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On Thursday April 15th, 2010 James (Jamie) Dickerson appeared in Mount Vernon City Court to be arraigned on criminal charges for assaulting and harassing community activist and Democratic district leader Samuel L. Rivers.  Dickerson, a close friend of Mayor Young, played a major role in the $1.7 M Mount Vernon Urban Renewal Agency Section 8 scandal while he was employed with the City of Mount Vernon.  Dickerson’s action resulted in increased property taxes for Mount Vernon taxpayers.  Dickerson was accompanied by several shady and corrupt characters when he had his day in court.

Kenneth Plummer, con artist and troubled businessman, was with Dickerson the entire time he was in Mount Vernon City Court.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed®™ that Plummer was in court with Dickerson to offer ‘moral support’.  Plummer was dressed in a cheap and cheesy three piece suit that looked like it was stitched together by a 5 year old.  Plummer is a troubled businessman that was retained by Atlantic Development, a developer under criminal investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for bribing public officials and hiring undocumented workers.  Plummer is desperate to get Atlantic Development’s massive low income taxpayer funded housing development approved on Gramatan Avenue in downtown Mount Vernon.  Plummer and his gang of thieves have been met with fierce opposition from Mount Vernon taxpayers, opposed to the lousy people such an inferior development will bring to the City of Mount Vernon.
Dickerson was also accompanied by Antoine Lowe, Director of Civil Defense for the City of Mount Vernon.  Lowe was supposed to be working at his taxpayer funded job when he made his appearance to offer ‘moral support’ to James Dickerson.  Lowe has been under intense scrutiny lately from taxpayers in Mount Vernon.  He is hardly ever visible in City Hall and the lights are usually turned off in his office.  Mount Vernon Exposed®™ has made several visits to visits to Lowe’s department and the door was locked and lights were turned off as early as 12:00 P.M. in the afternoon.  There have been emails and calls to Mount Vernon Exposed®™ suggesting that Lowe has another full time job and is working at that job during the hours he is getting paid for his taxpayer funded position at City Hall. 
Antoine Lowe is another convicted criminal hired by embattled Mayor Clinton I. Young to move the City of Mount Vernon forward.  Lowe was convicted of patronizing a prostitute.  According to police records, Lowe was arrested in the vicinity of Vista Place and West 1st Street in Mount Vernon, an area known for prostitution and illegal drug activity.  Lowe was observed approaching and offering an undercover officer currency to perform sexual acts.  Upon Lowe believing he was going to engage in sexual acts, he was immediately placed under arrest.  Mayor Young also appointed Lowe Deputy Commissioner of the Mount Vernon Auxiliary Police Department.
Dickerson was represented by attorney Linda Morris, daughter of Carol Morris, co-founder of the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed®™ that Linda Morris and Kenneth Plummer are allegedly romantically involved with each other.  Morris and Plummer were recently captured on video entering City Hall together after business hours.  Morris and Plummer were seen laughing and fooling around with each other in the hallway of the Mount Vernon City Court.  Morris even gave Samuel L. Rivers the finger, when he briefly glanced in their direction.  It also appeared that Morris violated attorney-client privilege by discussing Dickerson’s criminal case with Plummer.  Dickerson was not present when witnesses overheard Morris discussing Dickerson’s case with Plummer. 
Morris was also dressed in a cheap business suit, an indication that she and Plummer use the same 5 year old to stitch her dress.  Morris’ weave was disheveled and appeared as if it had not been washed in weeks. 
The court appearance was nearly an all day event.  The court case was scheduled at 9:30 A.M. before Judge Mark Gross.  Judge Gross immediately recused himself from the proceeding.  Judge Gross had good reason for doing so.  Hannah Gross, the wife of Judge Mark Gross, is the attorney of record for James Dickerson for a house he was looking to purchase at 164 Oakland Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10552.  Judge Gross said that the matter would be heard before Judge Helen Blackwood.
At around 2 P.M. or so, the afternoon session had begun and Judge Blackwood began to call her calendar.  Kenneth Plummer was present in the courtroom sitting shoulder to shoulder with James Dickerson.  One would speculate that Plummer was in court hoping to con Judge Blackwood into dismissing the charges against Dickerson.  Anyone with an ounce of intelligence could see that Plummer was looking to gain a political favor from Judge Blackwood.  Judge Blackwood appeared to pay Plummer no attention.  Judge Blackwood demonstrated the fairness and integrity that she campaigned on in her courtroom.
Many calls have come into Mount Vernon Exposed®™ in recent days asking publisher Samuel L. Rivers if he would ask Judge Blackwood to recuse herself from the matter.  Linda Morris, the attorney representing James Dickerson, carried nominating petitions for Judge Blackwood last election season.  Judge Blackwood was also appointed by Mayor Clinton I. Young, an extremely close friend of James Dickerson and Kenneth Plummer.  Linda Morris was also recently appointed as a district leader in the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.
“I have no reason to doubt the integrity and fairness of Judge Blackwood at this point in time” Rivers said in a statement released on Thursday April 15th, 2010. “The facts are there and this is evident as the District Attorney is ready for trial on this matter.” 
Judge Blackwood issued a temporary order of protection against James Dickerson.  The matter was adjourned to May 4th, 2010.

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  1. Deputy Commissioner Lowe was appointed to the auxiliary police in 2008. However there is no reord that he ever completed the required police academy. Rumor also has it that 'Commissioner Lowe does not have a full carry permit. yet he is known to carry a conclealed loaded firearm without the actual pistol permit. None if his job descriptions either as the Director of Civil defense or Deputy Commissioner for the Auxiliary police authorize or permit him to carry a loaded fiream as part of his employment functions


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