Tuesday, March 26, 2013


MVPD Officer John Damiano

As City officials continue to try to discredit news media outlets for reporting on newsworthy issues, Mount Vernon Exposed’s popularity continues to soar and has become the primary go to for whistle blowers. 

Last week a rally was held by various city officials to boycott local media.  As a result of the boycott, Mount Vernon Exposed’s is now experiencing in excess of 25,000 hits per week, making Mount Vernon Exposed, the official hometown paper of Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon Exposed is a source trusted by all to report allegations of corruption.

Today, Mount Vernon Exposed received a tip that a gun was stolen from the locker room of the Mount Vernon Police Department‘s locker room on Friday, March 22, 2013.  The officer that had his gun stolen was John Damiano, a second veteran of the Mount Vernon Police Department.  According to John’s Facebook page, he attended the School of Hard Knocks.   It was his off duty 9mm that was stolen by what it appears to be, another police officer.   Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that there is a security camera right outside of the locker room, so it should be easy to find the culprit or culprits.

When the tip was received, Mount Vernon Exposed immediately called Mayor Ernie Davis, who did not know about the incident and was very concerned and said he would look into the incident and launch an immediate investigation. 

After a few hours, Mayor Davis called Mount Vernon Exposed back and informed us that the tip about the stolen gun was indeed true.  Mayor Davis then asked “Where is my leak coming from in the Police Department”? 

Mount Vernon Exposed responded by stating that one need not be concerned with a leak but one should be concerned that a gun has been stolen and could possibly be on the street and could possibly be involved in the recent shooting occurring in Mount Vernon.  

According to a source, a cop stole the gun and sold it to gang members in Mount Vernon.  Over the last few weeks there has been a huge uprising in violent and gang related crime in Mount Vernon.  Since Richard Burke took over the command at the MVPD there has been multiple shootings, the latest just yesterday, a few blocks from the MVPD.

Deputy Commissioner Burke said that he wants to break the “cycle of violence” in Mount Vernon but he has failed to implement a plan to address the “cycle of corruption” in the Mount Vernon Police Department. 

Could the gun stolen gun be the same gun used in yesterday’s shooting just blocks away from City Hall and MVPD?  The gun used in yesterday’s crime was a 9mm and the stolen gun was a 9mm.  Is there a connection here?  Mount Vernon officials must not remain silent of this issue as this gun could be involved in serious crimes throughout the City of Mount Vernon.   

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