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The cornerstone of free democracy is the right to vote and that right must be protected at all costs.  We hope United States Attorney Preet Bharara is paying attention to what is going on in Westchester County and we hope he is paying even closer attention to corrupt Westchester County Democratic Chairman and Election Commissioner Reginald Lafayette. 

For those that don't know, Mount Vernon Exposed will explain how the powerful, uneducated Lafayette is the most dangerous person in Westchester County politics.  Investigating and putting Lafayette in jail should be just as important of a priority for the F.B.I. as putting I.S.I.S. out of commission.  Lafayette is a homegrown political terrorist that corrupted the entire political process in Westchester County.

Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis attributed his last victory to the help provided specifically by Lafayette.  Lafayette is a walking conflict of interest.  Lafayette is the Commissioner of the Board of Elections and the Chairman of the Westchester Democratic Committee. Lafayette is also the Chairman of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.  As election commissioner, Lafayette is in charge of the voter rolls and decides which workers get placed where on Election Day. 

During the last Primary Mayoral election, there were a documented 1,000 cases of fraud perpetrated by Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis' campaign.  Comptroller Maureen Walker discovered this in her challenge but was quickly silenced and paid off with party support if she dropped her challenge to Ernie Davis.  Walker ran unopposed with Lafayette's blessing during her re-election as Comptroller. It is not a coincidence that Walker and Davis are now playing nice and are in bed together to bankrupt the City of Mount Vernon. 

Lafayette is the biggest threat to democracy in Westchester County and is frequently called "Osama Bin Lafayette" because of his terroristic political activities.  Lafayette as required by law, never purges the voter rolls.  By failing to purge the voter rolls of people who have moved out of the district and are deceased, Lafayette has an endless supply of names he provides to his terrorist sleeper cells in Mount Vernon and elsewhere.  These names are then used by the sleeper cells that then go vote and sign in before workers personally handpicked by Lafayette.  This unchecked system of fraud has gone on for decades and is the reason Mount Vernon is the only city in the United States of America with a Mayor currently on probation. 

Reggie Lafayette has previously been exposed for shaking down candidates for Judgeships demanding that they pay him in cash, 10% of the gross salary over the period of the elected term, as payment for securing the judgeship.  Because of Lafayette, the entire judicial system in the 9th Judicial District is tainted and compromised.  The 9th Judicial district is comprised of Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess, Orange, and Putnam Counties. 

Why is Lafayette still in power after he failed to win the last two County executive races?  The truth is Lafayette has no morals, ethics, or values and represents a party that cannot win the office of County Executive.  Democrats will never reclaim the office of Westchester County Executive as long as Reggie Lafayette is the captain of the ship. 

It is documented that Lafayette takes payoffs from developers and others seeking to build in Westchester.  It is alleged that more than $100K went into Lafayette' s pocket when Louis Capelli, the developer of the City Center in White Plains and New Roc City in New Rochelle, was seeking to build.  Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that Lafayette received payments to secure and arrange meetings with the Mayor and City Council members of these cities to ensure that these projects would get approved. 

Lafayette recently sold Noam Bramson up the river during the last election.  Instead of drumming up the Democratic base in Westchester County, Lafayette began drumming up support for his bank account. 

Let us explain.  Reggie Lafayette who is best friends with Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis, who is in turn is best friends with corrupt Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson,  concocted a scheme that would put millions of dollars in their pockets courtesy of cash strapped Mount Vernon taxpayers. These dollars would come from kickbacks from the developer constructing low income housing at 125 South 5th Avenue, a site owned by Serepher Conn-Halevi, the embattled underling of Lafayette. 

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that a secret meeting was held between Richardson, Davis, and Lafayette in which Davis told Lafayette to stand down and to suppress the Democratic vote in Westchester to ensure that Noam Bramson would not win the election.  Noam Bramson's loss was part of the bigger get rich scheme the 3 kings were after. 

The corrupt Richardson was promised if current Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino were to win re-election that Westchester County would purchase for $1 from Richardson, the property formerly owned by Mount Vernon City Marshall and 1st Vice Chair of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee Serepher Conn-Halevi.   Halevi was also told to suppress the vote in the City of Mount Vernon to ensure an Astorino victory.  Their plan worked.  If you drive by the former site of owned by Serepher Conn-Halevi, one would see cranes and construction taking place to erect more low-income housing in the City of Mount Vernon. 

It appears that Reggie made good on his promise to screw Noam Bramson and as a result, Robert Astorino cruised on to victory. 


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