blatant acts of corruption.  Rudy was then given a 30 day suspension without pay.  Loretta Hottinger then forwarded this information over to the Westchester County District Attorney’s office for criminal prosecution.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® will continue to follow this ongoing corruption scandal in Mayor Young’s administration.  

 Mount Vernon DPW Supervisor Rudy Persaud Suspended Over Misconduct Allegations                                                                   

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