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Educational Genocide In The City of Mount Vernon

Educational Genocide has been happening in Mount Vernon for the last 19 years and the perpetrators are wearing robes and suits.  It is clear that securing jobs and contracts are more important than educating children in Mount Vernon’s School District.  Valhalla’s Prison is full of past Mount Vernon students who have been robbed of an education. The same people who are supposed to pray for us continue to prey on us.  Since 1997, when Mount Vernon’s black churches and politicians orchestrated a takeover of Mount Vernon’s school board, our district went from blue ribbon status, to one of the worse school districts in the country.

Who is responsible for former Mount Vernon students being unemployed, imprisoned, having substance abuse issues, or no longer being alive? Is there no shame in this city when it comes to our clergy and politicians? It is painfully clear that some in our district are more interested in the Architect that will control a proposed $100 million bond than it does on test scores and graduation rates.

School Board Trustee, Omar McDowell is the new anointed point man for Rev Richardson and the meddling churches. Richardson led the group that is responsible for destroying the Mount Vernon school district. McDowell, the only Trustee who owns no property in the City of Mount Vernon and who pays no property taxes, has taken the baton and is pushing the church’s agenda. The District is trying to pass a $100 Million bond and McDowell wants Richardson’s personal architect, Fuller and D’Angelo to secure a no bid contract without any oversight whatsoever on how our money will be spent.  Where are the feds?

$43 million of the $100 million will be spent on Longfellow and Grimes Elementary schools which were built only 10 years ago.  These schools were so poorly constructed that they are falling apart. The $100 million dollar bond used to construct these schools was stolen. Longfellow and Grimes have massive construction issues and are falling apart. These schools were built with crooked architects and contractors and no oversight. Instead of investigating previous bonds to determine who is responsible for this crime, the district wants taxpayers to pay for repairs.  Where are the feds?

The meddling churches are now up in arms because there is a call for a bid process for the bond architect. They demand that Fuller and D’Angelo control the proposed $100 million bond and they absolutely do not want oversight. It is Trustee McDowell’s job to deliver for the churches and he is hell bent to do just that.  Where are the feds?

Joining in on the architect scandal is past Board Member Lenny Sarver, and past Business Manager, Tim Costello. Current Business Manager, Ken Silver has been a disaster because he is not his own man. He has allowed Costello and Sarver to set the financial agenda for the district. Sarver had such a close relationship with Fuller and D’Angelo that he had to recuse himself from voting on their resolutions while he was on the board. Reports say that Sarver and Costello are financially benefiting from the architect firm and are pushing Silver to favor Fuller and D’Angelo.  Where are the feds?

In the past 5 years, The Mount Vernon City School district has paid more money to Fuller and D’Angelo than they spent for vocational training or many other needed services. The firm has raked in tens of millions of dollars, taking away from vital children services. One issue troubling Ken Silver is that Fuller and D’Angelo came up with the figure of $100 million needed for the bond. Our guess is that another architect firm would come in with a price tag of $50 million for the bond performing the same work. If this happens, this will expose the planed rip off of taxpayer money. Look for Silver and McDowell to make sure Fuller and D’Angelo receives the contract.

McDowell has two allies on the Board, Darcy Miller and Charmaine Fearon. The trio was elected in 2014, and appears to be puppets to Delia Farqueson, Elias Gootzeit and the blood sucking churches. Mount Vernon Exposed would bet that neither Fearon, McDowell, nor Miller would sell out the children of Scarsdale or Eastchester by robbing them of an education.  It’s easy to beat up on black and brown children.  We  also doubt that Sarver, Silver or Costello, would bring the same pain to Yeshiva students and Jewish taxpayers as they do to the poor people of Mount Vernon. A federal investigated is needed.  Where are the feds?

Where are the good Clergy Members? Why has the only mobilization of our religious and political officials been over the control of this proposed bond. When was the last time our churches and leaders galvanized to bring an end to the educational genocide that has occurred in this city? Where is the outrage about our imprisoned and uneducated former students? Why don’t churches open their doors to help school children and other youth stay out of trouble? What are our churches doing besides lining up to get their hands on bond money? Trustee McDowell should take time out of his day to visit Valhalla’s jail so he can learn that almost all inmates from Mount Vernon are former dropouts. He also needs a history lesson to learn why so many former students are in jail.  

Prior to the Black Church takeover in 1997, Mount Vernon had one of the best vocational programs in the country. Academically challenged students learned carpentry, plumbing, auto repair, cosmetology, etc., which kept them in school. As a revenge pay back to Italian Civic Association member Ralph Tedesco, the church controlled board eliminated the entire vocational program, which Tedesco ran. Once the program was gone, academically challenged students dropped out in record numbers and ended up in jail.  Where are the feds?

Mount Vernon Exposed looked up The Scarsdale School District’s Mission Statement. It is as follows:

The Scarsdale Public Schools seek to sponsor each student’s full development, enabling our youth to be effective and independent contributors in a democratic society and an Interdependent world. To this end, we endeavor to help them to think and express themselves clearly, critically and creatively; to understand themselves and others within the broad fabric of human experience and the natural universe; to appreciate their rights and responsibilities as citizens; and to become people of integrity, maturity and generous spirit. A measure of our success is the degree to which they fulfill their potential for the common good. Valuing our individuality, we unite to keep the flame of learning.

Unfortunately, The Mount Vernon School District’s mission statement can easily read as follows;

The Mount Vernon School District seeks to make Political and Religious leaders happy by giving them full control of contracts and jobs.

Sad but true, educating children is not a priority of our district. The Mount Vernon School District should be embarrassed at what they have done to the children of this city.  Parents who are fortunate enough, send their children to private schools. They can look forward to double taxes, by paying property taxes as well as tuition. Unfortunately, all others are forced to send their children to a district that sends more children to prison than to college. What we need is the district to call in the feds to investigate the district finances. We also need the Clergy, Political leaders, former board members, and former employees, to stop beating up on minority children.

Almost every school board candidate in the past 3 years promised an audit. Where is it? History will not be kind to people who are responsible for Mount Vernon’s Educational Genocide. Everyone who has sat quiet while it took place is just as responsible. Where are the so-called good board members? Open an investigation. No Audit, No Bond.  Bring in the Feds.

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