Thursday, April 9, 2015


Tomorrow at 10 A.M. the race for Mayor in the City of Mount Vernon is set to begin as the first of an unsavory cast of characters in set to announce her candidacy for Mayor. 

That character is corrupt New York State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson, the do nothing Senator who represents parts of Mount Vernon and a huge section covering parts of the Bronx.

Many question the motives of Senator Thompson seeking the Mayoral office in Mount Vernon, but one thing is for sure; Senator Thompson is nothing more than criminal Mayor Ernie Davis in a dress.  Senator Thompson did nothing as a City Council person in Mount Vernon and even less as a Senator in Albany.

The embattled Senator is the subject of a Federal investigation as she was caught on Federal wiretaps.  The contents of those wiretaps still have not been made available to the public.  According to an Albany insider, Senator Thompson was very instrumental in the backdoor deal making in Albany and testified at the trial of former Majority Leader Malcolm Smith.  It is alleged that Senator Thompson testified against Senator Smith in exchange for Thompson not being prosecuted by Federal authorities for her years of corruption while serving as a Senator in Albany.

To add insult to injury Senator Thompson has formed a ticket with a bunch of unscrupulous individuals that will be her running mates.


Senator Thompson's running mate that will seek City Council seats are Lisa Copeland and Diane Munro-Morris.  Lisa Copeland was the former City Clerk who intentionally and willfully destroyed documents in City Hall when F.B.I agents were investigating Mayor Ernie Davis.  Those documents included financial disclosure statements of Mayor Davis and other documents.

Diane Munro-Morris is the former president the Mount Vernon City School District Board of Trustees and is a former Mount Vernon City Councilwoman.  While serving on the school board, Munro-Morris was singlehandedly responsible for bring in former Superintendent Dr. Sawyer, the corrupt Superintendent that used taxpayer coffers as her personal slush fund and was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a teacher at Mount Vernon High School.

According to political insider, is has even been alleged that Munro-Morris profited in the hiring of Dr. Sawyer by receiving a kickback from the search firm that recommended the hiring of Dr. Sawyer.

Question have gone unanswered about the health of Senator Thompson and if she is even healthy enough to endure the campaign for Mayor which is sure to be an exhausting and the most difficult campaign of Senator's Thompson career.  In recent years, including during last years re-election campaign for Senate, Senator Thompson was hospitalized with serious health issues.   Many of these hospitalizations seem to occur during the State budget process, which raises further doubt if Senator Thompson is mentally competent to serve as Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon.  

Mount Vernon residents are encouraged to come out at 10 A.M. tomorrow on the steps of City Hall as Senator Thompson publicly announces her candidacy to continue the criminal enterprise of criminal Mayor Ernie Davis.

Happy Campaigning Senator Thompson!

Next up...Is former Mayor Clinton Young planning to come back as Mayor to finish his quest of looting the City of Mount Vernon?

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