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A New Beginning or The Same Old Thing

A new beginning (the slogan for Comptroller Maureen Walker’s 2011 Mayoral campaign) did not happen. The Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee stole the 2011 Mayoral election from Comptroller as well as from the people of Mount Vernon. Was a New Beginning denied, or was it just delayed? Four years would fly by very fast.  Surely, Comptroller Maureen Walker would spend the four years after her election defeat fighting for the downtrodden and overtaxed people of Mount Vernon. Comptroller Maureen Walker would show Mount Vernon the leadership it had missed out on.  With Mount Vernon falling apart at the seams, Ms. Walker would be a shoe in to be our Mayor in 2016.

However, a suspicious thing happened on the way to the 2016 Walker Administration. Comptroller Maureen Walker did the only thing that could prevent her from becoming our next Mayor. Comptroller Maureen Walker turned her back on the people of Mount Vernon. While we explore the destruction of Mount Vernon, and identify the people responsible for this destruction, we can only come to the conclusion that Comptroller Maureen Walker has become part of the problem. With basic services ignored, property taxes skyrocketing, corruption running rampant, and Mount Vernon becoming the laughing stock of New York State, Comptroller Maureen Walker has ignored the plight of the people of Mount Vernon. She has been suspiciously silent, for the past 2 years.

Whether its tax increases, low income tax abated developments, crime, corruption, the Memorial Field debacle, the YMCA purchase, or poor services to our community, Comptroller Maureen Walker has turned a blind eye to the problems facing Mount Vernon. She has not spoken out against any of the policies that are destroying our city. The Comptroller should be the City’s financial watchdog, looking out for Mount Vernon’s financial well being.  Where is Comptroller Maureen Walker when it comes to low income tax abated housing, which will bankrupt the city? Although she voted against the budget, she has offered no suggestions on how to bring the budget down. Furthermore, she has not informed the public, that the budget increase of 7.8% is based on unrealistic revenues, such as, from red light camera fines. The camera system is not yet installed. In reality, the actual budget increase is 10%.

Comptroller Maureen Walker has not informed the people of this City, how many of our fellow citizens are being thrown out of their homes due to tax foreclosures. Also, Comptroller Maureen Walker has not informed the citizens, that Mount Vernon is in financial ruins, and may face bankruptcy.

Comptroller Maureen Walker fired, with no notice, a very competent Assistant Comptroller, Tom Rajala. Mr. Rajala, was very respected, and had effectively served the City for many years. He was let go for reasons unexplained to the public. One thing we can bet on, Tom Rajala was not fired because of his work performance or work ethic. The firing appears to be a personal, political vendetta by Comptroller Walker.

Mount Vernon is in trouble, and its citizens are desperately searching for leadership. Although Comptroller Maureen Walker’s election was illegally hijacked, Mount Vernon residents were confident, that she would regroup, and come back stronger than ever. There was hope, that she would “step up”, especially because Mount Vernon is now in its darkest days. Our most promising candidate for next year’s election has turned her back on the people of Mount Vernon, and is no longer the candidate of change.

Why is Comptroller Maureen Walker so quiet, while the foxes raid the chicken coup? Stay tune while we explore, the changing of Comptroller Maureen Walker.

DPW Commissioner Curtis Woods told News 12, that the reason snow has not been properly removed, is because homeowners and car owners are throwing snow into the street. While he was making this ridiculous statement, his DPW workers were illegally selling City salt to homeowners all over the city.

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