Friday, January 9, 2015



The Walker Ponzi Scheme

Comptroller Maureen Walker is running a Ponzi type tax scheme, to foreclose on tax delinquent grandmothers, while turning a blind eye to City Officials who owe property taxes. This is how her scheme works: Ernie Davis, Maureen Walker, and Councilpersons, Marcus Griffith, Yuhanna Edwards, and Roberta Apuzzo, jack up city taxes to force the elderly out of their homes. Then, Davis, Walker, and the three Councilpersons, sell the properties to developers, and give ally and property tax delinquent, Terrance Horton a piece of the action.  They then proceed to build low income and senior citizen housing to house the displaced seniors. These properties pay no taxes, so the schooling and other services needed by the new residents, are then picked up by the overtaxed citizens of Mt Vernon. Taxes go up further and more grandmothers are thrown out in the street and the scheme continues.

To make things worse, Maureen Walker turned a blind eye to many high-level city officials who were chronically delinquent in paying their taxes. Included in her favoritism is tax delinquent Mayor Ernie Davis. The Journal News just reported that developer and former DPW Commissioner Terrance Horton owes $107,000 in taxes dating back 4 years for two properties. Ironically, Maureen Walker just executed a foreclosure on Shari Harris, a city hall employee. Comptroller Walker felt it necessary to publish an October 30, 2014 Journal News article to inform the public that Ms. Harris was being foreclosed by the city for her tax debt. Money owed to Sharri Harris by the City of Mount Vernon was purposely withheld by Maureen Walker causing hardship to her, and eventually lead to her tax problem. 

Comptroller Maureen Walker has a personal vendetta against Shari Harris and used her press connections to embarrass Ms. Harris while at the same time Comptroller Walker refused to use the press to inform the public about the many financial crimes happening in Mount Vernon. Walker also hid the tax delinquency of Terrance Horton, as well as many other high level officials. Maureen Walker has joined in on the looting of Mountt Vernon and has remained silent while taxes have increased 35% in the last three years? Maureen Walker even so far as to add unnecessary raises for workers in her office. Despite the outcry from financial strapped taxpayers, Walker turned her back on them and kept it in the bloated budget. There are over 500 homes in tax foreclosure, and only homeowners who play ball with Comptroller Walker will be spared from a city takeover of their properties.  Mount Vernon is ready to collapse financially, and the only time we hear from Mount Vernon’s financial watchdog, is when she is settling a personal score.

Maureen Walker is looking for the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee nomination for Mayor, and has sold her soul to get it. Walker is playing nice with party leaders, but sources report that if she becomes Mayor, she would immediately pull the plug on Reggie Lafayette, who her Husband Robert hates with a passion.

Maureen Walker must resign. She is not doing her job, and is the financial Captain of a sinking ship. Mount Vernon is in need of a complete political overhaul, and Maureen Walker should step down.  The only thing worse than Comptroller Maureen Walker, would be a Mayor Maureen Walker.


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