Sunday, November 15, 2009


On Wednesday November 11th, 2009 Mount Vernon Exposed reported that 23 year old Chanell Hyde was recently hired as a Drug Market Intervention Coordinator at the Mount Vernon Police Department.  Her hiring has stirred up controversy and has angered many taxpayers throughout the Mount Vernon community.  Ms. Hyde was hired for a temporary part-time position rewarding her $65K annually.

Mount Vernon exposed obtained the complete employment application for Ms. Hyde through a Freedom of Information request.  This particular document does not seem to follow other formats and protocol of other employment applications that we receive on a regular basis from the City of Mount Vernon.

All employment applications are time stamped by the Civil Service Commission once they are received.  Although Ms. Hyde signed and dated her employment application October 6th, 2009, it was not time stamped by the Civil Service Commission. We will seek documents to establish Ms. Hydes first day on the Mount Vernon Police Department payroll.   It is unclear it if there was even an employment application on file prior to Mount Vernon Exposed inquiring about it.  Employment Applications are also initialed by the person administering the paperwork.  There are no initials whatsoever on Ms. Hyde’s employment application. 

Mount Vernon Exposed also discovered  that Ms. Hyde did not yet graduate from Fordham University even though her starting salary is nearly double the starting salary of a Mount Vernon Police Officer.  It could not be verified if Ms. Hyde is still attending college while collecting a paycheck courtesy of taxpayers. We still were not provided with documents substantiating the hiring of Ms. Hyde, details of her job description, or additional qualifications that she may possess for this position.. On her employment application question #5
5. Have you a license, certificate, or other authorization to practice the trade or profession    that you are applying? 
* Ms. Hyde answered yes to this question.  She states she is the director of a nonprofit agency

Ms. Hyde attended New Rochelle High School, The Ursuline School, and Fordham University.  We are not sure what investment, if any, that Ms. Hyde has made in the Mount Vernon Community prior to her organizing the non-violence rally after the death of her cousin Shamari Knox.  

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