Saturday, October 25, 2014

Convicted criminal Mayor Ernie Davis is under fire again as his micro managing "I think I know it all" style of governing has caught up with him and is sure to cost Mount Vernon taxpayers another million dollars.  Ferguson, Missouri is now here in Mount Vernon, NY.

Sgt. Michael Marcucilli, a known racist, who has cost the City of Mount Vernon taxpayers over $930K in police brutality and excessive force lawsuits, gunned down a black man at 158 Stevens Avenue.  A total of nine shots were fired, with 7 shots hitting the victim at close range.

Unconfirmed reports state that the 7 shots that hit the victim that Mount Vernon Police officers are now trying to classify as an "emotionally disturbed person" came from Sgt. Marcucill's weapon.  The other officer involved in the shooting was Officer Briley, a highly decorated African American office highly respected in the community and by his peers.  Briley was described as a stand up guy by staff at the Mount Vernon Police Department. 

A press conference was held yesterday in the Mayor's conference room.  Mount Vernon Exposed was in attendance after a tip was received that Mayor Davis and top brass were attempting to cover the shooting, which seems to mirror the horrific murder of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr, a retired Marine and Correction officer gunned downed by White Plains police officers.  Chamberlain was also classified as "emotionally disturbed" by White Plains police officers. 

Due to the inconsistency of facts surrounding the shooting, The United States Department of Justice must intervene and get to the bottom of this.  Corruption runs rampant in the Mount Vernon Police Department. 

Sgt. Marcucilli was sued and found guilty by several juries for excessive force, beating a 12-year boy in the head with a metal baton, using racial slurs, and even broker the arm of a fellow police officers brother. 

Former Mayor Clinton Young and former Police Commissioner Carl Bell had Sgt. Marcucilli placed on desk duty for almost 4 years because he was deemed a danger to the community.  Marcucilli also allegedly called a black woman a "Nigger" during traffic stop and told the woman that he wished it were 200 years ago so he could really teach her a lesson. 

Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that Sgt. Marcucilli being placed back on the street was just another example of Mayor Davis and his pay-to-Play politics style.  A cash campaign donor of Mayor Davis, who is also Italian like Marcucilli, asked Davis to put Marcucilli back on the street and Davis followed through on the promise, putting is own self interest above those of the residents of the City of Mount Vernon.  That same Italian "cash donor" was also the one that was instrumental in getting Marcucilli hired

Why is a police officer that calls black woman in Mount Vernon "Nigger" allowed to work in the City of Mount Vernon? Sgt. Marcucilli beat a 12-year-old African American so severe; he required stiches and staples to close the gaping wound on his head.

Captain Adinaro, during the press conference was unprepared and not ready for the line of questioning from Mount Vernon Exposed.  Capt. Adinaro refused to give the name the name of the officers involved in the shooting.  One can assume Adinaro would think he could keep such information private in a city so small like Mount Vernon. 

Adinaro was quick to try to paint the suspect as a career criminal stating that he had four previous run-ins with Mount Vernon Police officers.  Capt. Adinaro also stated that it was known that the victim of the shooting had mental illness issues.  If MVPD officials knew this, why wasn't extra effort made to help the victim instead of having racist Sgt. pump 7 bullets into the victim?

Capt.. Adinaro also admitted to the public that Sgt. Marcucilli was not trained to deal with emotionally disturbed persons.  Adinaro stated that Mount Vernon Police officers do indeed have rubber bullets and beanbags, but could not answer why they were not used instead of using lethal force. 

Adinaro also made a statement that "We All" are trained to deal with emotionally disturbed persons, but a few police officers interviewed by Mount Vernon Exposed, said that the ESU (Emergency Services Unit) are in fact the only ones trained to deal with emotionally disturbed persons. 

Mayor Davis and Capt. Adinaro also refused to answer questions as to why Sgt. Marcucilli was placed back on the street just saying that Sgt. Marcucilli was found to be legitimate and cleared to go back on the street without saying which body or authority cleared him to go back on the street. 

It is clear the Mayor Davis has no control over the City of Mount Vernon and the Mount Vernon Police Department and things are likely to get worse before they get better in the City of Mount Vernon.          

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