Tuesday, October 13, 2015


On September 16, 2015 The Journal News reported that Oscar Davis was rewarded his third no bid contact, totaling $126,000 from his uncle, Mayor Ernie Davis. The contract was given to perform information technology services for the City of Mount Vernon.  Oscar Davis is a full time Information Technology, (IT) employee of The City Of Mount Vernon’s School District, and is paid $98,000 per year. His salary is above that of many of our Teachers. For the past three and a half years, Oscar has been seen in City Hall during school hours. He has spent hours at a time away from his full time job, without being challenged by District Officials. The Mount Vernon School District is negligent for allowing Oscar Davis to be absent from his duties, while the strapped taxpayers were forced to pay the bill.  School Officials continue to be negligent by not addressing the Oscar Davis situation.

Since the October 16th Journal News article, several School District Employees contacted Mount Vernon Exposed, to complain about the lack of communication services and repairs by Oscar Davis. One employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said her fax machine was out of order for almost two years. Several other employees complained that their IT service request were ignored for months at a time. Most disturbing, are complaints that Oscar Davis is vindictive, and only addresses issues of the people he likes.

Oscar Davis is double dipping, and our School District must take action regarding this abuse of taxpayer’s money. Mount Vernon is a poor City, with the worse tax to property ratio in NY State. For years, City Politicians and School Officials have tortured taxpayers, which have led to the highest foreclosure rate in NY State. There continues to be “no mercy” on the citizens of Mount Vernon. Taxpayers are fed up. We will remember this lack of protection of our hard earned money when we vote on the budget next May.

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