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Officer Erin Holly, Officer Muendel, and K-9 Officer socializing over meal

Illegally parking in a fire lane or parking in a handicap parking space without the proper permit can get your car towed and/or can result in a hefty fine.  But, for some of Mount Vernon’s finest, these same violations that they write dozens of tickets for do not seem to apply to them. 

On Thursday, May 20th, 2010, Mount Vernon Exposed™® received a tip that 3 Mount Vernon Police Officers were casually socializing and enjoying a hearty meal at McDonald’s and at the same time, their vehicles were illegally parked in McDonald’s parking causing mass confusion.  When Mount Vernon Exposed™® arrived on the scene, the sight was beyond comprehension. 

Two Mount Vernon police vehicles were parked in the fire lane, obstructing traffic and another police cruiser was illegally parked in a handicap parking space.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® videotaped the illegally parked police cruisers and then went inside to get an explanation from the Mount Vernon police officer’s that were on the scene. 

Mount Vernon Exposed™® then noticed three Mount Vernon Police officer’s enjoying a hearty meal and having a casual conversation upon approaching their table.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® Publisher Samuel L. Rivers then said to the officers, “Do you know that you are illegally parked outside?”  Police Officer Muendel then said that the officers had a hot call.  Officer Muendel then stated that he was on his dinner break and that he was finished and now was up and going.  However, Officer Muendel never stated if this “hot call” he was on was at McDonald’s or at another location.

Officer Muendel was joined by two other Mount Vernon Police Officer’s, Officer Erin Holly and a K-9 officer.  Officer Holly was munching on what appeared to be a McChicken sandwich and the K-9 officer appeared to just have received his order because he was still unpacking it from the bag when Mount Vernon Exposed™® arrived on the scene.

Officer Muendel was very polite and realized that he had quite possibly parked his car incorrectly in the parking lot.  He then went to go park it correctly.  Officer Holly could care less if she was breaking the law.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® publisher Samuel L. Rivers then informed the officer’s that if a private citizen parked illegally and exhibited the same disregard for the law as displayed by these officers, the private citizen would be ticketed without hesitation. 

Officer Holly disagreed.  She stated it was a private lot and therefore a ticket could not be issued.  She also stated that she was getting calls left and right.  In Officer Holly’s language, that meant she was entitled to park however and wherever she chose, and she was entitled to her McChicken sandwich even if that wasn’t her regularly scheduled dinner break.  The K-9 officer remained silent the entire time and did not speak to Mount Vernon Exposed™®.

Officer Holly became arrogant and belligerent when she was questioned about her high handed behavior.  She responded “Can I enjoy my meal?” She did not care that cars, yes taxpayers that pay her salary, were being inconvenienced and traffic was backing up onto Fulton Avenue.  The savory juices from the McChicken sandwich were satisfying to her mouth and she refused to be disturbed.

Samuel L. Rivers then left and telephoned the Mount Vernon Police Department and spoke with Sgt. Godshall and informed him of the illegally parked vehicles at McDonald’s.  Sgt. Godshall then said he would look into the matter.

If these three officers were indeed scheduled to have dinner at the same time and at the same place, then the Mount Vernon Police department manual needs to be looked at.  Not only is this poor planning, this is a major safety issue.  In Seattle a few months ago, a gunman killed four police officers that were having the morning coffee.  All four officers were sitting together when the gunman opened fire. 

Mount Vernon Exposed™® Publisher Samuel L. Rivers then recognized Officer Holly from another run-in he had with her just a few weeks prior, where she demonstrated the exact same arrogance and unprofessionalism that she displayed in McDonald’s.

Corrupt DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton called the police to the DPW Yard on numerous occasions on Mount Vernon Exposed™® Publisher Samuel L. Rivers.  One of the officers that responded was Officer Holly.  Officer Holly was asked by Samuel L. Rivers if she had a copy of the City Charter and/or City ordinances in her vehicles to resolve the dispute if Terrence Horton had the legal authority to remove Samuel L. Rivers from the premises.  Officer Holly responded, “Do not ask me what I have in my car?”
It was then evident that Officer Holly did not receive adequate training in the police academy, was unhappy with her job or a combination of the two. 

Officer Holly has a reputation for being arrogant and unprofessional.  A few weeks prior to the DPW incident, Officer Holly was involved in an incident with Gary Fuller, Chairman of the City of Mount Vernon Board of Ethics.  Officer Holly was dispatched to a scene that involved a city taxi that was attempting to overcharge Mr. Fuller.  The Mount Vernon Police Department has jurisdiction over the Mount Vernon Police Department. 

Officer Holly and her partner (Shield #2106) told Mr. Fuller that they would sic their dog on Mr. Fuller if he did not leave the taxi.  Mr. Fuller had refused to leave the taxi because the taxi driver was attempting to charge him more than the legal fare.  Officer Holly also refused repeated requests to call a supervisor to the scene. 

Officer Holly, without regard for taxpayers, then decided to waste valuable resources and called an ambulance to the scene.  Officer Holly and her partner had declared that Mr. Fuller was an “emotionally disturbed person.”   Officer Holly and her arrogance and blatant disregard for the law and the taxpayers of Mount Vernon will not be tolerated.  It is unfathomable to think that Mount Vernon taxpayers must pay these arrogant and abusive officers such as Officer Holly, and at the same time be subjected to their high handed behavior and harassment.  However, we must not blame Officer Holly for her reckless actions and unprofessionalism.  Officer Holly has only been on the force for a few years.  We must hold those accountable that trained her and taught her how to behave and act this way.  

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  1. "Officer Holly" has always been an arrogant and nasty person. She has always had a threatening and entitled nature. I doubt it's the fault of the people who trained her. It's the chemical imbalance in her brain, and the way her parents failed to raise her to treat anyone with respect, except for herself.


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