Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An insider from former Mayor Clinton Young's camp confirmed to Mount Vernon Exposed that the former Mayor and Sen. Ruth Hassell Thompson are only in the mayoral race to split the vote in hopes of keeping City Councilman and Mayoral candidate Richard Thomas from winning the primary.

Just how effective this shoddy plan is will soon come to light.  Voters must reject the former Mayor who was an absolute nightmare when he was in office.

A vote for Clinton Young is a vote for Mayor Ernie Davis. 

Voters must not take the candidacy of Clinton Young serious.  Clinton Young is still a bad manager of finances.  As of today, Clinton Young owes $33, 748.62 in back taxes on the property he is registered to vote at, 80 Ellwood Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10552.

Clinton Young also lost a parcel of property to the City of New Rochelle because he didn't pay the $18,000 tax bill. 

Voters must say NO to Clinton Young tomorrow. 

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