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“This budget has no excess.  This is a new standard of fiscal management competency for the City of Mount Vernon.”  “Mount Vernon, you deserve a city government that is honest and transparent.  We cannot and must not allow any person or persons to steal millions of our taxpayer’s hard earned money” These are the words uttered by embattled Mayor Clinton I. Young during his State of the City address on March 24th, 2010.  

Mayor Young constantly blows hot air up the rear end of Mount Vernon taxpayers.  Mayor Young knew exactly what he was doing when he hired a crack head and convicted criminal to oversee a city department with a budget of $12.5 Million.  The money would go in the front door and then leave out of the back door in the form of kickbacks and bribes. 

From the onset, Terrence Horton’s appointment as DPW chief was met with controversy.  Horton did not waste any time splurging taxpayer’s hard earned money, even though he has not contributed his share of taxes to society.  Horton currently owes over $70K in past due property taxes for various properties he owns in the City of Mount Vernon.  Horton’s arrogance did not stop there.  He also added his two nephews (Children of City Councilman Steve Horton) to the City of Mount Vernon payroll to continue the Horton family tradition of leaching off of taxpayers.  Commissioner Horton’s mother Joan Horton also works for the City of Mount Vernon. 

“In 2009, 58 streets were repaved and resurfaced.  Also, sidewalks were replaced…” Mayor Young also issued the following statement during his state of the city address.  Mount Vernon Exposed®™ filed a Freedom of Information request (F.O.I.L) several months ago requesting the streets that were repaved in 2009.  The request to the Department of Law has not been answered.  One thing is for certain, Mayor Young had his street, Ellwood Avenue, repaved in 2009.

Terrence Horton’s Creepy Past

DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton is a convicted criminal.  Horton was convicted of criminal possession of a weapon.  According to sources, Horton held a family member hostage at gunpoint and threatened to kill any police officer that came near the crime scene.  Another Horton family member acted as a negotiator and successfully disarmed Terrence Horton before he did any harm to anyone. 

Terrence Horton erratic behavior can quite possibly be attributed to his previous abuse of illegal narcotics.  According to a source interviewed by Mount Vernon Exposed®™, Horton was addicted to crack-cocaine.  Horton was apparently so high on crack-cocaine one day, he ran down 3rd Street in Mount Vernon with no clothes on as a bet, indicating Horton needed money to feed his crack-cocaine addiction.  The source also said that he used to get high with Terrence Horton and that one time he saw a substantial amount of cocaine on a table.  The source said he left and went to the store and when he returned he saw all types of law enforcement officials at the place that he had just left suggesting that the location was raided due to the illegal narcotics that were present.  When asked if Horton was arrested as a result of the raid, the source said no, and indicated that Horton had begun cooperating with authorities. 

Sources within the Department of Public Works have also complained to Mount Vernon Exposed®™ that City Councilman Steve Horton’s oldest son is often high on marijuana while on the job and often reeks of marijuana and hinted that he has gotten high on the taxpayers dime on property owned by the City of Mount Vernon. 

Allegations of Sexual Harassment in DPW

Mount Vernon Exposed®™ has interviewed several persons currently employed with the City of Mount Vernon Department of Public Works.  Many have expressed concerns over comments made to them by DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton.  Several have said that the way they are stared upon by Commissioner Horton makes them feel uncomfortable.  It has been told to Mount Vernon Exposed®™ that Horton has told the DPW men to shave their legs.  A few of the DPW men have stated that Horton has complimented them on their physiques and told them he would like to see them pose in a swimsuit (Speedos) for an upcoming DPW calendar, similar to one that was published by the Mount Vernon Fire Department.  One source told Mount Vernon Exposed®™ that Horton pulled on a seasonal DPW worker’s belt near the groin area.  The worker became upset and told Horton that he felt uncomfortable with his actions.  Mount Vernon Exposed®™ has been informed that the seasonal worker is no longer working for the City of Mount Vernon. 

Mount Vernon Exposed®™ became aware of the alleged questionable activity regarding DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton in October 2009.  Mount Vernon Exposed®™ immediately filed a F.O.I.L request with the City of Mount Vernon law department.  “When allegations or charges of misconduct have not yet been determined or did not result in disciplinary action, the records relating to such allegations may be withheld, for disclosure would result in an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy,” was the response Mount Vernon Exposed®™ received from the City of Mount Vernon regarding allegations of sexual misconduct involving DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton.

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