Monday, May 5, 2014


Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo and Mayor Ernie Davis

Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson

Corrupt Ex-Councilwoman Eileen Justino

Clergy and C.E.P.A.A. controlled
Darcy Miller

Clergy and C.E.P.A.A. controlled
Charmaine Fearon

Voters must reject the Mount Vernon Library budget tomorrow.  For starters, City Hall is too much involved in the process as four employees with ties to City Hall and Mayor Davis are running for the School Board. 

The process was not transparent at all.  Federal investigators should also question Mount Vernon City Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo and why her address is again showing up on questionable documents.  Apuzzo and her cronies in government even went to the extreme of concealing their fraud, by having the public library as the only place voters can cast their ballot for the upcoming library election on May 6, 2014. 

Just this weekend, voters in the City of Mount Vernon received literature from Mount Vernon Taxpayers for a stronger Mount Vernon.  The address for this organization is 4 Park Lane, Apt. 2D, Mount Vernon, NY 10550.  This is the home address of Councilwoman Apuzzo. 

Councilwoman Apuzzo has come under fire in the past and is currently under Federal Investigation because of her close ties with Mayor Davis.  Davis had his tax bills from a Florida condo he owns sent to Apuzzo.   Sources said that Apuzzo said the bills were sent by mistake and has never provided an explanation to the public.  We guess Councilwoman Apuzzo wants voters to again believe that her name showed up by “mistake” again on campaign literature.

A further investigation by Mount Vernon Exposed has revealed that the organization “Mount Vernon Taxpayers for a Stronger Library” is a fraudulent and bogus organization.  Sources have informed Mount Vernon Exposed that a significant amount of monies were raised in the name of this organization but there is no record of any filing whatsoever with the New York State Board of Elections or the New York State Department of State, which is required by law.  Where was the money spent?  Who wrote and signed the checks?

The race for School Board Trustee in the City of Mount Vernon has also taken a turn for the worst and voters will again be left with candidates that are controlled by Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson and his cronies.

The latest candidates to jump ship and join the Rev. Richardson corruption train are Charmaine Fearon and Darthea “Darcy” Miller.  Fearon and Miller, both from Fleetwood were part of the circus that saw them selected as candidates for Richardson, the Mount Vernon Democratic Party, and the United Black Clergy during a fraudulent and rigged process.  Fearon, as an attorney duly admitted to practice law should know better and stay clear of political influence since school board elections should are supposed to be non-partisan.  

Sources have informed Mount Vernon Exposed that a deal is in place that will see Justino return as Councilwoman next year.  Eileen Justino will be running on a ticket with Mayor Ernie Davis.  In order to receive the party support and receive the nomination for Councilwoman, Justino was told that she must turn out a lot of voters in Fleetwood in favor of Richardson and his candidates. 

Fearon and Miller have joined forces with another clergy controlled candidate, Omar McDowell.

Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson and his gang of thieves and cronies are singlehandedly responsible for the destruction of the school system and for Mount Vernon being the highest taxed City in the United States of America.  Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson and his gang of thieves and cronies are responsible for only 15% of third graders being proficient in English, Language, and Arts.  Rev. W. Franklyn is responsible for the high drop out rate and the high incarceration rate for young black and Latino males throughout Mount Vernon.

Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson continues to play the race card by instilling fear into African Americans in the City of Mount Vernon that if voters don’t choose his slate of candidates, a superior "white" force will take over the school system, and other African-Americans that run independently of Richardson are controlled by this superior "white" force.  

Voters must reject any and all candidates associated with Rev. Richardson and clergy in the City of Mount Vernon.  They have destroyed the educational system in the City of Mount Vernon.

Next Issue:  Up close and personal with Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson- “In his own words”………

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